Share The Love On Valentine's Day With Shirts For Mommy And Me

Valentine's Day falls on one day of the year and that day is probably the most romantic one of all with millions of flowers and cards sold. It is a day for couples to voice their undying love for their partners and treat them to special gifts, dinners and more. However, if you have a son or daughter and are either a single mom or have a partner, they too will become a part of your Valentine's celebrations, after all they are the cutest little Valentine around. The first thing to get right is clothing with mommy and me Valentines shirts being the perfect choice.

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You will then want to have some enjoyable things to do together of which we have compiled a small list of possible fun activities.

  1. Give them a small present
  2. Create heart shaped sandwiches, pancakes or other snacks
  3. Make and put up one Valentine decorations around the home
  4. Create some yummy sweet snack with added conversation hearts
  5. Have a tea party
  6. Watch a movie
  7. Make homemade Valentine cards
  8. Have plenty of cuddle times
  9. Bake some heart shaped cakes, cupcakes or donuts
  10. Enjoy a walk

There are obviously many things to do as a mom and daughter or whole family on this day and these are just a few ideas. Wearing matching Valentine shirts will add to the experience although they are no so practical for newborn babies although there will be some options for matching bodysuits.

Valentine's Day is just one day with designs for mommy and me but they are available for many other celebrations throughout the year as well as normal day to day wear. There are actually more than just clothes available but a large number of accessories and also jewelry. Some examples of the clothing produced for special occasions include Christmas shirts and Birthday outfits. Every day clothing can be found for both outdoor and home styles including sweaters and tops with robes and pajamas for chilling out together. The available accessories and jewelry run into the hundreds, a few being socks and slippers for the feet with hats and bonnets for the head and for the jewelry fans, rings.

As we just mentioned, the actual range runs into the thousands, however they are not all for mommy and me. Many of the designs produced for mom and daughter can also be purchased for any other permutation of family member. These have proven to be immensely popular with many families, parents and their children discovering the joys of wearing matching stuff. They are also enjoyed by the people who see them with the majority of responses being positive.

How they look will almost always be the reason for a mom to first want her and her daughter to wear this style of clothing. There's no crime in wanting to look cute and doing so with your little one is even more pleasurable and perfect for photo opportunities. However beyond the superficial looks there is a side to them that has more depth and feeling. The only persons to experience this will be those wearing them who should feel a closeness to the person wearing the other half of the matching Valentine shirt. While they get to experience that special feeling any on lookers will see a mom and daughter who have a loving and close relationship with a strong connection between them.


Matching Mother And Daughter Valentine Shirts Will Make A Beauiful Gift



Although shirts are one of those cannot do with out garments, one specifically for Valentine's Day isn't really a necessity but is certainly a novelty that will add a lot of fun to the day. Because they are designed and printed only for Valentine's Day they are obviously supposed to be a Valentine gift, which when purchased as a matching set for mommy and me are sure to make a beautiful gift.

It sounds like an item that should be quite easy to choose but as with many things in life there are some potential barriers. Any person who has tried and failed previously knows what we are referring to and that is the difficulty in purchasing clothing for women. We know that around 75% of clothing gifts are returned and this is a high enough figure to cast doubt into any would be buyers mind.

We may have painted a fairly grim image here but there is a bright side that should see any mom and daughter end up happy. We have already spoken of the reasons why a mother may wish to wear them and these same points will be what results in the loving them as a gift. One was the cute look, another the close feeling that both feel when worn and lastly will be the sentimental attachment that will come from the shirts created that bond between mom and daughter.

There are going to be some limits on how they look with even the strongest connection created not being able to overcome a shirt that is completely out of touch with their tastes in fashion. Thankfully it is only a shirt and there are only a handful of options many of which most people are quite flexible in wearing. One option is neckline, such as V neck, halter, crew and more as well as long sleeve, short sleeve, raglan sleeve and lastly there is the color.

Color will most likely be the more important of the lot and this can be chosen after a few observations into which colors mother and daugher like to wear most and picking one they have in common. Another point that may help to sway a decision to try is the fact that with so many celebrations through the year it soon become difficult to think of new and exciting presents for each. This usually results in gifts for Valentine's Day being the usual flowers and chocolates but a set of Valentine shirts will be something different and exciting.


See A List Of Some Of Our Favorites


This is a list of a few of our favorite shirts included with a brief description.

  • Long Sleeve white shirt with large red heart printed on each
  • You are the sprinkles to my donut with pink donut shaped heart print
  • Dinosaur - Mama Rex and Baby Rex plus hearts printed on each
  • Mommy Is My Valentine words printed
  • Mommy's Little Valentine
  • Heart beat and heart in red printed on black shirt


February 14th Is A Great Day To Bond



When a mom spends quality time with her children she is providing them with the interaction, communication, time for bonding and more. These all mean they will grow up in a home where they feel loved and valued which will help them to reach their full potential. This quality time is also of benefit to any mom as it is during this time that they are most likely to witness any of special milestones and incredible accomplishments that their baby will achieve. These are the special moments that will forever be treasured as memories stored away to look back on.

Earlier we listed a few of the fun things that a mom and daughter or son can do together on Valentine's Day and there is also one other, especially if you have a daughter. Many young girls will go through a phase of where they wish to dress like their mommy. This can be one particular piece of clothing, make up, shoes or trying on every piece of clothing their mommy owns. This really is an adorable period that can be turned into a game like a fashion show. However the size difference will mean they will be hanging off her and there is a better solution.

On any other day any kind of mommy and me garment will suffice but for as you are enjoying each others company on February 14th a mommy and me Valentine's Day shirt will be the garments of choice. There are a variety of colors and prints from which to choose related to Valentine's with some being flamboyant and others more subtle in their approach to their print design.

We can't always blame it on the daughters wishing to dress like their mommy's and often it is the other way around with moms wanting their sons or daughters to look like them. This will usually be directed more toward girls than boys but there are designs for both. We can understand a moms reasons for wanting this because not only do they look cute but there are always plenty of compliments and comments describing how adorable they look in their mommy and me Valentine shirts. Aside from enjoying the attention a mom will also love the feeling of being attached to her baby through their clothing which will help to maintain the strength in their bond.