Enjoy Your Afternoon Gathering In Tea Party Dresses For Mommy And Me


The clothing that comes in the style of mommy and me is broad and can be purchased in just about every kind of form. Thousands of mothers wear this genre of clothes with their sons and daughters every year and its popularity is always growing. It does not matter what age the children are, there will is always plenty of choice. Having said that most newborn babies will spend most of their days in bodysuits for comfort and convenience. One piece of clothing popular with moms and daughter are dresses and these are available as general day to day varieties or ones for special days where you can purchase the likes of mommy and me tea party dresses.

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we just mentioned dresses come in many different styles and designs that can include a variety of lengths - maxi, midi and mini as well as length of sleeves - short, full length, half and 3/4 with various strap and necklines - spaghetti, halter neck and more. Like all clothing there are many colors and their versatility is such that you will see them worn on the beach, casually around the home, to the office and of course on a wedding day. The style you choose and how you wear it is one thing that is completely personal to the owner.

If you are looking to get into this range but are stuck for choice, arranging a tea party or attending one if you already do so could be something you do as a mom and daughter in a matching tea party dress. They are, of course not just for girls and can also be enjoyed by boys but a higher percentage of girls will enjoy them more. Tea parties can be informal or formal affairs, private ones for the family to get together, ones just for some fun as a game, afternoon or evening high teas for other friends and family. They can be held outdoors or indoors, at family homes or at hotels or restaurants. There are numerous ways to hold a tea party and your preference will be based on your own personalities.

For some mothers and their children it might be tea in the garden with beautiful cakes, the finest china but still having some fun with the clothes and trying to make it a vintage affair in matching or coordinated colors.

Afternoon teas will usually take place from around 3pm to 5pm with high tea occurring around 5pm to 7pm. The former is usually referred to as afternoon tea or low tea and the high and low come from the type of table the tea is served on. Afternoon or low tea will usually be served on a coffee table and include snacks of scones, cakes and sandwiches whereas high tea will be served at a dinner table and include some more filling foods.

If you are hosting a tea party etiquette says that as the host either you will pour or the pouring can be assigned to a close family member or friend. It should always be served from the right and the tea stirred in a half moon motion without the spoon ever hitting the cup. The food you serve to your guests will normally consist of sandwiches without their crusts and desserts - small cakes and scones. These will be beautifully arrange on a three tier stand where scones are on the top tier, sandwiches in the middle and cakes at the bottom. You should also have a number of different teas to serve, for example Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Assam, Chamomile, Rose, Lavender herbal and Mint. There are many more depending on your budget and you should also include caffeinated, decaffeinated, a variety of herbal and of course white and brown sugars. Arrange some nice bouquets of flowers which pack plenty of color around the outdoor area or a few bunches if inside. If you intention is to dress appropriately for the occasion then your guests will most definitely want some photographs so set aside a picturesque area where they can take their photos.

Hopefully that has given you a few ideas about how to host a tea party and even given some insights on what happens when attending one. The place, people and formality does not really matter as long as you can have fun with your children and really enjoy the afternoon or evening.

For this tea party you will both be dressed perfectly in your tea party dresses but as we spoke of earlier, these are just one example in a large niche of clothing. There are items for special occasions like photoshoot outfits and festive times such as Christmas shirts. There are other dresses that may fit in with a party like boho, plus size, plaid, African and red. Life is not all about celebrations and sometimes moms will want to chill out at home or go casual while matching with their daughters and for this reason there are pajamas and robes for home use and leggings and shirts for a casual day out. There are also a variety of accessories and non clothing items such as slippers and socks with aprons and cookbooks for baking fans.

With just these few examples it is easy to begin to appreciate the depth and scope of what can be purchased and enjoy by moms and their daughters and sons. It does not end there as all of the thousands of products are also produced for every other members of a family in all of the many combinations of pairs of persons in the family, extended family and friends. The reason there are so many is that the majority of the people who have had experience wearing matching garments have enjoyed wearing them and received great feedback.

The look these portray are for the most part cute and adorable and it is this kind of reaction that first draws moms to the style. Their first experiences are usually through family and friends and it will not be long before she is trying it out with her own children. We say, why not? It's great to look good, feel good and receive some positive comments from friends and family. Beyond the cute look there is another impact that comes from wearing such clothing.

This is the feeling of closeness that transpires upon wearing them. It is a largely mental close feeling that comes about because matching sets of clothes come as a pair and are usually only fully complete when brought together. This is a feeling that is mirrored in the mom and daughter wearing them, who too feel like they are bonded together through their clothes. It is a strong feeling that also portrays an image to the outside world saying here are two people have a wonderful connection and strong relationship.


Any Mothers And Daughters Who Love Planning Tea Parties Will Love Special Matching Dresses As A Gift



There are certain items of clothing that every woman should have multiple versions of in their closet and dresses are one of them. We mentioned earlier about their versatility and all of the various places that they can be worn. Functions like tea parties are perfect for dresses and for mothers and daughters who love to hold or go to them, a matching tea party dress set would make an wonderful gift.

A gift such of this is such a unique idea and will be a great surprise when opened. Many times people get stuck for what to purchase loved ones and friends and with all of the different occasions in a year the problem soon becomes more considerable. Although we often associate tea parties with nicer weather, many are held inside and this makes this style of dress a gift that can be give at either Christmas, Mother's Day, Birthdays, Easter and any other occasion where a present is given.

It won't however be the easiest gift to buy and there will need to be some careful thought before making a purchase. The task is made even harder by the fact that most of the clothing bought for a woman will be returned which puts even more pressure on trying to make the right choice.

There will be some factors that could ease the difficulty. Obviously we are dealing with a very specific genre of clothing and we know it is going to be a dress that will look good at a tea party. Looking at the actual amount of matching dresses that look classy and sophisticated enough for tea parties, there will be an obvious conclusion, and relief no doubt, that the range is fairly small considering the volume of clothing on the market. With less to choose from, the chance of success becomes higher. When you factor in how much a mom will automatically love anything the includes her daughter and sharing it with her, the result should be a gift both will like and enjoy wearing.


A Few Ideas And Inspiration



Looking for some ideas or just some inspiration? We have listed a few of our favorite designs all of which come in sets of two, many of which still need to be purchased separately. All come in a variety of sizes from small to plus size and many in different colors and patterns. Styles range from casual to formal with what you wear depending on the type of party you will be going to.

  • Light pink with black hemlines decorated with bowknot, elegant midi dress
  • Sleeveless lace with subtle floral pattern in pink
  • Sleeveless white floral pattern in a casual style
  • Vintage style Gatsby Roaring twenties theme with additional beads
  • Vintage velvet midi gown with full length sleeve and ruffls
  • Spaghetti strap sleeveless casual look with headbands
  • 3/4 sleeve, round neck midi length dress in red
  • Cold shoulder floral print ruffle midi style and backless
  • Blue dress with round neck and 3/4 sleeve length with fitted waist belt and bow
  • Cotton and polyester lightweight off shoulder, backless maxi with ruffles
  • Midi length plaid dress with long sleeves



Any Activity Can Mean Some Vital Quality Time For Parent And Children



A tea party is a great way for a mom and her children to spend some quality time together. While the tea party itself is going to be fun and memorable for both parent and child it is the action of being a part of a child's life that is the most vital part. Which activity you undertake does not matter but taking that action to do things together does. It is the quality time together that allows mom and child to really bond, communicate and grow more understanding of each other. The time spent with younger children can also see moms being able to witness many of the important milestones they cross at different ages.

A good way to spend some time with a daughter is if she reaches that age, that many seem to, of wanting to dress like their mommy. This will often start with trying a few of your clothes on and before long leads to pulling everything out of a closet to wear, often with the addition of shoes and makeup. This can be a lot of fun for both mom and daughter and will certainly create many laughs and good photo opportunities.

Although it will be a lot of fun and another good way to bond there will be better ways to implement a little girls need to look like her mom. One of the limitations of wearing her mommy's clothes are that the size will be nowhere near correct which restricts their wear to the home. A better idea would be to purchase a piece of clothing from the mommy and me range. This is where a mommy and me tea party dress could double up and satisfy a girls need to look like her mother. In this way she will be wearing something that fits and mom will be able to wear hers at the same time in a true twinning style.