Wear Colorful Sunflower Pattern Dresses For Mommy And Me


Clothes that come in sets of two for a mom, daughter or son are affectionately known as the mommy and me style. There are many mothers who love or have been converted over to the benefits of wearing these sets and each year the popularity of them increases. They are items for both sons and daughters but it is the girls that have more different types available for them and are the ore popular out of the both. They cover all ages, from newborns to teenagers with products differing depending upon the age. Newborns will spend much of their early months in bodysuits and there are other types of clothing that would not suit younger children. One of the most common item of clothing produced in this style are dresses of which there are several varieties, one of which are mommy and me sunflower dresses.

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All dresses come in a mixture of styles and those printed and sunflowers are no exception. There are choices when it comes to lengths which are mini, midi and maxi. Other options include sleeve length which are sleeveless, short, half, 3/4 and full length and also many straps and necklines, for example, spaghetti straps and halter neck. As with all other clothes there are a range of colors, obviously with sunflowers, yellow will be very prominent. Dresses are also a versatile piece of clothing that can be found worn to the beach, chilling out, at work or to formal events such as weddings.

Sunflowers are loved by many and are many peoples favorite flower but why?

Their Meaning

Sunflowers symbolize many different things and all of them are food. The list that they represent includes happiness, optimism, luck, love, loyalty and longevity. They are a flower that many cultures have looked to for protection and enlightenment during a periods lasting thousands of years.

They also symbolize faith and with their resemblance to the sun were used to represent the Sun God by the Incas.


Sunflowers come in many varieties and sizes with the most common one we picture being large and yellow. This bright color is enough to lift many a persons spirit with yellow ones meaning goodness and love.

Other colors include red which symbolize energy, passions and luck. Orange varieties often attract different pollinators and symbolize happiness, fertility and good fortune. Blue versions are rare and they stand for truth, wisdom, peace and intellect. Another rare variety is black and these mean wisdom and protection. Purple ones represent wealth and white, peace and purity. Lastly, pink which symbolizes innocents and health.

Your Personality

The people who do choose the sunflower as their favorite flower will have a personality that has a lot of energy, are almost always optimistic and happy. You will be enthusiastic and spread warmth and happiness wherever you go.


Sunflowers are the flower for the sign of Leo and if Leo is your star sign you will usually be strong, loving and generous. Much like the sunflowers outer presence you too will be bright and have a lot of energy.

People often wear sunflower as talisman to protect them from any trouble and give them luck, some have them as tattoos, other believe they help fertility and some use them at their weddings as a symbol of love and dedication. It is understandable why many will also want to wear clothes with them printed on. They not only represent many positive things they also look beautiful.

Wearing clothing in the mommy and me style is a great way for a mom and daughter to share their love of sunflowers. For anyone familiar with this style, there will be an awareness of just how much variety beyond sunflower dresses there are. As dresses are a popular garment there is also much choice within the matching range with special versions like tea party dresses or Hawaiian dresses to festive celebrations such as Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. Of all the different types of clothes to wear, as you would expect there are many more than just dresses with every day items like outfits and tops to quite unique ones such as Disney shirts and 4th of July outfits. You will also find a range of jewelry and various accessories, examples being picture frames, Christmas ornaments and books with beautiful rings to wear.

The designs mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg with a plethora of items whose numbers seem to be continually growing. Obviously these are the designs for mothers and their children and when you include those produced for all the other members of a family, you will soon come to the realization that there are multiple products for every combination of persons from a family. To have such a choice is great as it will mean there is at least one thing for everyone.

The numbers of products grow for a reason and this is down to popularity with more people getting into this genre every year and the fact they just look really cute. The cuteness is what generally grabs the attention of moms in the first place. Most moms love to hear how adorable their baby looks and by wearing something that matches together, it is guaranteed that there will be many comments on just how cute they both look together. How cute they look is one benefit, the other being the close feeling that the two people wearing them feel for each other. By wearing a set of clothing that matches and is designed to be together and only complete when so, the same effect is felt in those wearing them, who too feel like they are joined by a strong bond. They both share the effect of the clothes need to be together and also shows a strong connection between the persons wearing them to any on lookers.


These Bright And Beautiful Matching Sunflower Dresses Will Make Great Gifts For A Mom And Daughter



Every woman has a number of essential go to clothes in their closet and while many of these will differ between ladies, almost all will have a number of dresses at their disposal. Dresses are probably one of the most versatile items you can own and with the sheer variety available, there is a dress for every single occasion. Any moms and daughters who share a love of sunflowers will also love to receive a matching sunflower dress set as a gift.

This is a fantastic idea for a gift and one which will be not only unique but a big surprise, especially for any moms who have not yet experienced the joys of the mommy and me lines. Sunflowers are representative of the sun which will more likely make them a summer dress but that does not limit them to summer gifts. This type of thing can be given at any time which makes you free to buy them for Christmas, Birthdays, Mother's Day, Easter and more. With all of these celebrations every year it is easy to get complacent when it comes to buying gifts and repeating variations of the same thing each year, usually because it is so hard to think up new ideas. This is something different and exciting and buying the right type will light up any mom and daughters face.

We say buying the right one because even though we are looking for a sunflower dress and a matching one at that, which in itself narrows the choices to a number more manageable, there are still some options. We do not want to be buying just anything, especially with the poor record for buying women clothing as gifts. On average around 75% end up being returned and we don't want to add to that number. Options to consider will be colors, length of the dress, sleeve length, straps, neckline, back style and accessories. To choose a dress you know they will like the best course of action is to take some mental notes regarding that kind of dresses they like to wear and what is in their closets. From a few easy observations you will have a clear idea of the styles they prefer then just have to match that to those available with sunflowers.


Some Of Our Favorite Designs



Here are some of our favorite designs. We have listed some that come as matching sets and because the range is limited, some individual items which can be purchased as a pair and your own set created, as long as the sizes are correct for both mother and child. All come in various sizes all the way to plus sizes and most will be available in various colors and patterns.


  • Adult spaghetti strap midi sunflower printed dress with toddler size and baby same print bodysuit with additional tutu
  • Sunflower yellow cold shoulder style backless midi length
  • Spaghetti strap floral midi with pockets and all over sunflower print
  • V neck tie front button down backless midi dress with full coverage sunflower pattern



Bring Some Life And Amazing Patterns To The Clothes You Wear When Taking Some Time To Bond



Any mom spending quality time with her children is fulfilling the most important part of being a parent and that is really being active in their child's life. We are not talking about being in the same room but with minds occupied on the TV, tablets, phones or games. We are talking about real quality time where you participate in what they are doing and it does not matter what this is as long as you are a part of it. We understand many people have busy lives with work commitments but you should set a goal to spend at least some time with your child listening, communicating, learning from and teaching and generally showing you are interested in them and therefore they feel valued, cared for and loved.

Moms who do take part in her sons or daughters life will reap the rewards, often being able to see many of the important milestones they break as we all many other first time achievements. These kind of things stay in a parents memory for all time and are likely to be some of the most precious memories they have. Any moms who have a daughter that reaches the age of wanting to dress like mommy should be encouraged. This is a fun game for a little girl and even more so when mom joins in. It will be a great laugh for both with many opportunities to preserve the day with photos. She will almost certainly want to try on everything including shoes and makeup and do a pretend fashion show.

The only negative aspect of wearing mommy's clothes is that they will not fit and this mean no chance of wearing them anywhere but in the home. The solution will be to buy a mommy and me set, or a number of different ones for different occasions. The best thing about getting a set is that there will be one girls size which will fit and mom gets to wear hers at the same time. She will enjoy her wish of being a mini me or twinning version of her mom and they can be worn to different places. As we have said there are countless options but for a family who loves sunflowers, mommy and me sunflower dresses seem the appropriate garment to wear. This kind of dress is perfect for when the warmer weather begins as they do look summery but can, of course be worn throughout the year. They come in many colors and some wonderful vibrant patterns that go hand in hand with this kind of flower.