Protect Your Head And Face With Sun Hats For Mommy And Me


Some of us were just born to be sun worshipers and although we may not all be quite as extreme, for many it is in our nature to love the sun. As long as it is not too hot our bodies feel much more comfortable and willing to do more thing when the sun is out. After all the sun gives the human race life and without it we would perish. Spending time out in it helps your body to make Vitamin D, an important nutrient. It also enhances peoples mood for the better and has many other health benefits that are not for discussion here but more information can be seen here. There are many more activities that can be done when the sun is out and anything done outdoors is just overall much better. When the sun comes out it is also a time when many head to the beach and enjoy days out or vacations to their favorite destinations. While some people love to soak up all the sun's ray 100% of the time others prefer a little shade on their face either some or all of the time. If you are heading to the beach with your daughter and want to protect your faces from the sun then mommy and me sun hats are a must thing to have.

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of clothing and accessories in the mommy and me style have been around for a long time with many styles that will fit in almost anywhere. The sun seems to make us all feel happier and the mommy and me range does the same for those who wear them. With many ranges there is something for all age groups, starting with newborn babies and continuing to when they are teenagers. Obviously with newborns usually staying in bodysuits the choices are more limited but by the time they are toddlers there are many options.

Hats have been a part of our society for many centuries and there was a time where almost everyone wore one as a part of their outfit. In modern times the reason for wearing hats has changed but there still many varieties. Obviously a sun hat is to protect the wearer from the sun. Their primary function is to protect the skin against harmful UV rays and will tend to have a wider brim to enhance that protection. They should also be made from materials that protect against UV.

We previously mentioned that clothing and accessories in the mommy and me style have been worn by mothers and their children for a long time. Sun hats are an example of such accessories where you will also find hats and winter hats. There are also many style of clothing including many that are perfect when the sun comes out, some examples being beach dresses, swimsuits, bikinis, t shirts and summer dresses. Obviously there are many other garments for use at other times of the year including different outfits and pajamas to wear at home.

There are hundreds of others that fall within this matching range and this is extended even further when we see that they are also produced for a range of other people. The amount of people in your family will determine how many combinations of set of two people there are and each one of these pairs has their own matching garments. Some are core varieties that are produced for everyone where as other are individual to those two people involved. Any combination that includes family or moms and children are the ones that often get the best feedback and this is usually because they do look really cute.


Matching Mother And Daughter Sun Or Beach Hats Would Be A Great Gift


Although hats might not be the most essential piece of clothing that can provide a great addition to make outfits. They are also a functional item with various styles performing different roles. They can offer protection from the rain, can be used for safety, used as a fashion accessory, provide some shade for the eyes and obviously a sun hat will off that protections from the sun's harmful UV rays. If you have loved ones or friends who love the sun or the beach and think they would like to protect their face then a matching mother and daughter sun hat would be a great idea for a gift.

Any type of hat will not suffice for providing the right level of protection which should be one with a wide brim to ensure full covering. A matching set will allow them both to wear the same type which can also look really adorable. These sets of clothing and accessories that match are quite unique and will make a fantastic surprise for any mom. Although they might be specifically for the beach or sun they could still be given at any time of the year. As a gift a celebration that falls with a period of good weather would be best, for example, spring or summer birthdays, Mother's Day or Easter.

Certain hat styles come and go but many remain the same over many years. Sun hats do not change much so there is no real danger of them ever looking dated. Even though any mom is bound to love her new hat because it is something she can share with her daughter, it is still worth consider some options. The majority of clothing given to women as a gift are returned so taking some time to make the right choices will be worth it. There are not many in terms of sun hats but perhaps getting the right material and color which they enjoy wearing.


Some Of Our Favorites


We have listed some of our favorites below. Most come as a matching set but if you feel the choice is limited buying two of the same one in different sizes will mean you have created your own and have the same effect.

  • Cotton bucket style, lightweight with frog face
  • Floppy beach hat set both embroidered with words beach hair don't care
  • UPF 50 beach floppy sun hat with embroidered text - hello sunshine
  • 2 piece set made from straw with a bowknot
  • Wide brim straw hat embroidered Beach Please


A Day In The Sun Will Be Fun And Offer Many Bonding Opportunities



Whether it is to the beach, in the garden or to a park, when the sun comes out it gives us all more opportunity to do some fun things outdoors which also makes it great for a mom and daughter to bond. Obviously spending quality time together every day of the year is vitally important but the sunshine gives more options.

There are infinite possible things you can do together but ultimately what they are will depend on what you both enjoy doing. The beach has its own unique benefits like building sand castle and playing in the sea. The park could be perfect for a picnic and the garden some family games. These are just examples but what each have in common is the sun and if you prefer to protect your face from harmful UV rays, a hat is required. For a day spent together bonding there can be only one type and they are mommy and me matching sun hats.

Sun hats have a particular structure to them and that is they have a larger brim than normal in order to fully shade the face. You will find quite wide brims but in reality as long is it is over 3 inches it will do the job. There is no point in having the right kind of hat if it won't perform how it is supposed. So that the hat will protect it needs to be made from the right fabric. You will usually see these hats made from cotton, hemp or a synthetic material and you should check the level of UV protection it provides which should be marked on the label.