Keep Your Feet Cozy In Socks For Mommy And Me


Socks are probably one of the least interesting items of clothing most people will own and it is usually difficult to find anything exciting about buying a pair. They do serve quite an essential purpose for your feet and come in a mixture of types such as bed socks and sneaker varieties. Over a period of time most moms will build up a collection of socks but it will be the mommy and me sets she has for herself and her daughter which will be the most special.

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Like we just mentioned socks are not the most interesting item and they are just one item out of many that are manufactured as a set in the mommy and me style. The range of not only clothing but jewelry and accessories that are produced for just these two people is staggering. Some of pieces of clothing you may seen worn on a daily basis include hoodies, newborn outfits and rompers. There are also garments for use at home such as pajamas and robes and items of jewelry that include bracelets.

The above are only a very small sample of what is available as a matching set for a mother and daughter. There will be certain garments that appeal to you more than others and vice versa for others who enjoy dressing in the twinning look. You will also notice they are not only limited to moms, sons and daughters but can also be found for many other combinations of people include just about every member of a family as a pair or a whole group.

Coordinated family outfits are worn by many different families and along with other items produced for parents and their children are the most popular permutations in this range. The family, parent, sons and daughters styles are the ones that are thought of as the most mainstream and most frequently worn. On top of that they tend to be the styles that will get a positive reaction. This, in comparison to the designs worn by couples showing their love and connection to one another will get more of a mixed reaction.

Any mom who has been thinking that buying something that matches for herself and her daughter is a good idea has come to the conclusion for a reason. One of these reasons could be that it was something of a family tradition and she wishes to let her children experience the fun she had in them. Secondly, it just might be something she has seen other families wearing and thought that her sons and daughters would enjoy it also. There is also a chance that her child could be reaching a phase of wanting to dress like mommy. If this is true then something in the mommy and me range will keep the happy and socks are a great introduction to the wearing of matching garments.

Socks have a purpose and that is to protect the feet and although perhaps a little boring individually that can look quite incredible when worn as a matching pair. A mom and daughter will enjoy the fact they are wearing the same item and by wearing them they will sense a feeling that they are even closer to one another. Aside from their looks there is also a more meaningful aspect to them. These matching items portray an image of a mom and child who have a deep connection and a very strong relationship who enjoy being together, have a lot of fun in each others company and have a close, loving bond.


A Matching Set Of Socks Would Be A Wonderful Gift For Mother And Daughter



Depending on the type of footwear you are wearing, much of the time socks are an essential accessory not only for keep feet warm in the cooler weather but also for their health. A matching pair of socks for a mother and daughter are going to look amazing and attract a lot of attention. Overall they would seem like a wonderful gift but as is the case of many clothes there is always the underlying thought that women are notoriously difficult to buy any type of clothing for. We know from studies that have been made that 75% of all clothing purchased for a woman as a gift is returned.

This is a high percentage of returns which makes the prospect of buying such a gift not so good after all. However when you look past this and consider how great they look and with so many celebrations throughout a year that need different gifts. This alone makes it hard to think up new ideas which makes these matching socks become a purchase worth attempting.

You also have the advantage in that socks are not the most difficult of things to get right. This is especially true when they are going to be a mommy and me set. This also helps because a matching mom and daughter set will have quite an impact because the mom will be able to feel that connection to her little girl or boy. Another aspect of this is the sentimental attachment they will create and all of these points result in a gift that will be very much appreciated.

Socks might be worn more in colder weather but they are still also worn throughout the year. This means as a present they can be given for any occasions that occur during the year and these include for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Thanksgiving, New Year, Valentine’s Day or Easter.

Even with the additional sentiment, closeness they will create and often awesome looking in their matching pair, socks may still feel like quite an uninspiring gift but remember they also have a very healthy purpose.

For one, the feet have thousands of sweat glands which produce a good half a pint of liquid each day. As you can imagine without socks this ends up in the persons footwear which would leave the feet vulnerable to infections such as athletes foot and leave a long lasting smell. Wearing a pair of socks stops this as they absorb the moisture leaving the feel dry.

Although some footwear can be comfortable, most of the time wearing it without shoes is usually very uncomfortable and often ends up with blisters on the feet.

Each time you take a step the impact goes through the foot and although a lot is taken be the shoes that are worn a pair of sock will add another layer of padding and therefore help to protect the skin and soft tissue.

Feet can get very cold in cooler weather and for people with poor circulation, even worse. Footwear such as shoes are not the best at providing warmth but socks are the gloves for the feet and will help to protect against the cold and reduce the risks of problems like chilblains.


A Few Ideas And Some Inspiration For Your New Set


Looking for some ideas or just inspiration then we have listed a few of our favorite pairs with a brief description in the hope it might help some of you.

Mom And Baby

  • Baby and You set in different shades of pink



  • Set of red and white pair with split heart that completes when both sets join



  • This Girl Stole My Heart – She Calls Me Mommy



  • Set of 2 with – Why? – Because I Said So printed on top
  • Set of two – Super Mom – Mini Me text printed


Queen – Princess

  • Mommy of a Princess – Daughter of a Queen printed on sole



  • Wool knit Christmas theme set of 2 in red, green, yellow and black color



  • Light blue and pink with unicorns and text – Too lazy to move



Warm And Comfortable Feet Are Great During Bonding Time



We spoke early about how matching clothing can help to enhance the bond between a mother and child even further and this bond begins and is ever growing from the time they are born. In the years between being a newborn through to being an infant and older they are always developing and especially in those early years, achieving many milestones. The moms who see their little ones complete these incredible accomplishments have with them memories that they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

Most mothers spend a great deal of time with their children and play a very active role in their lives. There is a small group who don’t get to spend the hours with them they would like but this is due to them having to work very long hours to be able to provide their boys and girls with everything they need.

There is also a small number that have no excuse and do have the time to be with their children but choose to prioritize their own lives. It is these mothers that will regret their actions in later years having missed many of their sons and daughters milestones and be without all of the precious memories than mom who do play a role have.

It is the later group we just mentioned that should make the changes that are needed in order to spend more hours with their kids. We hope upon reading this, some do want to make a fresh start and there is no time like the present. With a new beginning it is a good idea to choose a symbol to represent this change and the promise to both yourself and your children that this change is here for the long term. As a symbol it could be anything but as mommy and me items help to bring a mom and daughter closer together and enhance any bonding time then this will be a great choice. A set of matching socks are simple but practical and can be worn my mom and daughter during their first day together of the new beginning to ensure their feet are comfy and warm. This day could then be celebrated yearly as the anniversary of a closer relationship between mother and child and a new set of mommy and me socks purchased each year.

A positive change such as that above will have a very deep impact on mom and child. By spending more time with her kids a mother will get to witness many amazing achievements and carry with her many precious memories. The children get to grow up in an environment where they are appreciated, listened to and loved. It has been found that children whose parents dedicate quality time to them are better behaved and in general have better grades at school.

The above mothers we are speaking of are of course in the minority and most are doing the most amazing job in raising their children with love and tenderness and of course plenty of attention. This had officially been shown to be true as statistics tell us that we are now spending more time with our children than in the past 50 years. Moms, daughters and sons are now equipped to bond together with cozy feet in socks that stand out because of the awesome matching look.