Protect Your Feet At Home By Wearing Slippers For Mommy And Me


From the moment a mommy first holds her baby and begins creating a bond that will last a lifetime, she will want only the best for her son or daughter. Those wishes include everything and also means wanting them to look their best in their clothing. Most newborns are limited to what they wear and will live in rompers or bodysuits for a long time. When they reach the infant stage and beyond the range of clothes they are able to wear grows significantly. They will soon need slippers rather than just socks to protect their little feet and a set of mommy and me slippers will be a wonderful item for both to wear.

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Slippers are one of a massive range of clothes, accessories and jewelry that are produced in mommy and me sets. There are hundreds of different items to wear and use that come in sets or individual pieces that are designed to be given from mom to daughter and vice versa. There are full outfits that can be worn at anytime as well as clothing that is for a particular time of year such as Halloween costumes. You may also come across home wear like mom and baby pajamas or kimonos. Apart from clothing there are also accessories and jewelry with the likes of socks and even mama bear tumblers and for those who like a little bling, necklaces and anklets.

Those are only a little sample of the various items that have been designed and manufactured as a matching set for a mom and daughter. A large range is great for choice and result in there being something for everyone, depending on tastes and whether they want to be shown off or kept for private occasions. They are also not only limited to being produced for mothers and their boys and girls but also every other member of a family.

Some people will call it a matching style, others twinning or coordinated but whatever the name the fact remains that they can be purchased for whole families or any permutation of two. The most common and probably what you may consider the more mainstream or those that have been designed for parents and children or for whole families, such as family Christmas onesies. When these combinations of people wear them they will more often than not receive a positive reaction. At the other end of the scale are those that are worn by couple wishing to display their love for one another through what they wear. This style results in quite a mixed reaction and appears to be one of those looks you either love or hate.

Returning to the mommy and me range, there will be a variety of reasons why a mom might reach the idea of buying things that match for herself and her boys or girls. She may have experienced dressing like this as a child with her parents and has decided to continue the family tradition. One of the more common reasons for first starting to wear such things are from seeing other people, either family, friends or online dressed in such a way and thinking it would be a fun idea to start with her own kids. Finally it could be forced onto her by a child who has started a phase where they want to dress like mommy. This usually results in them trying on all sorts from their wardrobes in which case buying a set of matching mom and daughter slippers will keep her happy and entertained.

Slippers are not only practical and beneficial to you and your home, they can also look amazing. Wearing a matching set together can make a photo look even more cute and adorable. This type of thing also has a more meaningful side to it in a way that they portray an image of the two people wearing them having a connection that is very strong alongside a close relationship. They show a mom, daughter or son who love to be in each others company, have a lot of fun together and care about each other very much. For the two people wearing them, they gain a feeling that they are closer to one another than ever and this makes their bond even stronger.


A Matching Set Of Slippers For Mom And Daughter Are A Wonderful Gift Idea



Wearing slippers in the home is very beneficial in a number of ways. It is important to remove outdoor shoes because they will spread thousands of germs around the floor and carpets that have been picked up outside.

By just wearing socks or bare feet, the practice will eventually lead to foot problems especially if there are a lot of hard surfaces in the home.

Any kind of footwear, be it slides, flip flops or regular slippers will help but the later are softer and warmer in cooler seasons.

They also help to encourage blood flow in the feet which helps prevent them from becoming swollen. The right type of slipper will provide great balance and stability and help to alleviate impact pain. They can also help wears from catching colds and flu. This is because when our feet get cold the blood vessels around the nose constrict in order to prevent the body losing heat. This means there are less white blood cells in the nose and throat that would normally help to protect the body. By wearing slippers you are keeping your feet warm and therefore encouraging proper blood flow to the nose. They do also help to protect your feet from any foot diseases that maybe spreading around, such as athletes foot.

As we can see slippers provide a great service to the persons wearing them and with the wonderful looks of the matching mother and daughter set, it makes them a wonderful candidate for a gift. There is one problem that may hold some buyers back and that is the well known fact that women are very difficult to buy any type of garments for. We know from statistics that 75% of all items of clothing purchased for women are returned.

It is certainly a high figure and is bound to cast doubt on even trying to second guess what they might like. However there are a few points that can turn the tide in your favor. They obviously do look incredible and being slippers for a mom and her baby, whether they are infants or older, the choice is quite limited making the decision of which to pick a smaller one. Because they can be purchased as a set for her and her daughter or son, they will have a greater impact because of the fact they will be connecting her to her babies. There is also the addition of the sentimental attachment that goes hand in hand with anything to do with a mom and her kids.

There is also the small fact that there are many celebrations in a year and most of those usually require a gift or often many. Over the years it can become more and more difficult to think up new and exciting ideas. This is one of those gifts that is quite unusual and unique and can be purchased at any time of the year which means they can be given for any occasion, including Christmas, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, New Year, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter or at any other time you may be giving a gift.


A Few Ideas For Your New Pair



Here are some ideas for your new pair that have been listed because they are our favorites and we have added a small description.


Mama Bear

  • Mama Bear with one word embroidered on each foot in buffalo plaid, red plaid or blue plaid, polyester with rubber sole


Lil Bear

  • Lil Bear – one word embroidered on each foot available in buffalo plaid, red plaid, blue plaid or fuzzy fluffy creme brulee


Baby Elf

  • Baby Elf – one word embroidered on each foot available in green, white and red plaid


Baby Bear

  • Baby Bear – one word embroidered on each foot with fluffy exterior



  • Cute fuzzy feet, fleece lined house with different animal prints – bears, moose, raccoons, cows and buffalo



  • Fuzzy feet, fleece lined with Nordic print design of Christmas trees and polar bears.



Having Fun At Home In Mama Bear Baby Bear Footwear That Matches Is A Great Way To Bond



As we have previously written about, the wearing of anything that matches can help to build and even greater bond between a mom and her little ones. Children begin to learn from a newborn baby and during their growth from baby to infant, toddler and older their learning and development is an amazing thing to witness. They pass so many incredible milestones and the moms and dads that do get to witness just some of these brilliant achievements have in their minds something money cannot buy, treasured memories that will last a lifetime.

The majority of moms and dads ensure they take a very active role in their children’s lives and participate in as much as they can. There of course some moms who would love to spend more time with their children but can’t because they need to work long hours in order to provide the best they can for them. These mothers love and want to be with their little ones just as much but also know they need to be fed, clothed and have shelter.

There are however a very small number of mothers who are able to dedicate many hours a day to their children but choose their own social lives instead. These are the ones that we almost feel sorry for because they will miss most of their children’s milestones and accomplishments and end up with many regrets as they get older.

We applaud any moms who wish to make any changes that are needed to ensure they have more time to be with their kids. This fresh start can begin with a day together, perhaps doing some of your favorite things at home or chilling out with a movie. A good idea is to symbolize your new beginning with something that will act as a keeper of the promise to yourself and your sons and daughters that this change is permanent. This could be anything but because mommy and me items help to feel more connected and build a special bond then something in this range would be perfect. Spending the day at home bonding means a set of matching slipper would be an excellent choice. Whatever day this may fall on can become the anniversary of the new beginning and each year can be celebrated by buying a new set of mommy and me slippers.

A new start such as this will have a positive effect on the mom and all of the children involved. Moms will get to benefit by being able to witness all of her little ones milestones and the children will grow up in a loving home where they can truly flourish. Parents who dedicate quality time and communicate with their children will normally have ones who are behaved well and have good grades at school.

Some of the scenarios we mentioned where moms don’t always spend as much time with their children as they should are in a small minority. The vast majority of moms and dads are doing the most amazing job and dedicate many hours a day to their boys and girls. It has been proven that in the last 50 years we are spending more hours each day now than ever before and this is great new for all involved.