Enjoy A Day Of Comfort Together In Silk Pajamas For Mommy And Me


One of the best ways to spend a mommy and me day together is to be at home relaxing and doing all of their favorite things together. Every mom and child day is a special one and this one can be made even more so by wearing clothing designed for mommy and me. From this range there are numerous of options but one of the best choices for a day chilling out at home will be silk pajamas.

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Obviously a day spent with younger babies, especially newborns will not be one where they wear any kind of pajamas. They tend to be restricted to bodysuits although a mom can still wear a set on her own. When they reach the infant and toddler ages then there will be a lot more availability to wear the same as mom. From this age on wards both mom and daughter can wear their matching silk pajamas and enjoy a day watching movies, playing games, baking and any other things you like to do together.

Earlier we touched on the amount of options there are within the mommy and me range and these choices can be made from clothing, accessories and jewelry. There are some seasonal clothing like Christmas pajamas as well as normal daily things like jumpsuits and rompers. You can find items just for wearing at home such as kimonos and nightgowns as well as footwear like fur slides and socks. Jewelry is also popular in this style and example of which are rings.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and there in fact hundreds of different designs in the range. You could say that if it can be purchased as an individual item you will most likely see it somewhere as a matching set. Mothers and daughters are not alone in who these are made for with the freedom to buy any design for any permutation of family members.

These styles produced for families as well as parents and children are the most popular of the lot and are what may be considered the mainstream versions of the bunch. It is the items worn by this group that will receive mostly positive feedback, especially in comparison to what is probably the least popular. Those manufactured for couples who like to share their affections with the world through these matching items are the ones who receive a mixture of positive and negative reactions. The designs worn by couple who are together tend to be something you either love or hate.

There will always be a reason for why a mom will choose to want to dress her son or daughter in clothing that matches. Most of them will come across the look via other relatives or friends and believe it will fun for her family. A few moms may have worn such things as a little girl herself and wants to pass down a family tradition. Then there are of course the moms who need a solution to their little girls new phase. Some children go through a phase of wanting to dress like mommy and this will usually result in a raid of mommy’s wardrobe. One way to keep her happy is to buy a mommy and me set and this will mean she gets to look like her mom while mom takes back control of her wardrobe.

Most mothers will start the wearing of these matching items with their daughters in order to look cute. They do of course look amazing and will be particularly nice for photo shoots. However there is another layer and one that is much deeper and more meaningful. The wearing of such items portrays an image of a mom and daughter than have a very close relationship and have formed a strong connection. They show that they have a lot of fun when doing things together with an incredible bond and much love and for those that wear them there will be a feeling of being much closer to each other.


Matching Silky Pajamas Are A Beautiful Gift For Any Mom And Daughter



Silk pajamas will make a beautiful gift and a matching set for mom and daughter even more so. They look and feel amazing to wear but there is one hurdle that might stop someone buying them as a gift and that is how difficult it is to please a woman with clothing. Statistics tell us that of all the clothes purchased as a gift for a woman, 75% are returned.

Certainly don’t let those statistics deter you from buying such a gift. As we just mentioned, they look amazing and are so comfortable to wear. There are also a more limited choice when you compare the silk range to all of the other different types of pajamas that are for sale. This will mean there is a much higher chance of picking out the ones she will like. You also have on your side that fact that these are for a mom and her baby and this will mean she will be overjoyed that it is something that connects her to her child. With this in mind, there is also the sentimental value that she will attach to them which will result in a gift she will always treasure.

Silk pajamas can be worn throughout the year which means they make a wonderful gift for any occasion. Because there are so many celebration in a year that do require a gift it isn’t long before you start to run out of ideas and often end up buying the same kinds of things over and over. Giving silky pjs as a set for a mom and daughter will be quite an unusual and unique gift that could be given for Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving or Easter.

The only other obstacle is that you are buying for two people. This means two peoples tastes that need to be catered for and even a mom and daughter will different in their taste of fashion. Pajamas come in a couple of different styles of which all look incredible and we know we want silk or perhaps satin for the material. This just leaves color as the deciding factor and there may be differences in what each likes most. If you take note of what each wears you should be able to see at least one color worn that they have in common.


A Few Ideas For Your Set


We have listed a few different sets from what we consider out personal favorites to give you some ideas.


3 Piece

  • 3 piece silk satin set in floral pattern, cami with pants and robe
  • Black and gold 3 piece set with long sleeve top, long pants and robe
  • 3 piece wine red with gold floral and dragon pattern


2 Piece

  • 2 piece button down set with long pants and sleeves


7 Piece

  • 7 piece satin set with cami, shorts, button down pj top, long pants, eye mask, hair band and gift bag in red, black, blue, green, lavender, pink and white



  • 2 piece Pj satin set in Christmas theme



Spend A Day Bonding At Home In Your Pj’s



One of the most important things for a child is for their parents to spend quality time with them. Taking an active role in your sons or daughters life will be the most pleasurable in a moms or dads life. It is during the time spent with them that they get to witness many of the milestones and the incredible achievements a baby, infant, toddler or older manages to accomplish. All of them are precious moments that will be collected and treasured in a parents memory for life.

It is natural for a mom to want to be an integral part in her daughters life but for some it is not so easy. Some mothers need to work long hours in order to provide essentials for their children which is understandable. However, there are a few that would rather continue with the lifestyle they had prior to giving birth and put a greater priority on the social life than that of their kids. It is these moms who are going to end up with many regrets as they grow older.

Changing your lifestyle may not be easy and any new beginning can be hard at first but as a mom does start to focus more on her daughter she will begin to realize how much she has missed out on. A fresh start means she will be able to be a part of her child’s growth and be there when she passes new milestones. Once you have chosen a day, the next step is to decide what to do.

A day at home is a wonderful idea with many relaxing things to be able to do and the chance to talk and listen. You can also wear relaxing garments like mommy and me silk pajamas and have a chance to really bond with the added feeling of closeness that matching style gives. This day can then become the anniversary of your new beginning and each year you can celebrate it in a new set of matching silk pajamas.

Obviously the above scenario only applies to a small minority of moms with most being extra attentive to their little ones needs. The majority give their kids the time they need, communicate with them and give them a loving home in which to flourish. It has been shown that children who parents dedicate quality time to them are generally better behaved and have better grades. We know from recent studies that moms and dads are now spending more time with their boys and girls than they have in the last 50 years. This is wonderful news for both parents and children as both benefit from the time that they have together.