Take Some Mommy And Me Time To Build Your Scrapbook Together


With so much technology in our lives and the easy of doing anything digitally, actually creating a physical scrapbook may feel a little dated. Although creating online things like books can also be creative there is nothing quite as enjoyable as building out the real thing and having it there to hold and look at. On top of that storing something so precious on a phone or tablet could be more risky if it lost for some reason.

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There is a wide range of scrapbooks available which come in various sizes, styles, shapes and color and they can of course all be customized in many ways. One of these versions are those that are produced in the mommy and me style especially for a mom and her daughter or son. A mommy and me scrapbook is a wonderful way to save many of the different memories you have created together with the addition of photos and memorabilia of places you have been and things you have done together.

Scrapbooks are only one item that are produced in the mommy and me style and there are actually so many different items of clothing, accessories and jewelry that the variety runs into the hundreds. Some examples of the clothing you will find are outfits and hoodies as well as garments from special occasions like Christmas pajamas. There are also accessories like slippers and slides for the feet and nightgowns for the home.

They are but a few among, as we say, hundreds of different garments and items produced for a mother and daughter. To have such a range is fantastic news because it means that there should be at least one thing that every mom and child will like although it will be more likely that they will like many more. As well as being produced for moms and her children they are also made for every different family member.

Many of these items come as a matching set with a pair being manufactured for any combination of family members you can think of. Others will be individual items that are dedicate from one person to another or to more than one. Some of these garments and objects are what you might consider mainstream which will usually be well received with a positive reaction. These will usually be things that are produced for families such as pajamas or moms and kids. There are also ones that will get more of a mixed reaction and those tend to be the items worn by couples to display their love for one another for all to see. They seem to be one of those looks the people either love or hate.

Sharing this connection in public is not for everyone, even if the mom and daughter style is looked upon favorably. For many the bond and love between the two with the memories they have are private. Mommy and me scrapbooks are a wonderful way of telling either mom or daughter, or if it is a gift, both how much they mean to the other and how much you want to celebrate a life together.



A Scrapbook Would Be A Wonderful Gift For A Mom And Daughter



We have spoken about the variety of items that are available for a mom and daughter and how fantastic scrapbooks can be for them. This will make them a wonderful gift for them but there could be one hurdle that might hold some people back from buying it as a gift. This is the fact that women are notoriously difficult to buy for and with the wide range of choice of scrapbooks available it could become a difficult decision to get right.

However, what one must remember is that this is a gift for a mommy and her baby and with that comes a special impact because of the connection and memories that they will create. It will also hold a strong sentimental attachment for the same reasons. Creating and adding to a scrapbook is something that is built out over time and this makes its a perfect candidate as a gift for any time of the year. This is something that will be treasured for a long time and can be given on such celebrations as Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving or Easter. Bearing in mind it can be quite difficult to think up new ideas for gifts with all of the various celebrations in a year and this would be a beautiful and unique gift.

Scrapbooks come in many different looks, some can start life looking quite plain and ordinary where others are fairly elaborate. Even the most basic one can be given custom additions to make it look spectacular. Quite often they can end up looking like pieces of art which makes them a great piece to use as decor in the family living room, perhaps on the coffee table.

They are produced in different materials and like most the mommy and me scrapbooks can be found made from cardboard, leather and some very special wood varieties. Some have plain outer pages ready to be transformed by the owners into their own special book and other will come already designed and decorated with words such as You and Me, All About Me, Mom and Me or Babies First Year. The version you choose or the only words you wish to add to the cover will be dependent on what collection of memories you have chosen to use it for.


Some Ideas And Inspiration


Here is a list of a few of our favorite books with a brief description, hopefully to offer up some ideas or inspiration.


  • I Love You Mom 8×8 ring book

  • The Amazing Story Of Me – My Very First Firsts

  • All About Me – Mommy Baby First Years

  • Babies First Year Memory Book

  • The Story Of Me – Baby’s Moments & Firsts

  • Our Adventure Book

  • My Tiny Adventures Memory Book

  • My Baby’s First 5 Years – 90 pages

  • Hello World – First 5 years memory book

  • As You Grow – modern style memory book

  • You Are My Greatest Adventure

  • Leather bound retro book with rope tie

  • My Pregnancy Book



A Book Could Be The Perfect Object To Bond Over



Before purchasing your first scrapbook there will be some options to consider and these are things that you will want to be right as this book is something you will both enjoy for a long time. The color might be an important feature for either of you and with that comes the fact that you might prefer different colors. This like some other decisions maybe a point you will have to compromise on so that both of you are happy. The dimensions will also be important as these will determine what can be put in there. You may wish to plan ahead and list some of the items that you would like to add so you have an idea about what size the pages need to be and how many you will need. There is also the materials that they are constructed from with cardboard giving plenty of color options but leather and wood being limited to their natural colors, unless you paint them of course. If it does not already have a title then this is another important decision which you will both need to agree on.

Scrap booking is a very fun way to spend some time together bonding. You are both creating a beautiful piece of art that is full of not only the things you have done together but your love and personalities. Adding items to it is a great way to reminisce over that day and time together and get you both talking and learning about each others thoughts and perspectives of those days. Building a scrapbook together is a great way to encourage communication while also heading towards a common goal.

Every moment of every hour a mom spends with her babies are precious. From the time of their birth they are growing and learning new things at a rapid rate. It is not long before they are passing some amazing milestones and achieving some incredible accomplishments. The moms who dedicate the majority of their time to their children are the ones that get to witness all of the special events and are what will become the most treasured memories that can be recalled for the rest of their lives.

There will be some mothers who for one reason or another, often not because of choice who don’t get to spend as much time with their little ones. We understand that sometimes it is not possible but for those who can, a change of lifestyle could see you getting to see more of your child’s growth which is the most important thing you will ever get to see. Moms who miss out are often filled with regrets but it is never to late to make a fresh start.

You could present your son or daughter with a mommy and me scrapbook and tell them that each week you will be doing something together that will be added to it. The scrapbook itself can act as a symbol that will represent a promise to yourself and your children that you will dedicate more hours into their lives. Before long you will soon be building strong bonds together and enjoy talking about the things you have done while adding photos and various other items to the book.

The mothers that don’t always give their girls or boys the time they need are a small minority. Most moms and dads do an amazing job and usually do so much with their sons and daughters that they will probably need two or more scrapbooks. We know this is fact because there have been studies that show parents are spending more time with their children now than in the past 50 years. This is fantastic news for both parents and kids as both benefit from being together.