Comfortable And Engaging Scarves For Mommy And Me Time


Generally mommy and me styles of clothing or accessories will usually mean a set of two matching pieces that look identical, one to be worn by mom and the other a daughter or son. There are many mom’s that find the whole twinning style distasteful whereas many others embrace the cuteness and run with it. There are a huge variety of not only clothes but also accessories available to purchase where even the most arduous opposer might find at least one thing that they like.

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Scarves of this nature, in particular those for mommy and me fall into two different categories, one of which we have described above that come as a set of two with parent and child wearing one each. There are also the activity scarf variety which are designed to offer comfort to a baby and help them to relax which we look at in more detail later.

For those interested in the simple matching range, as we mentioned there are numerous options available to suit the majority of mommies and their babies and one of those is a set of scarves. At a young age when your baby has no understanding of fashion you may be inclined to dress them to match you. For the people who enjoy this look it is regarded as incredibly cute and adorable and it feels like you are adding another dimension of connectivity to an already strong bond. You will want you and your baby to look great and being coordinated in the style of clothing and their colors gives you the matching look that will make you both look exceedingly beautiful.

Although a scarf is not really defined as clothing and is more of an accessory they are of course chosen to compliment your ensemble and worn like any garment. However, they are easily removed and carried much like many other items which puts them more in the accessory category. This kind of garment is a great introduction point into wearing clothes that match, especially if you are unsure about going out in a full matching outfit or if your child is of an age where they are having an opinion about what they want to wear. Of course the scarf could also worn to compliment the mommy and me outfit you are wearing.

There are a few items you could choose as an introductory point into this niche and they include simple headbands or hats. A scarf is somewhat more flexible in its use and a good thing for you and your baby without over doing the whole look. It will still be obvious that you both match one another which will complete the style you are wanting to achieve. This means people can see the matching material which turns an ordinary item into one that immediately becomes super cute and gives off that whole special connection and fun vibe this style exudes.

Scarves come in a full array of colors which can be found in one color or in multiple patterns of different colors with enough variety to suit everyone. They come in many different materials and the ones you purchase and how you wear them will depend upon the season in which you are wearing them. A light material like a chiffon, silk, satin or cotton worn loosely will be perfect for warmer weather but can also be worn as an accessory in cooler times. A warmer wool variety may be better for staying warm in the winter but maybe perhaps a little too hot during the summer.



A Scarf Keeps A Baby Happy And Relaxed With Activities Or Can Match Each Other




As you may have already come to realize there are many different sets of clothing and accessories that have been styled and printed with all kind of couples in mind. If an item of clothing exists as a separate item it is most likely also available to be purchased as a set and these sets can be designed for husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, best friends, siblings and of course for parents and their child. We along with most people still believe that it is the mommy and me sets that look the cutest and have the most impact when seen by other people.

A scarf is another great addition to the range because they not only fit in with many styles and occasions but they also have a variety of uses and are actually produced with certain ideas in mind. Some example of what they are used for can be seen below.

Fashionable Accessory

Worn around the neck to compliment your ensemble or be a statement piece.


An extra layer and a great covering for the neck and lower face to keep you warm on cold days.

Holding Hair In Place

Keep your hair up in the scarf to allow it to stay in place and also protect it from the elements.

As A Belt

Wrap it around your waste and use it as a planned or impromptu colorful belt.

Decorate Another Accessory

You could tie one around the handle of a handbag to spruce the bag up a bit.

Add Color To Business Attire

Your attire needs to look smart and professional for the office or business meeting but you can add some color around the neck and still be appropriately dressed.

Sun Protection

They can be used to stay warm and alternatively to be used as some shade from the sun on a hot day.

Religious Reasons

Some religions require scarf covering.

Support For A Sport Team

These are usually sold by the team themselves and will have the team colors and motif.


The list above are just some examples of what use you can put a scarf to outside of the normal. They have a high degree of flexibility with the many different colors and materials and the fact they can fit in with any outfit from casual to business. However there is one more variation that has been designed with mommy and baby in mind and that is an activity scarf.


What Is An Activity Scarf?


It is a fairly straightforward answer which describes itself in the name and that is a scarf that has some activities for your baby attached to it. This scarf will hang around mommies neck much like any other and is also a light weight polyester. It’s uniqueness comes in the form of the attached entertainment for your baby to experiment with. They will usually contain a built in rattle, a squeaky toy and many other different textured objects and also an all important teething ring. These different objects will help keep a baby engaged and happy by providing different sensory experiences. The scarves themselves are also designed to please mom in terms of fashion and come in various designs, themes and colors.

You can wear the scarf while taking care of your baby, carrying them or perhaps to keep them entertained while out to an appointment where you may have to wait and keep your little one occupied. A further advantage is that they encourage bonding time and close interaction with your baby as they come close to play with the various objects.


Various Uses


The ways in which scarves can be used are certainly varied beyond what they may be used for in a traditional sense. They come in almost any color you may wish for and a wide range of different prints. There are different lengths, widths and materials which will be enough option to fulfill any potential buyers idea of how they may want to wear them. In addition you are able to get a matching set for you and your daughter which of course you will also be able to wear individually if required. Then there also the specialist activity scarves which are a fantastic invention to keep baby entertained while you go about your daily tasks. This certainly means that there is a fantastic amount of choice which can be great for finding the exact thing you want.



A Few Of Our Favorites



Here are a few of our favorite designs from the normal matching to activity designs in the hope to inspire you and provide some good ideas.


Mommy And Me / Mom And Daughter Matching Styles

  • Set of 2 in two different sizes, triangle towel design in artificial wool coming in a variety of plaid and tartan colors.
  • Soft cotton blend plaid in various colors, one size perfect for parent and child.


Activity Scarf

  • DEMDACO Activity style in jungle animal blue and jungle theme with pockets, sewn on digits, jungle animal characters and reflective surfaces.
  • DEMDACO Activity Black and white striped with animal themed digits, pockets, various textures and surfaces.
  • Baby Activity design in with rattle, squeaky toy, pocket and variety of textures for sensory training.
  • DEMDACO Farm animal activity theme in white with gold triangles with built in rattle, squeak toy and various textures



These Garments Help Bonding Between Mom And Child And Can Be Worn Anywhere



From the time your baby is born they grow up so fast and have gone from fully dependent on you to running around happily playing be themselves in no time at all. But even at this age mommy is their world although time never slows down and before long those moments spent with you begin to decline rapidly as you are replaced by phones, tablets, games and friends. Your baby growing is a period of time in which nothing should be missed as it will be a time where the most precious memories are created.

Unfortunately it is true of many parents that they are too busy with their work and social schedules to dedicate too much time to their baby but this is something that really needs changing. Those treasured moments can never be repeated and they do not last long and before you know it your child is grown up and you have missed countless hours of bonding time. Imagine a fresh start, wrapping a scarf around their neck that matches yours and spending the whole day giving them one hundred percent of your attention.

A talking age toddler may have asked or shown signs of wanting to dress up like you before the twinning idea has entered your head. This would make a nice surprise for your child and you could give them a scarf as a gift but have a whole day planned around you both wearing them. By choosing all of their favorite things to do you can be sure they will love the day spent with mommy and you have had some important bonding time.

These will be bought my a mom for themselves and their baby most of the time but they could make a great gift for any mother and child you may know, perhaps someone close like your wife or girlfriend. They will love the beautiful accessory and will be even more thrilled upon realizing it includes their baby and your have given them an opportunity to bond with them. With so many various celebrations during the year it can become difficult dreaming up new ideas for presents and these are quite a unique idea that would suit most occasions including Christmas, Birthday’s or Mother’s Day. They would also make a good gift for a baby shower or something to surprise them with at the beginning of a vacation.

We conclude by summarizing just how many choices you have when buying one of these within the mommy and me range. There is certainly enough options to suit any persons tastes and to fit into almost all occasions. Prices are fairly cheap and being able to buy a few different colors should fall with most peoples budgets. There also some fantastic ideas for younger children to enjoy them by way of either coordinating with mommy or having an activity version wrapped around moms neck to keep the occupied and content for some time.