Look Harmonious And Striking in Purple Dresses For Mommy And Me


Most dresses look amazing and they are probably the only piece of clothing we would say every woman should own at least one of. The primary option that changes our perception of a dress is its color. Purple says a lot about a person and is a symbol of harmony, independence, loyalty, trust and creativeness. Purple is a color with various hues and this allows it to fit in with each season. Very deep purples are perfect for fall and winter with the light and softer purples just right for spring and summer. It is a color that is striking and will help you to stand out, especially when the garment is a dress. A mother and daughter have an abundance of trust and loyalty between them which makes mommy and me purple dresses a really fantastic choice for any interested in this style of clothing.

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The mommy and me type of clothes have been popular for a long time but the growth rate has increased even more so in recent years. Obviously every year a new generation of children are born into the world which means more moms wanting to look cute with their babies. This matching type of clothing is available for all age groups and are still worn by adult children and their mothers. The growth has come from this constant influx of new moms and with cute photographs being shared on various social media the reach for this style has grown exponentially. This all results in a higher popularity and even more different pieces being designed and produced.

Dresses are certainly one of those rare few garments that should appear in all closets and in many different styles also. Take one dress and alter the accessories worn with it and you have completely different looks that can suit occasions from casual to formal. The versatility of dresses allow them to be accepted anywhere and it is for this reason we consider them to be so fantastic.

Purple dresses are just one example of the mommy and me range out of the thousands that exist. Fans of dresses will be happy to know they come in many other styles, examples being pink dresses, white, black, yellow, red, plaid and even tea party dresses. Not all moms want to be stuck in dresses but there are other garments, such as shirts, sweaters, leggings and rompers. Clothing is just one division of the mommy and me products with accessories and jewelry also available. These products include the likes of journals, yoga mats and necklaces.

It wouldn’t be fair if only moms and daughters had all the fun but that shouldn’t be a concern because there is just as vast a range for all other members of a family. Being popular with mom and her girl was recognized as being a good indicator that all other pairs of family members would also love to wear matching garments. Any two persons of a family will find a variety of garments made just for them to wear together. None could even be quite as cute as the mommy and me types but there are still adorable and fun to wear.


Purple Dresses That Match Will Make A Perfect Gift For Mother And Daughter



Purple, like many, is a broad color with many different shades that are perfect for dresses or any other form of clothing. These hues can make a purple dress appear better or worse in a variety of situations. Some ideas include lavender, grape, plum, orchid, violet, indigo, eggplant, deep royal, magenta, lilac and amethyst. Purple is basically a mixture of red and blue and works well with colors like navy, black, white, red or yellow. Darker purples make a solid alternative to black which makes this color a greatly versatile tone.

A mom and daughter wearing any of the shades purple has to offer will look absolutely gorgeous. Buying a matching purple dress set for them will be a unique and wonderful surprise and also a gift that can be shared together. With purple being worn throughout the year, giving them as a gift can also be for an celebration that occurs in a year. This opens them to being gifts for the likes of Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Easter plus any others that may occur. It is not often we get the chance to give a gift that will be a real surprise and one that she will feel very sentimental about.

That is not to say it is going to be easy to pick out a dress these two people. Women are not easy to buy for and those that try have often found their clothing being returned. To pick something at random is not a good idea but if you are struggling there should be some assistance. Dresses, being popular as they are most likely to have found there way into the persons you are wishing to buy for’s closet. With a few observations it should be easy to conclude whether they prefer maxi, midi or mini length dresses, long or short sleeves and the preference for neck type, round, V, halter etc. Taking care of those options should leave you with a much clearer picture of the styles they prefer which then only need finding in a purple set of two.


Some Of Our Favorite Designs



These are some of our favorite designs with which we have added a small description. They all can be found as a set of two and in a sizes ranging from small to plus.

  • Half purple, half purple floral print in a boho maxi style
  • 1920’s inspired lace beaded purple prom dress set
  • 3/4 sleeve full length maxi chiffon strapless dress
  • Off shoulder backless design with ruffles


Choosing To Wear Matching Clothes Is Great When Bonding



Purple can be worn at day and night with the different shades allowing you to pull of different images. They can be bold and striking and allow you to stand out at any party. Darker purples are a good alternative to black as they can hide potential problem areas of your body and help you appear slimmer and taller. The times out together as mom and child offer a way to bond without any distractions of home life.

Purple dresses are good for all ages of children although it will usually be older children that will use them for evening parties or mother daughter date nights. Obviously younger kids do attend evening functions but are more likely to be wearing such a dress during a day out with mom. Both will get a similar enjoyment out of them and the matching element will help them to feel closer to each other and create an even stronger bond.

Another time they may come in useful is if you have a little girl who begins to go through a phase of wanting to dress like mommy. This is a game that mommy can also join in with to help it be even more fun. However she may try your little girl is not going to get your clothes to fit properly. A better alternative is to purchase a number of mommy and me garments in a few styles, for example casual and sophisticated. A mommy and me purple dress is the perfect choice for either pretend or real functions that require more dressy attire. Obviously, this time, they are going to fit but not only that, now they can be worn together at the same time and everyone knows how cute the twinning look is.