Feel Beautiful And Special In Your Princess Dresses For Mommy And Me


We can define dressing like a princess in a couple of ways. One would be to observe and read about what real life princesses are currently wearing. Keeping up with their styles and copying the look they create. Alternatively and what we believe most people will be dreaming of when thinking about a princess look is the typical Disney cartoon princess. Many of these princesses tend to wear dresses that are colorful and often quite in tune with nature. Colors are prominent but there are many different shades that can be styled in many ways. Slight changes like this allow a dress to be worn in either day or night and the same can be said for seasons. This flexibility makes mommy and me princess dresses fun choices when spending some time together.

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The mommy and me style is always, to differing degrees, fun to wear whether it appears more serious on the outside or not. It is one of those genres of fashion that has seen a big surge in popularity since the advent of social media formats and the ease with which photos can be shared. The reach of one moms cute photo can soon run into thousands and this in turn sees more wishing to adopt the look. There are mommy and me garments for all age groups, starting with newborn babies and covering them throughout their lives until they themselves are adults.

Dresses have been a popular piece of clothing for centuries and need no introduction. They must stand as one of the must have items in any closet and have done so for many years. Being one of the most versatile garments sees them being worn at home, at the beach as well as to many different formal events such as weddings. One dress also serves a number of purposes with only a change in accessories changing the look between one that is suitable for work to the one ready for a night out.

Any converts of the mommy and me style will soon tell you how many different types of clothes can be found in this genre. It is not only clothes but accessories, jewelry and items for the home as well. Dresses are popular like they are normally with some example being vintage dresses, fall or winter. Apart from the incredible dress there is a vast inventory from which to pick out some personal favorites. To give some idea, this range includes plaid shirts, winter outfits, Valentine outfits and tops. There are also items like books, fur slides and Christmas ornaments.

The growth of this style of product has been increasing year after year and it is not only moms and their daughters that can enjoy this look. All of the options produced in the mommy and me style can also be found for all other family members. There will be quite a few combinations of two in a family and each of these can enjoy wearing matching garments together.


A Glamorous Matching Princess Dress Set Will Be An Amazing Gift For Moms And Daughters


Buying gifts for loved can be difficult at times with many of us having exhausted so many avenues that nothing surprising and unique can be found. Obviously one of a woman’s most favorite thing is clothes and although they are quite a personal choice something like a matching princess style dress set for both mom and daughter could be an amazing gift. Anything a mom can share with her daughter will be appreciated as it gives them another opportunity to spend some time together.

The right time to wear a princess dress will depend on your definition of one. As we have previously mentioned, are we talking about a true to life princess and looking special or the make believe princesses. An elegant dress which you might consider an equal to a princess version can be worn at anytime although they will be more suited to dressing up for an evening event. A Disney style princess are for fun, perhaps to birthdays or some kind of themed cosplay or fancy dress party.

Buying the latter will most likely be much easier because they are not the kind of garment that is to be used that often and are more of a novelty item of clothing. There will be very low risk is getting the wrong style as it has a style all of its own. There are still some options like dress length which equates to maxi, midi or mini, colors, sleeve length and neckline. You might even have a mom and daughter who have a more favored princess character but this will most likely be common knowledge in the family home.


A Few Of Our Favorite Designs


Because these styles of dress can be interpreted in a number of ways, we have compiled a small list of our favorites. Many of the more make believe styles are stand alone items rather than matching sets.

  • Red lace knee length dress with half sleeves
  • Light blue velvet midi gown with long sleeves
  • Polka dot retro swing style dress
  • Flower decorated blue lace
  • Rainbow lace dress with 3D embroidery and beading
  • Pink floor length maxi gown, sleeveless with straps
  • Tutu style swan princess with feather fringes in light blue


Dressing Up In Fancy Clothes Is A Fun Way To Spend Time Together


Spending some quality time together on a daily basis is something every mom should strive to achieve with their daughters. The every day pressures of life don’t always let that happen and this is understandable. However, these should only be a small percentage if you want to maintain a close and healthy relationship. There are an almost countless number of possible activities to take part in together and these include those at home or going out to parties. Making your time together even more fun by wearing a mommy and me princess dress set together.

The type of night out or party you are attending in these matching dresses will be determined by the way you interpret princes dresses. Looking elegant, sophisticated, almost regal and going to a dinner party is one way of enjoying this style of dress together. This kind of time together will be more suited to older children and their moms.

Younger children will be looking at a princess dress from a different perspective and that would be the Disney kind of princess look. These will be the vibrant and colorful pieces, perhaps with some sparkles and lace. Colors should be a lighter shade with pastel colors being a good choice, examples being pink, sky blue, a light green or lavender. Darker shades should definitely be avoided because they are pretty well always associated with a bad character in a Disney cartoon.