Enjoy A Fun Day Together In Plaid Shirts For Mommy And Me


When a baby is born many moms natural instinct to protect their child kicks in, most will instantly fall in love and promise them a lifetime of happiness and wanting nothing but the best for them. The birth of a newborn can often see a change in behaviors in a mothers which could see them go from frequent late nights out to someone who is in bed early every night. The promise to give them the best will also include clothes and when they reach the right age they will be able to wear mommy and me plaid shirts.

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Plaid has been around for many centuries where its origins lie in the Scottish and Celtic people of the 16th century. It was in the 19th century that the material crossed over to the U.S. This was also the period when Woolrich Woolen Mill introduced Buffalo plaid with its well known red and black check pattern. This became popular among many outdoor works such as lumberjacks. The plaid design has found its way into many sub genres of fashion as well as high end designers. The pattern has maintained its popularity through the decades and will continue to be worn and enjoyed for many more with very little chance of ever going completely out of fashion.

Shirts themselves are a must have and versatile piece of clothing in which at least one will be found in just about everyone's wardrobe. They can fit in with most other garments which means they can be worn to almost any type of function, event or activity. Plaid shirts have their own special place and the ones that match for a mother and daughter are just another awesome way this material is worn.

Plaid shirts are not the only piece of clothing that is produced in the mommy and me style where there is a vast range at your disposal. Clothing is also not the only product with a variety of accessories, jewelry and things for the home available. Some clothing are for special occasions such as thanksgiving shirts and Christmas outfits and not forgetting Halloween shirts. For moms and daughters who like to wear this style at different times of the year there are also every day outfits with shirts and leggings being popular. Any who wish to accessorize their clothes can do with hats and headbands. An addition of a bracelet also works well and there are scrapbooks and journals for any who like to keep a record of their memories.

As you can see there are a wide range of mommy and me products to choose from and this is just a small sample of the thousands that are manufactured. Their popularity is not only prevalent in moms and daughters but also families. Among the various members of a family you will find a similar range for all of the various pairs that can be put together. Obviously not all things will suit every permutation and each will have their own unique items but there still maintains a huge amount of choice. Although for these groups of people the feedback will more often than not be positive and appreciative, there are other pairs such as romantically involved couples who display their affection through their clothes, that will receive more of a mix of positive and negative comments.

A mom and daughter in matching plaid shirts will receive nice comments almost every time. It is this attention with references of how cute they look that will attract a mom to wearing this style in the first place. Some might think it superficial but looking good and acceptance plays a major role in many peoples lives and helps them to remain positive. Apart from the looks there is actually a more important role for these shirts or indeed any matching garment and that is the feeling of being close to the person wearing the other half of the matching set. Obviously a mom and daughter have a close relationship but this type of thing enhances it with what can be described as an invisible link bonding the two together even more so. This can often be seen by the people around them who will see a mother and daughter who have a loving relationship with a strong connection.


Always On Trend Matching Plaid Shirts Will Make An Awesome Mom And Daughter Gift



We know shirts come in a variety of guises that allows them to fit in with many different styles but the plaid variety will have a few more limitations. They are perfect for any kind of casual appearance, lunches, the office and even nights out. This still covers what most people do in their every day lives which makes matching plaid shirts for a mom and daughter an awesome gift.

There is bound to be some apprehension among some people when it comes to buying clothes for a woman. It will most likely come from the ones who have tried and failed multiple times and while the stories of most women returning clothes bought for them as a gift are true, it should not deter you from buying this set as a present.

There are often silver linings to every cloud and in this case it is the positives that out way the negatives. Although 75% of clothes are returned they cover a wide selection and in our case we are focused on plaid shirts which very much narrows the search. The buyer also has on their side the various reasons a mom will want to wear a mommy and me set with her daughter which revolve around how cute the look and the close feeling they create.

This is not to say there will be no choices because, as with any clothing, there will be. Because shirts are similar in design,the most important option is color. Obviously with two different people involved there will be two tastes and this means ensuring you are picking a color both like to wear. The most common plaid colors include:

  • Black Watch - dark green, light green and navy
  • Royal Stewart - red, yellow, blue, green and white
  • Glen Plaid - black/grey and white
  • Windowpane - Thin stripes which cross over to form large checks in various colors
  • Tattersall - Thin bands of material crossing over to from small squares
  • Madras - Bright and vibrant colors
  • Buffalo - Black and red

The above are among the most popular but there are a other variations from which to choose and this means you can be very specific with your gift. Some colors suit certain seasons while others work all year around. Buffalo plaid is incredibly popular in the U.S and although perhaps synonymous with winter they can of course be worn at any time. This flexibility means that a mommy and me plaid shirt will make a great choice of gift for many different celebrations including, Christmas, Mother's Day, Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Easter and any others.


Get Some Ideas From Our Favorite Sets



We have listed some of our favorite plaid shirts with a brief description.


  • Red and blue check long sleeve long length shirt
  • Plain shirt with red and black, green and black, white and black plaid Christmas trees



  • Long sleeve button down in buffalo plaid
  • Rolled up sleeves with collar down, buttoned red and black checkered


Toddler/ Infant

  • Buffalo plaid with text - I Think I'm Gonna Kick It With My Mom Today



Checkered Tops Can Be Worn Anywhere Which Makes Them Great To Wear When Bonding



Some of the most enjoyable moments in watching your child grow are the milestones they hit and the many various amazing achievements they manage to accomplish. Being able to witness most of these is a precious gift that will stay in the memories of any mothers for the rest of their lives. It is only be actually spending quality time with their child that moms are able to see these things. Each and every day their should be some time set aside to dedicate to a child as playing an active role in their life is not only beneficial for a mom. as we have seen above, but also to the child's progress and growth.

There are countless fun ways for a mom and her daughter to spend quality time together with one of these being if her girl has reached a phase of wanting to dress like mommy. This is a double edged sword as on one side there is the fun to be had with her dressing up in mommy's clothes and generally having a good laugh. However it can also become slightly annoying at times, especially after many times of just tidying everything away, only for them to be pulled out again in a matter of minutes.

One way to enjoy the fun of a daughter dressing like her mom but keeping the mothers wardrobe together is to wear something from the mommy and me range. She just wants to be a mini version of mommy and by wearing this twinning style she will be ecstatic. What you choose to wear will be relevant to your own style, the time of year and whether you want something that stands out or is more discreet. Mommy and me plaid shirts are a good choice for an fans of plaid and something that can be worn to do many different things in.

We know there are many girls who wish to dress identical to their mothers and this is also true the other way around. There are probably even more moms who want their son or daughter to look exactly coordinated with her. It can be fun to wear your plaid shirts while chilling out and bonding at home but most moms will want maximum exposure for this look. A trip out somewhere, meeting friends or family will mean they can enjoy plenty of comments describing how cute and adorable they look. It's nice to get some positive attention and it is clothing like this that allows a mom to share the glory with her child while also having a pleasurable time bonding with together.