Plaid Dresses Are Perfect For A Mommy And Me Day Out


The day which any mom gives birth to their baby will be one of the most special of their life. It is a day that often leads to changes in lifestyles and it is when a moms natural want to see their newborn have the best of everything begins. Most mothers will look forward to dressing their little one in some cute clothing although a newborn may be a little young for many garments. But it will not be long before they are old enough to be dressed in mommy and me plaid dresses.

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Plaid has been popular for a very long time, having been worn in some form or another since it began many hundreds of years ago with its origins in the Scottish and Celtic people. During the 19th century plaid made its journey to the U.S and it was also around this time that the famous Buffalo plaid with its red and black check was founded by Woolrich Woolen Mill. At first it was popular among people working outdoors, like lumberjacks but eventually it spread around the various genres of fashion and even was included in the works of high end designers. Plaid has been in fashion for a number of decades and continues to be now with it looking likely to last a very long time.

The design was initially seen in shirts and jackets but once various designers took a hold it started to be used in other items of clothing like dresses and skirts. Plaid dresses can be found in many women's wardrobe as it is a look that works well for casual, dinners, the office or even just relaxing at home. Even better they can be found as matching sets for a mother and daughter.

Matching plaid dresses are a fantastic piece of clothing produced for the mommy and me range but they are just one of the many hundreds that a mom gets to choose from. There are other plaid garments like plaid shirts but also one themed around various holiday periods such as Christmas pajamas and Halloween shirts and also seasonal wear like fall outfits. Not all will want to be restricted to just certain times of the year, in which case there can be found garments like jumpsuits and outfits or swimsuits for the beach. Aside from clothes there are also many accessories and pieces of jewelry, for example, robes and kimonos as well as a beautiful selection of rings.

These a just a few examples taken from the wide selection of clothing, accessories, jewelry and trinkets for the home that can be purchased as a matching set for mom and daughter. The range does not end there and is in fact even more vast when you include all of the members of a family and the different permutations that can be put together. All of these different pairs and groups of people have the same items produced for them. There will be some designs that do not fit in with every combination but with thousands of things from which to choose, this is not a problem.

The majority of families and parents with children will receive positive comments when they wear their matching items because they do look amazing. It is how good they look and the nice comments and attention they receive that will first attract many moms into wearing a mommy and me garment. When wearing a matching plaid dress with her daughter, both together will look incredible and it is an adorable look to see. Although looking cute might be the first thought on a moms mind, it will be when she wears her dresses at the same time as her daughter that both will experience the additional connection between them. It can only be described as an invisible bond that seems to make you feel that much closer to the other. In some way an observers will a similar thing in that they will see two people who enjoy the time they have together and have warm and loving relationship.


A Fantastic Matching Mother And Daughter Gift As Plaid Dresses And Skirts Are Always In Fashion



The average American woman has around 160 items in her closet and among them will be many dresses and skirts. Any fans of plaid are bound to own quite a number of items of various colors and types. Plaid fits in everywhere and dresses can be smart or casual which makes them perfect for going out, staying in or for the office. This means a set of matching plaid dresses for a mother and daughter will be a great gift.

Some people may feel a little apprehensive about buying a piece of clothing for a woman and this is understandable considering the amount of clothes that remain in their closets unworn or even more so, the amount returned. Anyone that may have been caught out this way in the past could easily be put off attempting to buy a plaid dress as a gift.

Although the fact that 75% of all clothes a woman has purchased for them are returned is definitely off putting there are stronger positives that make it worthwhile. Obviously there are only so many plaid dresses that come as a matching set and this means a smaller and therefore easier choice. There is also the reasons a mom may wish to wear such as style that we discussed earlier whereby they look adorable and create a wonderful bond.

Obviously all clothing has some choices and dresses or skirts are no exception. Probably the most import factors are going to be ensuring the sizes are correct and the length, whether it be mini, midi or maxi. The last and quite possibly the
most vital choice is the color. A matching set will mean buying two and therefore needed to cater for two tastes if the child is old enough to know what they like.

Some of the more popular plaid designs include:

  • Buffalo - The famous black and red
  • Madras - Bright and vibrant colors which are perfect for summer
  • Black Watch - dark green, light green and navy colors
  • Tattersall - Thin bands of material crossing over to form many small squares
  • Royal Stewart - Dominantly red with yellow, blue, green and white
  • Glen Plaid - Black or grey with white
  • Windowpane - Thin stripes which cross over each other to form large checks in various colors

This is just an example of the many variations, of which there are thousands with new ones being added every year. Many will be harder to track down especially as a matching set unless you create your own set of two by purchasing two individual garments in the different sizes that are needed. One of the most popular, certainly in the U.S is buffalo plaid which traditionally is a winter plaid but in reality is popular all the year around. Because of this a mommy and me plaid dress will be a choice of present for any one of the celebrations that include Christmas, Mother's Day, Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Easter plus any other times a gift might be given.


Read About Some Of Personal Favorite Styles



We have added a list of some of our personal favorite plaid styles with a brief description.

  • Red, white and blue plaid long sleeve plus tutu for daughter, perfect for Christmas
  • Grey and red plaid with black upper long sleeve
  • Black, white and grey full color long sleeve
  • Full buffalo plaid red and black check with long sleeve
  • Green, gold and red, long sleeve with collar
  • Red, grey and blue knee length midi with buttons and waist tie
  • Red, green and black knee length, half sleeve party dresses
  • Green and black check midi length with 3/4 sleeve



Wearing Checkered Clothes For A Day Bonding Is A Great Idea Because They Are Versatile



From the first day of their birth the joy in watching their baby grow will be the most enjoyable time of a new mothers life. From newborn through infant hood and to the age of being a toddler there will be many first time milestones and incredible achievements. It will only be by spending quality time with their little one that a mom will get to witness many of the precious moments. This time dedicated to participating in their daughters lives is vital for a child to feel listened to and loved so that they will flourish and for a mother to be able to create some amazing memories to be looked back on for years to come.

There are many ways in which to play an active role in a child's life and what they are matters not, only that it is time focused on them. One of the fun ways that involves clothes is when or if a little girl reaches the age of wanting to dress like mommy. This can be a lot of fun for both mom and daughter with trying on mommy's clothes and having fashion parades. It might be quite a novelty for a while, but after countless times putting all of your clothes back into the closet only for them all to be pulled out once again minutes later, it can soon get tedious.

To have the same fun without the hassle of constantly having to tidy away a mom should purchase anything from the mommy and me designs. A girl running around like a little mini me of her mom will ensure he is very happy in the twinning style. Mommy's are going to be equally as happy to join in the fun without worrying about their wardrobe. What you choose for yourself and her will come from, as we mentioned, a wide range of clothing with a mommy and me plaid dress set being one excellent choice for fans of plaid.

We have spoken of the fun a girl will have from getting to dress like mommy and their phase of trying on moms clothes but more often not it will be the other way around. In other words it will be the mom who wants to dress her daughter to look like her. She will already know how incredibly cute the look is from where she first got the idea, perhaps through friends or family. A trip out to somewhere populated in matching plaid dresses is going to draw a lot of attention and will probably get a quite a number of nice comments, even from perfect strangers. This will be mission accomplished, after all there is nothing wrong with showing off sometimes. We also know of the invisible impact they have with that special connection they form which makes also makes the day a good one for bonding together.