You Will Look Amazing For Your Photoshoot With Outfits For Mommy And Me


Fashion and what you wear is one of those personal things that only you really know what it is you love. Everyone's tastes different from being a total opposites to similar but minor differences. There are so many genres and genres within genres along with mixing those up that it would be nigh on impossible for two people to be the same. However one range where two people do dress the identical is the mommy and me style. This will usually be for children and they are available for all ages. Having said that, newborn babies will usually be in bodysuits which does limited their choices. Once they reach their first birthday there will be much more variety and then this matching style can be worn by moms and daughters of any age.

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first or any birthday is an awesome opportunity for moms who have never tried this range to start or for moms who already have a collection to buy something new. Your daughters birthday is a perfect time for a photo session and you can dress for it in special mommy and me photoshoot outfits. The word outfits covers a wide range of clothing and can include just about anything but for a photo shoot you will want to follow some guidelines in order to look your best.


Before even planning your outfits you should be considering where in the home you want your photographs to be displayed. Taking into account where they will be put up means looking at the color scheme in the room and deciding what color clothes will fit in with this decor.


What time of year it is will be especially important for outdoor shoots. Each season brings with it a variety of natures colors which is why certain colors of clothing work well in certain seasons.

Lighter Or Darker Colors

If you wish to draw most of the attention to your face then avoid wearing bright colors and stick with darker varieties. These will mean the body blends in with the background and the faces are one stand out.

Long Sleeves And Pants

Another thing that can distract from the face is bare arms and legs. Once again if it is your face that you wish to be the most prominent then wear long sleeves and long pants.

Don't Wear Accessories

Accessories are another distraction that will draw the focus of anyone looking at the photograph.

Hair Styles

You will want to show off your face and this requires a simple remedy that will keep it away from blocking your facial features


Open neck clothing do not flatter necks in photos and will often give the impression that a neck is a lot thicker. To counter this aim to be wearing V necks or round necks.

This is just a rough guide to keeping most of the attention on your face but obviously the end result you are looking for will be a personal thing. The most important aspect of this style of photoshoot is that the mommy and me look and the bond between you is what stands out.

As we touched on earlier, the mommy and me style covers a lot of clothing and not just for having photos taken like photoshoot dresses. There are outfits for a variety of occasions and times of the year, some examples being Christmas, Easter, Birthday and Thanksgiving. There are also some every day garments like leggings, jumpsuits and t shirts. The range does not stop at clothing but also can be found in accessories and jewelry such as headbands, hats and necklaces.

While we can see just how large the range is for a mom and her sons and daughters, they are also produced for a number of other people with one of the most popular being all of the various family members. Every pairing in a family is catered for with most designs that will fit everyone and some that are specialist styles limited to certain sexes.

There are so many products available due to their popularity and the fact that so many people have enjoyed the look over the years. Family members in matching sets of clothing always look so cute and it is the moms with her babies that will always be the most adorable. It is usually for this reason that most moms end up purchasing this style for herself and her child. They are great for photo shoots and for daily wear which will always result in some positive comments from family, friends and even strangers.

Looking cute is one of the benefits but there is another heartwarming one that will only be realized upon wearing them. Being a matching set, these garments are a pair which belong together and are often only complete when brought together. This same feeling is often transferred to the persons wearing them who too feel like they are only complete when together. It creates a strong connection between mom and child that although is really just psychological, is still there and still feels special.


A Fantastic Gift For A Mother And Daughter Will Be A Photo Shoot Session Plus A Matching Outfit



An outfit covers a wide amount of clothing, in fact anything you put on can be a part of your outfit. They are also quite unique to your style in terms of what items and colors plus accessories you think go to together. Any outfit can be put together instantly by putting some things together but there are times when your brain just does not engage and this is when it is useful to have some favorite outfits already put together.

You can grab your audience and portray many different looks in a photo shoot through how you dress. The location, your pose, what you are wearing and your facial expression will all come together to create the look you are wanting people to see. This is always something to consider when planning to take some photos either professional or amateur.

There are numerous celebrations that occur throughout the year with many requiring at least one gift and often more. When you have been buying gifts for the same person for some time it can soon begin to get more difficult thinking of different things to buy. It often ends up with buying variations of the same things but there is something different and exciting you could try. Giving a mom and daughter a photo shoot session with a professional photographer will be a fantastic gift and a wonderful surprise. To make it even better they could also be given matching photoshoot outfits to wear, all packaged together in one amazing gift.

It is a gift that will take some thought and planning because there are many personal aspects involved. Finding a good local photographer should not pose too much of a problem and we have some tips regarding the actual session above. The actual look a mom and daughter may wish to achieve could be something only they would know. Buying clothing for women at the best of times is hard with the majority being returned and although buying a matching set is probably easier to choose because they come in more limited numbers, there will still be options that can easily be badly chosen.

There are things the lie in your favor here, one being what we just mentioned that there are less actual sets of outfits that match that would be suitable for a photo shoot. The other we have previously mentioned and that being the connection that is felt when worn mommy and me sets are worn by mother and daughter. The fact they are sharing something together and will bring them closer could be enough for them to love what you choose regardless. Another idea is to buy them their photo session and combine it with some shopping vouchers for their favorite clothes store so that they can make their own decisions about what to wear.


We Have Listed Our Favorite Sets For Some Ideas



These are a few of our personal favorite designs we have picked out. All of them come in sets of two for mom, daughter or son and in various sizes. Some come in only one color but most have many color options available.

  • Light pink with black hemlines decorated with bowknot elegant midi style
  • Sleeveless lace with subtle floral pattern in pink
  • Floral printed midi length in a light blue sleeveless chiffon
  • Sleeveless white floral pattern in a casual style
  • Vintage type Gatsby Roaring twenties theme with additional beads
  • Cute t shirt top with pink tutu skirt set
  • Spaghetti strap sleeveless casual look with headbands
  • 3/4 sleeve, round neck midi length dress in red
  • Cold shoulder floral print ruffle midi style and backless
  • Blue dress with round neck and 3/4 sleeve length with fitted waist belt and bow
  • Cotton and polyester lightweight off shoulder, backless maxi with ruffles
  • Midi length plaid dress with long sleeves
  • Mama - Mini white or black shirts, great for casual candid shoots



A Professional Photo Will Be A Wonderful Thing To Display The Love And Bond A Parent And Child Have



Our memories of past events and people are one of the most precious things we have and sometimes they need to jogged in order to bring to life certain days or events. This is why photographs are so amazing and why taking them is such an important part of our lives. They not only jog our own memories but allow families and friends to live the moment and to look back to see how we once looked many years previously. They are a vital keepsake of children growing up with professional ones from a photoshoot being clear enough to enlarge and put into a picture frame.

Your collection of photos is most probably one of your most treasured possessions and while professional ones are of a high quality, those taken by current phones also look incredible and can be used to journal lives like never before. Taking photos of your children is all about capturing moments many candid and other posed for but to do this a parent must spend a lot of quality time with their kids.

Taking photographs is great but the act of dedicating some quality hours each day with little ones is even more imperative. Both parents and children benefit from this interaction with the child knowing they are valued, listened to, cared for and loved enough that they feel they can share anything. This will all have a positive impact on how they grow, their behaviors, grades and how they treat people later in life. Parents benefit from being able to see some of their children's incredible accomplishments and to see them pass some major milestones.

There are thousands of different things you can do with your little one and for a mom and daughter who love clothes and fashion, there is something both will enjoy. This is if a little girl goes through a phase of wanting to dress like her mommy. This might start with wearing one piece of clothing from mommy's closet and progress to trying everything including shoes and make up. This can be a good laugh and a great way for mother and daughter to bond but there are better options to achieve the same goal.

The major downside to a daughter wearing her moms clothes is that they will not fit. To combat this and continue to allow her to look like mommy, something can be purchased for the mommy and me range. If she loves trying things on for pretend fashion shows then it might be fun to purchase some mommy and me photoshoot outfits which will be much better. Not only will they fit, allowing her to be a mini me twinning version of her mom but they can now be worn outside, to different functions and events and to take some amazing photos for your family album.