Look Amazing For Your Photoshoot In Dresses For Mommy And Me


There are millions of different pieces of clothing in the world and one that has carved its own name and popularity among moms are those produced in the mommy and me style. From what was initially just a couple of garments now extends to just about everything. There is something available for every age, although obviously not all are suitable. Newborn babies for instance will spend most of their time in bodysuits which limits what can be purchased for them. Their first year always seem to fly by though and it won't be long before their first birthday. Their birthdays are a great opportunity for a professional photoshoot and perhaps something new to wear. A special mommy and me photoshoot dress would be a fantastic choice for a girl who is old enough to wear a dress.

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are an item of clothing that will fit in with any situation from casual or beach to a sophisticated event that needs a formal dress. You can work in them and get married in one and this makes them one versatile item of clothing. They come in many shapes, lengths, colors, sleeve types and necklines and as the look of your photoshoot is personal to you, it will be your choice on how you wish to theme it.

As we just said as it is your photoshoot, how you want to be represented in your clothing will be a totally personal choice but there are some tips to picking out clothes for you to look your best.

Don't Wear Colors That Are Too Bright

Bright colors are going to catch peoples eyes and unless you want the attention taken away from your face it is best to avoid wearing them. Colors like reds, bright greens, oranges and yellows are bad and can be highly reflective.

Darker Clothes For Face

Wearing darker clothes to your photoshoot will mean the body can blend in with the background which in turn will make the faces the most prominent part.

Avoid Patterns And Logos

Patterns and logos can be a distraction to the overall look of the photograph but they can also cause distortions.

Wear Long Sleeves And Long Pants

Any exposed skin will cause a distraction from the face and it is the face we want to draw people to.


It is best to avoid too many accessories because they too can end distracting the viewer.

Hair Style

Try to keep your hair in a simple style but most important of all is to keep it off the face.


An open neckline will sometimes give the impression of having a thick neck when photographed. To help keep that neck looking slim it is best to wear round necks or V necks.

These are just a few tips, most of which are there to keep the focus on the face. Again this is your personal preference and it may be that you want to show off your clothing more, in which case the opposite of most of the above cases is true. You will certainly want to ensure your mommy and me look stands out during your photoshoot to show off how cute you both look.

You are both going to look incredible in your mommy and me style but dresses for a photo shoot are not the only type in this range. There are many different dresses that suit a variety of occasions, celebrations and seasons, examples of which are Christmas, Easter, Fall, Winter, Spring, Thanksgiving and Tropical to name but a few. Of course the range is not limited to dresses or even just clothes with also many accessories and piece of jewelry being produced. Included in these are outfits, shirts and pajamas with aprons to wear at home and some beautiful bracelets.

We mentioned at the beginning just how vast the range is and it becomes even bigger when you include family members beyond just moms and daughters. Almost all of the thousands of items made for one pair of people will be made for several others. In fact every permutation of family member will be able to buy a matching set of everything that fits for them. The demand for these designs has certainly grown rapidly and much of this is to do with how adorable they always look and the positive reaction that will usually be received.

The cute appearance they create is what initially prompts moms to buy mommy and me garments. Most of the time they would have seen them worn by relatives or friends and heard good feedback about them and decided it was time her and her daughter enjoyed some of the nice comments. It will only be when wearing their own matching garments that the true nature and almost hidden meaning of them comes to light. These set of two come as a pair and they tend to belong together and are only fully complete when together. This feeling gets mirrored to the mom and daughter wearing them who also feel like they belong together and are only fully complete when spending time together. It means they both will feel closer to one another and have a stronger connection and bond than ever before.


A Photo Session And Matching Dress Package Could Be A Great Gift For A Mom And Daughter



Every woman should have a number of dresses in their closet because, like we mentioned above, they are a very versatile piece of clothing. A photo session can tell many different stories and how you wish to be portrayed will determine what you wear. Would you prefer a candid approach with a quite casual look or one that is grand and elegant? Of course there are many more ways to approach your photo shoot and this will need to be decided upon beforehand.

Most of us at some time will come up short when thinking about what gift to buy for a loved one or friend and this means we can all fall into the same trap of buying the same kind of thing each time. With the many different occasions, Christmas, Birthdays, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day etc that need gifts it can get really hard to come up with new ideas. Presenting a mom and daughter with a book photo session would be quite a unique surprise and to make it even better they could be a give a matching dress set for the photo shoot. Packaged together will make a wonderful gift.

This probably won't be an easy gift to sort out and there are going to be a few hurdles to overcome. The photo session itself will not be a problem but picking the right clothing might be. Like we did mention the look a person wants to achieve is quite a personal thing but if you know that person well you will probably have some kind of inkling as to their tastes. We know that buying any type of clothing for a woman is difficult regardless with a high percentage of them being returned.

In our favor are the fact that there are a more limited number of dresses that come as a matching set and this can be narrowed down further by following our above guide and choosing suitable colors. As for the style, whether it is a maxi, midi or mini dress can be determined by looking at what dresses are in their closet and ones they currently wear and choosing something based around this.

You may not get it perfect but they are sure to love the surprise. When you combine the surprise with the fact that the photoshoot dresses are a matching set for a mom and daughter you will almost certainly see two happy recipients. A younger girl may not understand but a mother will know just how cute they are going to look together and anything she can share with her daughter and eve better have preserved in some photos, she will love. She will also be happy with the connection they create, as we have described previously.


Some Of Our Favorite Designs



We have listed some of our favorite designs with a brief description. All come in a variety of size with many in various colors also. We like to search out ready made matching sets but we know sometimes the design does not fit your tastes or what you want to use them for. If you are struggling to find the right design a better idea will be to find an individual dress you do like the look of and simply buy two of the same. This will only work if they have a range of sizes that will fit both of you but it is a work around the problem of not always finding the exact thing you want.

  • Light pink with black hemlines decorated with bowknot, elegant midi dress
  • Sleeveless lace with subtle floral pattern in pink
  • Sleeveless white floral pattern in a casual style
  • Vintage style Gatsby Roaring twenties theme with additional beads
  • Spaghetti strap sleeveless casual look with headbands
  • 3/4 sleeve, round neck midi length dress in red
  • Cold shoulder floral print ruffle midi style and backless
  • Blue dress with round neck and 3/4 sleeve length with fitted waist belt and bow
  • Cotton and polyester lightweight off shoulder, backless maxi with ruffles
  • Midi length plaid dress with long sleeves



A Photograph Will Show How Connected You Are And How Strong Your Bond Is



Photographs store memories and times together and are a very important aspect of our lives which helps us to preserve different times together. Some of a parents most precious possessions are the pictures of them and their children growing up which can be used to bring back memories of a special day or to look back on how they and their kids used to look. A photo shoot will provide a high quality version that can be enlarged and framed to be enjoyed daily.

Having these treasured photos for memories are unmissable and they do not have to all be captured by a professional photographer. In our era people are taking photos all of the time with their phones and to capture some real memories of your children you must spend some quality time with them. This is as important to them as it is to any mom. They will always want and love attention from their mother which will help them to feel listened to, valued and loved. Parents that participate in their child's lives will usually have ones that are better behaved and have better grades at school. The obvious benefits for a mom is that she will get to see some amazing milestones and be able to photograph and video some her little ones fun times and accomplishments.

Focusing on fashion and clothing, we know of a great way to spend some quality hours with a child and this will be if your daughter decides to want to dress like mommy. She will start taking an interest in her moms clothes, trying things on until progressing to the whole closet, shoes and makeup. A mom seeing her daughter in her clothes can be a good laugh and a lot of fun as well as being another photo opportunity. Bonding together is all about doing it over fun moments and this phase is certainly one of those although it does have some limitations.

One of these is that the clothes will obviously be miles too big which means they could only ever be worn indoors. Your mommy and me photoshoot dresses provide a better solution and gives them more use. She will have a dress that fits and you will be able to match with her at the same time. This will keep her happy being the twinning or exact mini version of you but this time together. It will still be a good idea to maintain these dresses in a good condition so that they can be used for other bonding days together.