You Deserve To Look Beautiful With Party Dresses For Mommy And Me


A party dress is quite self explanatory but parties can mean many different events and celebrations. A few of these include balls, birthday parties, dinner, surprise, cocktail, beach, garden, pool, graduation, fundraising, housewarming, banquet, Christmas, Halloween and many more. What this means is that one person may interpret what they consider to be a party as different to another. With that in mind there are many different types of clothing, including dresses that will suit each type of party. A beach party and a cocktail party are going to want to different styles of dress. For the sake of argument we will consider a party to be a slightly more formal and sophisticated which needs a touch of glam. Moms and daughters will enjoy either together and you will be able to choose your own mommy and me party dresses to attend.

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Like purchasing any dress, a party version should be shapely to emphasize the curves and a color that matches well with skin tone. Within this niche you can also choose modern or vintage style ensuring you have the right kind of accessories to match. Obviously modern varieties will follow any current fashion trends which include types of fabrics, patterns and colors.

The mommy and me genre is a fantastic one which is revered and enjoyed by all those moms who wear them regularly. The amount of people who wear such items has grown substantially over time and has seen a big spike in users due to the ease of moms sharing images on social media. We believe most mothers can instantly recognize how cute they will look when wearing any type of matching garment with their little one.

Dresses are a vital part of many women’s wardrobe and while comfortable to wear in their own right are also a good thing to fall back on. What we refer to is those times when time is short and your brain just cannot put an outfit together that looks right. The dress will solve all of this as it can be slipped on quickly and you can be ready in minutes, looking amazing and panic over. There are obviously many different types with a variety of lengths based around maxi, midi and mini as well as sleeve length and neck design.

The more people who love the mommy and me style, the more types they want and manufactures are happy to satisfy that demand with more products. When you include accessories, jewelry and other items with clothing there are indeed thousands of different products all made for mommy and me. Some examples include other dresses such as princess dresses, boho dresses and African dresses plus other types of garments including blouses, birthday outfits, and shorts. You can also relax at home in silk pajamas with accessories like cookbooks and coasters.

Obviously these are just a few ideas from many thousands. A wide variety can in some ways be bad because there are often too many nice things from which to choose. But the positives out way the negatives as the choice will mean there will sure to be at least one thing a mom and daughter will love. The matching range has also expanded to take care of all other members of a family. Any combination of two persons from a family can expect to find hundreds of products at their disposal should the urge come. As well as sets of two there is also many for the whole family such as family necklaces and bracelets.



Mothers And Daughters Will Love A Matching Party Dress Set As A Gift


All women love buying clothes and one survey suggested the U.S average woman buys 68 pieces of clothing in a year. Most of these will be normal daily wear items, thing for work etc but sometimes they will buy something more exciting like a party dress. Dressing up in something beautiful with hair, makeup and shoes to match is a great feeling. Being able to do it with their daughter is even better and wearing the same matching party dress will be dazzling and have every eye on the both of you. This kind of dress will make a wonderful and unique surprise gift for all moms and daughters out there.

A party dress is going to be sophisticated, beautiful, elegant and more. Both will want to feel like they are the center of attention with all eyes pointing in their direction. Because they are a matching set they will automatically stand out from the crowd and with the right color will not be missed. Obviously parties can occur at any time in the year and this benefits a person planning to buy such a dress because they can be given at any one of Christmas, Birthdays or Mother’s Day.

The purchase of any kind of clothing for a woman is never easy, we know this because a vast portion are returned. Some things will be easier to get right than others and a party dress we would say lies at the more difficult end of the spectrum. However, if you break down the elements it might feel like an easier task. Ensuring you buy the right set can be achieved by looking at their current collection in their closets. If you notice what length, sleeve and neck type along with colors they like to wear the most you will have the knowledge to pick out something they will both like.



Some of Our Favorite Designs


Have a browse through some of what we consider our personal favorite styles. Each has a small description and come in sizes ranging from small to plus. As this style of dress can be limited we have listed some individual style we love. You can create your own matching set by purchasing two of the same dress.

  • Midi style body hugging pink dress with bow and black hemlines
  • Knee length peach colored lace sleeveless dress
  • Spaghetti straps in pink on a vintage style party type dress
  • Halter neck in white with floral print and knee length
  • Floral spring garden design in light blue, round neck, sleeveless 1950’s style



Parties Are A Fun And Enjoyable Way To Spend Some Quality Time


The night of a party will be an exciting time for a parent and child. Parties are more for older children and even before you go you can spend some quality time together. The dress might be perfect but there is still hair and makeup to take care of. Doing each others will be a great start to the evening and is another chance to bond with each other. The getting ready is often just as much fun as the actual event itself, a bit like anything we are excited about. Once everything is nailed it is time to put on the mommy and me party dresses and head off for an amazing night out.

Going out with you daughter for parties are special times and although younger children do attend this kind of event, they are not always the most suited to them. There are many other ideas to spend quality time with a younger girl. Although she too will love to dress up in clothing that is beautiful and she does not have to miss out. Mommy and me sets are also for younger children and party dresses can be worn for your own pretend parties and perfect to have ready if she goes through the dress like mommy phase.

This phase will often involve trying on many of mommy’s clothes which inevitably have no chance of fitting. However it is still a fun and enjoyable game to play and one where a mom and her little girl can bond with some quality time just for them. One of the big advantages of the mommy and me range is that they can dress like mommy with clothes that will fit. They can also do it at the same time. This is something which can be worn in a number of situations from relaxing at home to dressing up in beautiful party dresses.