Mermaids Love The Water And So Will You In These Swimsuits For Mommy And Me


There are many popular mythical creatures that many people, young and old, have a fascination with and mermaids are one of them. The stories of mermaids have been told in countless ways through books, movies and TV shows and each has their own way of telling their story. Sometimes they are benevolent beings of mystery that are beautiful and peaceful and want nothing more than to protect others. In other adaptations that can be the complete opposite and want nothing more than to drag men to their doom. Most people think of them as good and because they are so popular they or their appearance can be found printed or transferred on to a variety of objects.

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One such object are items of clothing of which there are many with one of the cutest being made for a mom and daughter, a mommy and me mermaid swimsuit. The mommy and me styles all look amazing when worn but when you add the look of a mermaid the effect is even more dazzling. On top of that, they are of course the perfect thing to wear in the water.

Due the the popularity of mommy and me items the range extends far beyond mermaids although there are also mermaid shirts available. There are also more than just swimwear items with a few example being outfits, mom and baby pajamas and for anyone who just wants cozy feet, socks and slippers. There are also a wide variety of jewelry and accessories which include things like keychains and anklets or journals for keeping memories and yoga mats for exercise.

Their popularity has also seen them stretch out beyond the mommy and me designs into various combinations of family members and these include family onesies, bedding sets, outfits for dad and son and personalized blankets. There are no two sets of people left behind with millions of products sold yearly although we know that those for families and mommy's and their children tend to be the most sought after and the ones that receive the most positive responses.


Moms And Daughters Will Love Matching Mermaid Swimsuits As A Gift



Anyone who loves going to the beach or spending time at the pool either to swim or simply relax and enjoy the sun needs to have some kind of a swimsuit. They are only of those essential pieces of clothing, even if it is for a vacation once a year, you need a swimsuit. There are many variations with the most obvious being one piece or two piece and obviously are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Mermaid styles are a great idea because they are synonymous with the water and for any family with a vacation planned this year, a matching mom and daughter mermaid swimsuit will be the perfect gift.

Clothes are almost never a good idea to buy as a gift and it is one the items that many will dread buying for a woman. We know a very high percentage of them get returned which makes it feel like a bad idea and a wasted opportunity where there was something they would like that could have been bought.

Obviously swimsuits are different to what might be described as normal clothing because although there are options they only really come in a couple of main designs. Anything from the mommy and me range also looks super cute and there is the added impact of feeling closer the other person wearing the other half of the matching set. This comes into effect due to them being a pair and only really being complete when together and this feeling is transferred across to the mom and daughter wearing them.


A List Of Some Of Our Favorite Designs


These are our favorite design that can be seen in this style. There are option for sets of two for a ready made mommy and me type or separate items that can be paired together to create your own.

  • High waisted 2 piece ruffled bathing suit or swimwear in mermaid scales color set of two
  • 3 piece mermaid swimwear with bathing suit and fish tail effect
  • Disney Ariel deluxe set with top, bottoms and fish tail style skirt
  • 3 piece mermaid tail and 2 piece bathing suit in pink


Wear Your Own Mysterious Swimwear When Bonding



Like we mentioned earlier and kind of swimwear is a necessity for parents and children who either live by the beach or by a pool or have one of their own or of course enjoy vacations that involve beaches and swimming. Swimsuits are for swimming but even if you don't like water they are one of the best things to wear when chilling out on a hot summers day. They will ensure you remain nice and cool when spending some quality time together doing any of the favorite activities you do as a mom and daughter to bond together.

We often say a good way for a mother and daughter to have some quality time together is when a little girl reaches an age of when she wants to dress like mommy. Although swimsuits are probably not what she has in mind, many of your other clothes are going to provide the both of you with many laughs as she parades around in your outfits, shoes and make up. Although it is a far from ideal way to look like mommy it is good fun.

The best way for both you and her to play this game is if you purchase something from the mommy and me range. Anything from here will be better because they will fit your little girl properly and can be worn at the same time as you to create that ultimate twinning look. Some kind of clothing will be the best option for general wear but with any vacation approaching a mommy and me mermaid swimsuit could be an even better one. This will also be a nice surprise and a great build up to looking forward to a great vacation together.