Comfy And Easy To Wear Maxi Dresses In The Mommy And Me Style


A lot of moms have already bought and worn something from the mommy and me range with their daughters or sons. It is a range that covers every age of child from newborns to teenagers with a great deal of variety for everyone. Newborns do not have a great deal available to them as for the first year or more of their lives they tend to live in bodysuits. Once they get to the age of being able to wear other things than any mom can enjoy many more cute options for clothing. For a girl one of these garments are dresses of which a mommy and me maxi dress is a great choice.

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Maxi dresses are a fantastic design and a must have classic that first appeared in the 1970's and have continued to be in fashion ever since. This is because they come in a wide variety with many materials, patterns, styles and colors ensuring they stay current. They have many other benefits, the number one being comfort. They are light an breathable and almost feels like you are wearing nothing which makes them a comfy option to go out in but also for just chilling out at home. There are quite a few more reasons that make them so appealing:

They Flatter Your Body

A maxi dress will usually have a gentle flare around the waist area which has the advantage of accentuating your curves but also hiding any problem spots. The necks, such as a V neck make it all the more flattering as the encourage the eye to look up and down.

No Outfit Problems

If you are in a rush or just can't seem to put an outfit together that fits the occasion a maxi dress will come to your rescue. They look amazing on their own with just a couple of basic accessories like a belt or hat.

They Give Protection From The Sun

A trip to the beach is easy, bathing suit on with a maxi dress over the top. They are very cool and loose and also provide enough covering to offer some protection against the sun.


They come in a variety of styles of which there is something for to accommodate every occasions including beach wear, casual, chilling at home, to work, out to dinner, shopping or even to a wedding.

Potential Wardrobe Malfunctions

Wearing a maxi dress means that is all you have to worry about and nothing can really go wrong when wearing one. You won't face any issues of gaps in a blouse or tops becoming untucked. Once they are on they provide a full covering which means you can wear them without worrying about any potential mishaps.


Now we know how great a maxi dress is and that they are available in the mommy and me style, a mom and daughter are ready for anything. If one of these dresses is not enough there is plenty more items of clothing within this range. If you simply love dresses then there are ones for special occasions such as Christmas dresses and Easter dresses as well as plaid dresses, Hawaiian dresses and boho style varieties. There are garments other than dresses, like outfits and shirts and of course accessories and jewelry, examples being scarves and bracelets.

These are just a few examples and with a range so vast there will be something for very mother and daughter to enjoy. With their popularity they were bound to extend beyond just this pair with all of the matching items also being produced for other members of a family in all different pairs as well as the whole family. As more and more people have seen others wearing then peoples reactions can be gauged better and generally it is a positive one, usually describing how cute they look. It will be these positive reactions that will usually encourage a mom to try them out with her daughter and most are delighted with the result.


A Matching Maxi Dress Set For Mother And Daughter Is Going To Make An Amazing Gift


We have already described why maxi dresses are such a good item to own and every female should have at least one ready to go in their closet. Their versatility is incredible as there are not many garments that can sit just as well relaxing at the beach as they can at a wedding. All of these facts point to matching maxi dresses being an amazing gift for a mother and daughter.

While we can't help but recommend these, we also know there will be some people out there that will be unwilling to even try. This resistance stems from the often publicized fact that women return a very high percentage of the clothing bought for them. We understand this will be a major psychological obstacle which makes it not seem worth the effort. There though some plus points for us which we will go over.

The most encouraging one being that this isn't a normal situation of trying to think of or spotting a piece of clothing. We know we wish to buy a matching set and that it is a maxi dress. When you look at the availability of matching sets of maxi dresses you will see that there only so many choices. This significantly reduces the chances of picking out the wrong thing. Any mommy and me clothing also will make the two feel closer and more connected to each other and all moms are going to love this feeling and also anything they can share with their baby is going to be an item they will love.

These dresses, although seemingly quite summery can be worn throughout the year and this makes them a gift fit for any celebration. With the amount of them that occur during a year it can be easy to start to struggle for ideas but a unique gift like this matching set will be a great surprise. They can be given for any one of Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, a Vacation and more.


Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Designs


We have listed some of our favorite designs here with a brief description. All come in a variety of size and many a variety of colors.

  • Long maxi casual, floral pattern with pink top half and shoulder straps
  • White floral and orange print on loose and casual fit dress
  • Floral printed with white background, off shoulder, short sleeve with ruffles
  • Full length with long sleeves and pockets in white floral, black floral, plaid and more
  • Floral printed, sleeveless tank maxi dress
  • Spaghetti strap casual sundress in a white floral pattern
  • 3/4 sleeve length with floral pattern and pockets


Versatile Low Maintenance Clothes Are Perfect For A Bonding Day



When a mom and her daughter are having some bonding time together, no matter what they are doing, each of them will want to be wearing something comfortable. There are many possible things to do together and it could include multiple activities in the same day. Ideally they will both want to wear an item of clothing that is versatile and easy to maintain if said activities get messy ,which quite often happen with any child.

If you are lucky enough for a daughter to start a phase of wanting to dress like mommy then you will have one very fun game you can participate in together. As the term suggests, this game will involve a little girl trying on her mommy's clothes, often shoes and make up as well. This creates some wonderful photo opportunities and can be a great laugh for both mom and child.

There is one major flaw with this game and that is the clothes will be miles too big which kind of restricts the mommy look to the family home. To improve on it moms can purchase a mommy and me set which has the advantage of being a matching set so both can wear at the same time and the daughters will properly fit. This also now creates a proper twinning look and when spending a day bonding together and wanting some versatility a mommy and me maxi dress will be a great choice.

Many little girls do go through the dress like mommy phase but there are also a high number of mothers who want their little girls to dress like them. This mommy and me look is always cute in appearance and seems to draw a lot of attention and nice comments and this is what will first appeal to many moms. The reason they continue to wear them and come back for more is the feeling of closeness that they create. As the clothes are a part of a set, if feels as though they are only complete when together and this feeling is reciprocated to the mom and daughter wearing them who both also feel like they are only whole when with the other. This makes the relationship a strong one with a lot of love and care for one another.