Dress To Look Cute With Infant Outfits For Mommy And Me


Any mom will want their infant to be dressed to look not only good but cute, comfortable and warm or cool enough depending upon the weather. When they reach the infant age range it opens up a much wider range of clothing options rather than being confined to rompers. There are some amazing different outfits that can be put together including matching mommy and me outfit sets.

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These mommy and infant sets are the ultimate in looking amazing and being completely adorable. When starting to look into this line of outfits you will notice that there is a wide range of not only clothing but also many accessories and jewelry that come as matching sets for a mom and daughter or son. This range includes clothes such as Halloween shirts and Christmas pajamas. There are items for the home such as robes and nightgowns with the addition of accessories like an apron. There are also items of jewelry that come as sets which include bracelets and more.

All of these items can be found not only for the mommy and me infant range but also for just about every other permutation of family members that is possible. This is a very popular niche of clothing and accessories that many families will wear a lot of. That is not to say it is for everyone as tastes differ and some people are not into this look at all. While moms and children tend to be a little more main stream and usually find themselves receiving positive comments, couples that are partners and share their affection through such items can get more of mixed feedback.

The wearing of matching clothing among couples is quite a niche market but as we mentioned the mommy and me style is much more popular although still new to many. When moms first start thinking about wearing this style it is usually because something has prompted them to do so. Sometimes it just might be something that her parents did when she was a child and is just passing down the tradition. Most probably fall into the category of seeing friends or relatives dressed in such a way or while searching gifts online and deciding to try it out. There is also the case of children who reach a certain age and phase of trying on mommy’s clothing to look like her. A mom may think it a good idea to buy matching outfits for her and her infant to keep them happy.

The first thoughts when buying this look will probably be along the lines of this is going to look super cute and looking forward to taking some photos for all to see. There is however a deeper meaning and that is one that show the strength of the people in the relationship. It does not matter who the two people are or even if it is a group, anything that matches is portraying an image that these people have a strong connection, have fun together and are a loving family. The people wearing them will somehow feel even closer to one another because they are sharing the same look.

As babies and into infants it will still be mommy who does the majority of choosing and buying the clothes. Most children of this age still are not too bothered about what they wear as long as the feel comfortable which makes it easier for mom to pick out colors and designs she prefers in this matching style.


Matching Outfits Are A Wonderful Gift For Any Mom And Her Infant Girl Or Boy



Women are at the best of times difficult to buy for but with jewelry and especially clothing it seems even more so. If it isn’t the color that is wrong it’s the size and if it’s not either of those it’s the design. Studies have now told us what we have known for years and that is women return around 75% of clothing purchased for them as gifts. Although a mom will buy a lot of clothes herself for her and her infant girl or boy, mommy and me sets do make wonderful gifts.

Because of the success rate it does appear to make buying clothing for them either a challenge or a gamble. However, here you are dealing with mom and me infant set which although there is plenty of choice still have a more limited range. You are also buying a gift for a mommy and her little girl or boy and this has the advantage of the added sentimental attachment. This alone will give more leeway than when compared to a normal clothing purchase.

Plus, the fact that it is such a unique gift, nothing can surely go wrong. With all of the various celebrations that occur during the year with each requiring a gift it can be hard anyway to come up with something a little different. Any set within this range can be purchased for Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and more and is something she will love and you will be the flavor of the day.

There has, of course have to be one additional difficulty and that is having two people to please. Fortunately this will only apply to a small percentage of infants as most will not be too fussy about what they wear. For those that are it will usually come down to getting the right color which can be determined by seeing what colors both like to where and choosing on in common. Obviously size are important and might need a sneak peek at some labels and that should make the choice a little easier.

Outfits can include a variety of items which can make up thousands of unique looks. Some of these garments for mom and daughter will have words or images printed on them. These can include a vast range of different things some of which will be funny and others trying to achieve the cute look. There are sometimes personalized additions of names, initials, dates and even custom photos.

The version that either you choose for yourself and child or the persons you are buying for will depend upon the reaction you wish from the people who see you in them, or the ones you are giving them to. This will also be determined by where the outfits will more likely to be worn and when and the personalities of those who will be wearing them.


Get Some Ideas And Inspiration For Your Next Set



We have listed some of our favorite designs with many different garments including dresses and shirts with a brief description.


  • Taco – Taquito shirt and bodysuit
  • 100% charged – Low battery t shirt and bodysuit
  • Straight Outta Labor – Straight Outta Mommy


Queen – Princess

  • Mama of a Princess – Daughter of a Queen shirt and bodysuit set



  • White shirt with pink heart shaped donut



  • Set of shorts with heart shaped pattern



  • Grey sweaters with Love printed on both


Infant Girl

  • Blessed to be her Mom – Blessed to be her Daughter shirt and bodysuit
  • Love Bites vest tops


Infant Boy

  • Boy Mama – Mamas Boy shirts



  • Floral print dress with romper style dress for infant girl



  • Pair of Christmas shirts with Christmas tree pattern



Wearing Clothing That Matches Is Great For Bonding



A mom will begin to bond with her child from the moment they are born and this will strengthen ever more as they grow up. The bond will be an incredibly strong one but by doing things in these coordinated or twinning look clothes will make you feel even closer to one another. Depending on the style they can also make your time together even more fun and enjoyable. Because they are designed to match and worn as a pair together, they often only make any real sense when worn together as a set. There are some that can be worn separately and the advantage of this is that they will be used more often and therefore better value for money.

The majority of mothers will love nothing more than to dedicate hours of their day into being with their girl or boy. There will be some moms who will work long hours to provide for their children and they are to be commended. However, there will also be mothers who prefer their own social lives over that of their children’s and are reluctant to let go of their old habits.

The moms who try their best but need to work all hours, we feel for. Those that make a conscious choice to neglect their child we do not. As they grow into the infant stages they achieve many milestones and do so many amazing things that no parent should miss. These are the thing that are witnessed and treasured forever as the most precious of memories.

Obviously parents get the benefit of seeing their children grow but they to need their parents in their lives which includes quality time to bond. The majority of children who have moms and dads that listen to them will have be better behaved and have better grades at school. Although this may seem early for an infant it is important for them to grow up in a positive environment.

There will be some parents who wish to make the changes but is out of their control and others who just need to take the extra step. A good way to begin a fresh is to connect with your infant boy or girl with a set of mommy and me outfits and spend the day together bonding. The day this falls on can become the anniversary of a new start with the new outfits acting as a symbol to represent the promise you can make to be their more for you little ones.

It is only a very small percentage of moms who do not give their children the attention they need. The majority are now spending more hours with their kids than in the last 50 years studies have recently shown. Infants love their moms attention no matter what they end up doing. The only decision is to choose the right outfit for you both that is most suitable to what both of your favorite thngs to do are.