Hoodies Can Offer Comfort And Flexibility For Mommy And Me Days


From the day they are born, most moms want their child to look good in what they wear and also look very cute. Younger babies tend to be stuck in rompers or bodysuits but they soon reach an age where there are a lot more options. This is a wonderful time for a mom as she can buy a lot more clothing for them and for that ultimate cuteness many more mommy and me garments to choose from.

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Hoodies are one example and a great piece of clothing that are very flexible in terms of when they can be worn. They are equally great for any activities including sports but also just chilling out either in the park, at lunch or just sat at home. They can be paired with just about any other clothing and can be worn in both colder and warmer weather. They are a very popular item of clothing with around 50 million sold in the US in a year which makes them a great choice for a mommy and me day.

As we just spoke about, hoodies are one example that falls within the mommy and me range and there are a huge variety of not only clothing but accessories and jewelry that can be purchased for a mom and her daughters or sons. These are sometimes individual pieces dedicated from to the other or matching sets to be worn together as a twinning look. Some examples of available clothes includes infant outfits and ones for special occasions such as Christmas dresses. You will also find items for home use like onesies and kimonos and even objects to use such as cups and mugs and jewelry like rings.

They are also not just produced for a mother and her child but also many of these clothes and other items can be purchased for many other combinations of family members either as sets of two or for everyone. Some of the more popular things made for all include family outfits. Many of these like the mommy and me styles and those for family are the most popular and mainstream of the lot with those for a mom and daughter probably the most likely to receive a positive reaction and comments about how adorable they look. On the others end of the scale will be the romantically connected couples sharing the love for each other through their clothing. This is the version that has the most mixed opinions and is one of those things you either love or hate.

Any parent and child combination is a good place to start for anyone new to this range with the first introduction to such clothing being for various reasons. Some will be following a tradition that they wish to share with their children, others will just be copying other families such as friends and relatives they may have seen wearing them. This matching stuff often comes up in searches for gifts or it might be that you have a daughter who has discovered your wardrobe and wants to dress like mommy. Buying you both a matching hoodie will mean she gets to look like you and you get your clothes back.

When first making the decision to buy a matching hoodie for yourself and your daughter it will probably because of how they look and the fact you want people to see you and think how cute you both look. They do actually have a deeper meaning to them than just looks and that is they they portray an image that there is a close relationship between the two persons wearing them. It tells people you have a strong connection and a life which is fun and full of love. As they are identical it says that both are equally important and by wearing them you can feel closer to each other.

The style, colors and overall design that is chosen will largely be chosen by mom for infants and young kids as they tend not to worry too much about what they wear. As they get older and become more interested in their appearance then it will become joint decision and then you will have to decide not only the color of the hoodie but also any prints that include words and image that you would both enjoy wearing.


Matching Mom And Daughter Hoodies Not Only Look Amazing They Also Make Great Gifts



There is something that men and other family members have known for years and that is the fact that women are notoriously difficult to buy any kind of gift for. The one things that stands out as the worst offender is clothing and statistics now tells us that women will return about 75% of all clothing given to them as a gift. The matching hoodies for a mom and daughter do look amazing which makes them hard to pass up as a gift.

Although the rate of success in choosing the right piece of clothing is low, the fact that they are a beautiful set should make it worth a go. Buying an individual item may well be tricky but as this is a set for a mom and her child might make it an easier task to please her. For one, there are hundreds of choices and secondly this is a matching set which will mean there is some added sentimental value for the mother. This should mean that she will be more flexible in her tastes compared to normal.

They are also fairly unique gifts which makes it hard to pass up the opportunity to at least see if she likes it. With so many celebrations during the year that need a gift, or in some cases a number of gifts, thinking of new things to buy gets quite difficult as the years roll on. Hoodies are an item of clothing that are used all of the year which makes them ideal for occasions such as Mother’s Day, Birthday, Christmas or even Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day.

It will not all be plain sailing as there is one more hurdle that can make the decision of which to buy a little more difficult. We are talking about the fact that they are for two people and that means two peoples tastes to cater for. Babies, infants and toddlers are not going to be so difficult and getting it right for mom should be alright. Children become more interested in what they are wearing at different ages but when this happens it means purchasing a set that will keep them both happy. Without going into too much depth, finding a color that is common ground for both and getting the size and fit right will be the two most important steps.

Whether the hoodies are being chosen by mom alone, with her daughter or as a gift there is another option which can make a difference. Many of these hoodies are adorned with prints that will be made up of words, images or a combination of both. Some will try want to achieve a look that is fun while for others the aim is to look adorable.

What you choose, or someone chooses as a gift for a mom, will depend on what kind of reaction you expect to experience from the people who see you in them or from the recipient of the gift. This will of course depend on when and where you might be thinking of wearing them.


Some Of Our Favorite Sets


We have listed some of our favorite designs with the addition of a brief description in the hope they might offer some ideas.

Valentine’s Day

  • Long sleeve grey hooded top with red heart on front set of 2



  • Hooded camo hoodie with print – Mama – Little Lady – Little Man


Queen – Princess

  • In black with Queen and Princess printed



  • Your choice of personalized text



  • Tie Dye printed long sleeve set



  • Boss Lady – Mini Boss



  • Green in color with ugly Christmas design of Christmas tree and cat



  • Leopard print set of tops


Mom And Baby Kangaroo Hoodies

  • Maternity kangaroo hoodie for mom and baby
  • Fleece zip up maternity kangaroo baby carrier
  • Fleece maternity and nursing kangaroo pocket hoodie



Hooded Tops Can Be Worn For Anything And Are The Perfect Clothing To Bond In


Bonding with your children is a natural but important aspect of being a mom and it is one of those things that is constantly happening. This means spending a lot of time with them and this in itself is an amazing experience. From the time they are babies they are hitting some incredible milestones and doing some unbelievable things that any mom will be glad not to miss. These are the precious moments that will form to become the most treasured memories to be stored and looked back on for all time.

To build this bond a mom must first spend time with her son or daughter and while for most this is normal for some moms it is not. Some mothers struggle to spend the hours they would like due to working long hours in order to provide for their kids. However, there is a small minority that decide to put their own lives before that of their children and these are the type of parents that need to make some drastic changes. We hope that any moms there are able to make the changes needed to spend time with their little ones will so.

Making a new start isn’t always easy but by making a promise to yourself and your children you can make it work. It is good to have a symbol of this moment to represent this promise and a hooded top is a great item to choose. A hoodie is a brilliant piece of clothing that can be worn anywhere which and buying them as a mommy and me set means they can be worn often. The day of this new beginning can become the anniversary of the change in your life and each year you can pick your new hoodies together.

Spending more time with your children is not only of benefit to you in getting to witness all of their incredible feats but is also something they need. They need to grow up with a mom who pays them a lot of attention and listens to them. Children in education who have parents who talk to them will generally be better behaved and have good grades. They also learn and develop from the people with whom they spend the most time which means any parents who wants to have a positive impact on their childs’ development needs to spend plenty of quality hours with them.

Most moms not only understand the importance of spending time with their boys and girls but also very much enjoy being with them and look forward to their hours of doing things together. We know that parents are now spending more hours with their little ones than in the last 50 years due to some recent studies. Both mommy’s and their sons and daughters love being together as much as each other and matching hooded tops are a great piece of clothing to wear while doing whatever you enjoy doing.