Your Favorite Holiday Can Be Brought To Life With Outfits For Mommy And Me


The US currently has ten official paid holidays recognized by the government. These are Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Washington's Birthday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Martin Luther King, Jr Day, Columbus Day and Veterans Day. Other import days to note which many people class has holiday times are Easter, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Halloween. Official federal holidays are paid days off. Many offices are closed on Good Friday but government ones stay open. While Halloween is high up in surveys of most favored holidays, it is not an official one, rather a celebration.

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are a lot to look forward to throughout the year if you are the type to embrace any chance to be festive. When American's were surveyed about what was their favorite holiday there was one clear winner and that was Christmas, scooping up almost 50% of the vote. In second place was Thanksgiving taking just under 20% of the vote. Halloween is in third place with just under 10% of the vote and they are followed by Fourth of July and Easter. The rest of the holiday days follow with small percentages. Interestingly these surveys also tell us that turkey is the most popular food and wine the drink of choice with around two thirds of people choosing it.

All of these holiday are fantastic because the celebrations bring families together to enjoy themselves. Obviously they fall at different times of the year so the types of celebration will vary according to the temperatures. Another thing that will be effected will be the type of clothes worn but luckily there are numerous types of mommy and me holiday outfits to ensure you are looking your best and most appropriate for the day.

The wearing of any garments in the mommy and me range is great fun and an enjoyable experience and this makes them feel almost made for these holidays. Each holiday will have its own specific outfit style or print or something more general can be chosen which may fit in with many of the various holidays. Mommy and me styles of clothes have been out for a very long time but have grown ever more popular in recent years. They are available to purchase in a number of sizes ranging from newborns to young adult children and their moms.

Outfits itself is a broad term that could literally mean any kind of clothing put together. What two, three or more garments a person puts together will be personal to their own taste in fashion. An outfit can be simple or as elaborate as you want to make it. The types of holiday outfit that will be put together will be dependent on the climate and things you intend to do there.

Holiday outfits are just one a large number of clothes produced in the mommy and me style. There many hundreds of different ones including those related to the outfits we speak of here, holiday dresses and vacation shirts. There are also other matching items that might be of use during a holiday and these include swimsuits, bikinis, shorts, t shirts and tank tops. Items for one off days are great but some moms will want something that can be used on many occasions and there are dresses, leggings and various tops to cover them. Accessories and jewelry also play their part in the mommy and me style, examples include headbands and rings.

While we know this matching style is popular with moms and their children, it has also grown to be a very strong genre for other pairs of people. These pairs include all of the many combinations of people in a family as well as catering for the whole family. Their popularity has accelerated due to more presence of which the internet has helped to spread the word. It also helps that they happen to look really cute when worn and this attracts many people, especially moms with their daughters into wearing these styles.


Have The Best Holidays By Giving A Matching Mom And Daughter Holiday Outfit As A Gift



We can see from the results of surveys that people have different ideas regarding the importance of each holiday day. With the ones that are important excitement will escalate as they come near and lots of preparations will be required. The top two are federal holidays, Christmas and Thanksgiving, taking a large portion of the vote. The next biggest being Halloween which will see more celebrations usually during the evening and night as it is not a federal holiday with an official day off of work. Each of these three can have a good amount of preparation in a variety of ways to make the special. What is common to these three and of course all other holidays is the fact that some special clothes should be worn. As many of these holidays are already a time for giving gifts, a matching mother and daughter holiday outfit will be a wonderful surprise for them.

Obviously not every holiday has gifts usually attached with them but that doesn't mean to say you cannot surprise a mom and daughter as a special treat for the particular day you have in mind. Either for Christmas or an unexpected gift there is one benefit this type of gift does have and that is its uniqueness. Most of the time people fall into the trap of giving the same kind of presents because it is hard to think of new things over and over again. It is a nice feeling to be able to give someone you love something that will put a smile on their face.

There will most likely be some work and planning involved to choose the right holiday outfit. Women are notorious for returning clothing with a very high percentage going back so some preparation is vital. You will need to determine which holiday you have in mind to give such a present and then think about the weather conditions during that one. However, if you are spending it inside then this should not matter. Choosing a climate appropriate outfit will often mean taking a look through closets or, if the opportunity is there, to make some mental notes of what they like to wear during the holiday day you have in mind. Hopefully this will provide enough clues to provide a solution is to what to purchase and the colors to pick.


Some Of Our Favorite Designs


This is a list of some of our favorite designs for various holidays. They come available as a matching set and often in a variety of colors. Different sizes are also available from small to plus.

  • Floral printed maxi dress set with printed plaid long sleeves and pockets
  • Long sleeve stretchy plaid dress
  • Short sleeve printed chiffon with ruffles
  • Sleeveless maxi style set in mint green
  • Elegant pink party dress with bowknot
  • Plaid outfit set combining t shirt and dress
  • 3/4 sleeve ruffle animal outfits
  • Dress and matching shirt outfit set
  • Love You Smore outfit
  • Red, white and green holiday pattern pajamas
  • Long sleeve shirt pair with heart print
  • Leggings printed with pieces of pie
  • Vintage velvet green midi gown
  • T Shirt printed with pie pants ready



Every Holiday Day Provides A Perfect Opportunity To Bond



We all love the holidays, not just because of the atmosphere, fun, events that take place and more but mainly for the chance to bond with our children. Time spent with our kids is a precious commodity and there is no better opportunity when everyone is at home celebrating a holiday. What with work and education, most of us live busy lives with often hectic schedules and don't always have the time to just stop thinking about all the other distractions and focus 100% on our children. Although holidays are an amazing chance to catch up they are no substitute for dedicating a certain amount of quality time every day and for those that are not should make some changes. It not only benefits a child and how they grow but also the parents who have a better chance at seeing some of their major milestones or achievements.

Every day should have a period set aside for some quality time, even if it can only be a short session sometimes, it is still interaction. There are countless things to do with one suggestion being when a little girl decides she wishes to dress like her mommy. Mom can join in and help her pick out outfits and try them on with the addition of makeup and shoes. This is fun and enjoyable game for both mom and daughter with many opportunities for some amazing photos to remember the fun you both had.

While it is a fun game it does have one major limitation and that being mommy's clothes will not fit well. To make it all the more enjoyable a mom can order a selection of mommy and me garments. It is a great idea to purchase a variety, for indoors, outdoors, different weather, for particular occasions like mommy and me holiday outfits or certain types of clothing that may be your favorites. With the correct size they are not restricted to only wearing in the home and mom and daughter can enjoy using them outside as well. Of course, mommy can wear the same outfit this time and be like a proper twinning pair.