Share Your Holiday Fun In Dresses For Mommy And Me


It is a moms instinct and only natural for them to want the best for her children and this will also mean their clothing. The most important thing for a newborn baby is that they are not too hot or cold and are comfortable. They will tend to live in rompers or bodysuits but it isn’t long before they get to the age where buying things for them gets more interesting. There are always garments for mommy and me but when dresses can be worn things improve, especially for when its the holiday season.

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Holiday dresses are just one of many pieces of clothing that can be purchased as a set in the mommy and me style. There are many other garments and not just those for holidays but for all times of the year as well as jewelry and accessories that are available to buy. Some of the items of clothing include Christmas pajamas and winter outfits with hoodies to wear all of the year. You can buy necklaces and keychains along with bonnets or a scarf that will come as separate items from mom to daughter and vice versa or as matching sets.

Many of these are incredibly popular with moms and their children but they are also produced for other members of the family and friends. For any pair of people you can think of you will find most of the items listed above and more. There are also many items made for the whole family, an example being family sweaters. Both the family and parent and child are quite common with many sold throughout the year and this is because they look adorable and this makes them more mainstream than some permutations. Among all of them the mom and baby is probably the most cute, getting a majority of favorable feedback and at the other end is the couple who wear such items when connected romantically. These get more of a mixed reaction with quite a lot of negativity although there are still many couples who love them.

As we just mentioned the most common are those for the whole family or for a mom and her daughter and it is these combinations that most people will buy their first sets. There are probably a wide range of reasons for having the urge to buy this coordinated stuff and one could be a family tradition that a mom is passing down. Another might be seeing other friends and family wearing them and thinking it would be a good idea or they a mom might come across them when searching for gifts online. One fun reason could be that a mother has a daughter that has decided she wishes to look like mommy and has taken to trying on all of her clothes. In which case buying a matching set of dresses would ensure she is happy and looking like her mom and mom can reclaim her clothes.

When first buying a dress for both of you and trying them on, the first reaction will be in the mirror, see how great they look and take some photo’s. Most people are buying them for twinning look so they look fantastic. There is also a hidden more meaningful reason to wear them beyond their looks. The wearing of such items portrays and image which tells the outside world how close this mom and daughter are to each other. They show a strong connection which is full of love and who can have a lot of fun together. Wearing them gives a feeling of being even closer to one another than ever before and all of these reasons make wearing dresses or any other item in this range special.

There are a huge range of dresses available and while holiday dresses are more limited there is still a big range. For a mother with younger children, the choosing of them will be down to her as young kids don’t worry too much about their appearance. When the children get older then it is going to become more and more a joint decision as then they will start to care about what they are wearing. This could mean some compromises are needed if both tastes differ slightly but there is sure to be some common likes in terms of colors and styles.


Vacations Are Made Even Better With The Gift Of A Matching Dress For Mother And Daughter



These dresses that match make wonderful gifts for a mom and daughter to wear during a holiday period. They look amazing and are quite unique but there is often the knowledge that women are difficult to buy clothing for in the back of our minds. It has been revealed that women return around 75% of the clothing that has been given to them as a gift which makes buying such items quite risky.

The positives are that they do look amazing when worn together and because they are a set the actual varieties available to buy are more limited which makes choosing the right one a little easier. There is also the fact these dresses are a mommy and me set which means any mom will find anything connecting her and her daughter more special with much sentimental value.

Having so many things going for them and the fact that thinking up something new to give for each celebration throughout the year gets more and more difficult mean the risk is worth taking. They are holiday dresses and outfits but they can be given on many occasions including Christmas, Birthday’s, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Easter.

There is also another thing to consider and this applies to whether it is a mother and daughter buying a set for themselves or someone buying a gift. This point is the fact that two people are involved and that means two who may have completely different tastes. Babies, infants and toddlers are not going to be of too much concern but older kids can be just as fussy as mom. Hopefully some of moms tastes have rubbed off on her daughter and there are some colors that both like to wear.


Some Various Ideas For This Season



To help in your search for holiday dresses and outfits we have compiled a list of some our favorites with a brief description.


  • Floral printed maxi dress set with printed plaid long sleeves and pockets
  • Long sleeve stretchy plaid dress
  • Short sleeve printed chiffon with ruffles
  • Sleeveless maxi style set in mint green
  • Elegant pink party dress with bowknot



  • Plaid outfit set combining t shirt and dress
  • 3/4 sleeve ruffle animal outfits
  • Dress and matching shirt outfit set
  • Love You Smore outfit


Holiday Pajamas

  • Red, white and green holiday pattern pajamas


Holiday Shirts

  • Long sleeve shirt pair with heart print


Holiday Leggings

  • Leggings printed with pieces of pie



  • Vintage velvet green midi gown



  • T Shirt printed with pie pants ready



Outfits That Match Are Perfect For Parent And Child To Bond On Holiday



Babies, infant and toddlers learn at a rapid rate and are constantly doing new things to astound their parents. There are many milestones that are hit along the way and some astonishing accomplishments achieved and many of these will form some of the most precious memories in your life. Watching your baby grow and spending time with them bonding is one of the most treasured aspect of some moms lives and not something they would ever want to miss out on.

This is how most mothers spend their time but there are quite a number who struggle to spending many hours with their children to due to long working hours. Often this can’t be helped because the mom is doing her duty to feed her children and we commend their dedication. However there is also a small number who miss out on their children’s milestones not because of working hard but because their social lives are more important.

The time any mom spending with her children and not just for holidays is vitally important to them as well as for your benefit. They need parents who provide them with warmth and love and who listen and give advice. Families who communicate will have children with better behaviors and grades at school. They also learn from the people they spend the most time with, so for parents who want some input into how their child learns how to act around others, it is imperative they spend many quality hours with them.

It is these attitudes we would love to see changed and for these moms to want to make a fresh start and dedicate more time to their kids. For those mothers who do wish to have a new beginning it is a good idea to have a symbol to act as a representation of the promise to yourself and your child than you will spend more hours with them. The holiday season is the perfect time to make this fresh start and although the symbol could be anything we suggest a matching set of holiday outfits or dresses. To coincide with the holiday time this could also be the anniversary of the new beginning celebrated by a new outfit or dress each year.

The majority of mothers know how important it is to dedicate their hours to their boys and girls. This happens not only during the holidays but at every day of the year but spending the time in this season in mommy and me holiday outfits and dresses just adds to an already exciting and fun period. Most parents are doing a great job in raising their children as studies tell us that on average we spend much more time with them now than we have in the past 50 years.