Add Some Color To Your Dresses With Hawaiian And Tropical Designs For Mommy And Me


Hawaiian or tropical styles of dresses are colorful creations often with many floral prints. There are no limitations in terms of where to wear this style, whether it be a warm day relaxing in the garden at home, at the beach or for a vacation. These Hawaiian dresses are also incredibly popular for luaus which makes them perfect if you intend to visit a traditional Hawaiian luau party. These are fun and festive occasions full of music, dancing and food. A bright and colorful tropical dress are the best thing to wear and any length, mini, midi or maxi will fit in just fine.

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Attending a luau is even better with family and if you have a daughter then she will also need to be dressed for the occasion. This is a time in for which the mommy and me range of clothing is perfect and they do not have to be just for vacations. In this case as long as your child has grown from newborn status a mommy and me Hawaiian dress will be perfect.

Like we just mentioned, they are not only for vacations and are suitably styled to be worn in a variety of ways at various times of the year. The mommy and me range also expands to styles far greater than tropical dresses. There are indeed a large number of clothes, jewelry and accessories produced in this style some of which are fun like dinosaur clothing and other for the cute factor. There are garments for babies such as mom and baby pajamas and a festive range including Christmas outfits. Normal daily wear include jumpsuits, t shirts and robes for home use. There also many different dresses such as African dresses and Boho dresses.

What used to be a range of limited scope now has thousands of products as it has grown in popularity. The growth did not finish at the items produced but also who they were made for. Instead of concentrating on moms and their children they have been extended to the whole family and this means there are hundred of different designs for all permutations of family members.


Beautiful Matching Hawaiian Dresses Will Make Amazing Gifts For A Mother And Daughter



Hawaiian dresses come in every color imaginable usually adorned with beautiful and playful floral prints and patterns to add an even deeper array of colors to the dress. They are garments that draw attention for all the right reasons and while they are a must have for any luau party, they are too nice to be reserved only for these celebrations. They should be enjoyed by many at any time of the year, preferably with sunshine and should be loved by all ages. This would certainly make a matching Hawaiian dress an amazing gift for a mom and daughter.

Although we might think they would be brilliant gifts there will be many that might question the difficulty in picking out a dress. This feeling generally comes from the experience of many that women are very hard to purchase clothing for. Buying any kind of garment for anyone is tough but as the facts tell us around three quarters given to women are returned, it does suddenly feel like it would be a difficult choice.

Looking on the bright side, all of those items of clothing that are returned are not the same as this style. Here we are looking at a very specific dress but also variants that come in the mommy and me style. This very much reduces the difficulty level which was hampered by so much choice because there are only a limited number of mommy and me tropical or Hawaiian dresses available. They are also an item of clothing that will be shared between a mother and her daughter and one which them make them feel better connected and closer emotionally. This bond they create alongside that fact that they look really cute should result in a mom who will love her new dress.


Read About Some Of Our Favorite Designs



We have made a list and a brief description of some of our favorite designs. All come in matching sets of two and in a variety of adult and child sizes. These are all great for vacations, cruises or Luau parties and more.

  • Luau halter dress in hibiscus blue with floral pattern
  • Cold shoulder floral printed ruffle and backless midi dress
  • Black indri halter dress with gold and white flower print
  • Vintage fit midi with flare in tropical luau patterns
  • Floral printed with shoulder straps, chiffon and sleeveless
  • Halter neck rayon luau dress in pink hibiscus vine
  • Luau style tropical dress with halter neck in midnight bloom



A Tropical Pattern Will Bring A Fun And Relaxing Feel To A Day Of Bonding



Whether it is for a luau party, a vacation or a normal day, spending that time together in comfortable clothing that makes you feel good and relaxed is going to mean you have the best possible time while bonding. Any mom or daughter who loves fashion and color will love tropical dresses and the mommy and me range will make the day out even more fun. The most important aspect here is the fact that a mom and daughter are spending quality time together and vacations are great opportunities for this.

Vacations are not a substitute for every other day of the year and each of these should have at least some period of quality time together. There are many ways to be active in a your child's life whether through hobbies and interests, toys or games. Having a daughter who gets to the stage of wanting to dress like mommy is a perfect opportunity to spend some time together. You can both have a lot of fun and laughter with her trying on your clothes and taking part in mini fashion shows.

Obviously it is not the best way of her trying to look like you because none of the clothes will fit. Buying a mommy and me set with ensure that she still gets to dress like you but hers will be in size which means being able to wear it outside. With a matching pair you will look identical, great for that twinning look. They are a brilliant garments to wear and for summer or vacations examples such as mommy and me Hawaiian dresses are an amazing choice.