Slip Into Some Comfort With Fur Slides For Mommy And Me


From the very first moment that a mom has her first skin to skin contact with her baby to help to begin forming that bond, she knows it will be one that lasts forever. From that day forth she will want nothing but the very best for her son or daughter and this includes the clothing they will wear. Obviously newborns tend to live in garments like rompers or bodysuits but it will not seem like long before they are of an infant age. It is at around this point and on wards when they types of things they can wear opens up and will soon be wanting something to protect their feet around the home and this is a great opportunity for you both to wear a set of mommy and me fur slides.

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Slides are just one example of the various clothing ranges, accessories and jewelry that are produced in this mommy and me style. There is a gigantic range of items that can be found, pretty well anything you can think of to buy individually can be purchased as a matching set for a mom and daughter. For example there are what you might consider normal daily clothing such as leggings and sweaters but also those for special occasions like Christmas dresses. There are also clothing for sports such as swimsuits and even robes for chilling out at home. You can bake in aprons and wear jewelry like bracelets all in this style.

The items we just mentioned are just a few of the wide range of garments and other objects that have been produced as a matching pair for mothers, daughters and sons. What is advantageous about having a good range is that there will be at least one thing that a mom will like and in most case many, depending on their taste. The wonderful thing about this style is that they are not only made for moms and their children but also all other family members.

This matching style which is often called twinning or a coordinated look can be found in sets of two or for a whole family. Those that are worn by a parent and child or by the whole family are usually the most popular and what you might consider the most mainstream. These are the type which will have the most positive reaction from any people who see them. There are other permutations of
people that will get more of a mixed reaction many of which are couples who wear this style of clothing to display their affection for each other. These tend to be a type of clothing that some people really love but others hate.

This mommy and me style is enjoyed by many moms with her daughters or sons and there are various paths to which they first started wearing them. The mother may well have dressed in this way as a child and wants to continue the family tradition so her boys and girls can have the same fun. The most common reason will simply be a mom who has seen other families and friends dressed in this way and has made the decision to try it with her kids. There is also the daughter who has decided she wishes to dress like mommy and has began trying on many of her mommy’s clothes. If this has started, then purchasing something as a matching set will be a great idea and if she likes footwear then some mommy and me fur slides will be the perfect choice.

Fur slides look fantastic and as a matching set in the mom daughter style, even better. They are also practical and will be beneficial for the wearers feet and home. Aside from how they look they also have a meaning that is deeper and more special. This whole style portrays an image of those who wear them having a strong connection and a relationship where they are very close to one another. They will show a mom, son or daughter who enjoy being in each others company and who have fun as well as having a lot of love for each other. The two or more persons that wear them together will benefit from feeling closer to one another than ever before which results in an even stronger bond.


A Matching Set Of Slides For Mom And Daughter Will Be A Wonderful Gift



Although not everyone has a particular piece of footwear for the home and many will just wear their outdoor shoes or go bare feet, there are benefits to wearing a pair. By wearing your outdoor shoes you are spreading the thousands of germs that have been picked up on the soles of your shoes around your floors. If you choose just to wear socks or bare foot you will eventually end up with foot problems, especially if you walk around on hard floors at home. They can also protect your feet from any diseases such as athletes foot.

Not only do fur slides look amazing they also very practical in that they protect your feet. This makes them a wonderful choice of gift to give a mom and daughter as a gift. We understand there will be some reluctance around anything that involves buying any kind of clothing for a woman, especially as we know that around 75% of all clothes purchased as gifts for a woman are returned.

This high percentage of returns can be a little off putting and may make you think twice about trying to buy anything within this range. Although there may be negative aspects to them there are also many positives. The first is their looks and as a mother and daughter matching set they will look even more amazing. The second point is that there is not a huge range you are having to pick from, you know they are fur slides and the choices are far more limited and therefore easier to get right. Thirdly, because these are a set for her and her little one it will result in quite an impact because of that feeling of being closer to the other person wearing them, in this case her child. In addition to this is sentimental attachment that will be attached to the slides because of that enhanced connection.

This makes the chance of successfully choosing the right gift a high one and with all of the different occasions during a single year that require the purchase of a gift, it can soon become a difficult thing to choose. Over the years it get even more harder which makes anything new and unique worth purchasing. Because slides are worn at anytime in the year they can be given for pretty well any celebration including Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Halloween, New Year, Thanksgiving or Easter.


Ideas And A Little Inspiration For Your Set


If you are looking for a few ideas or just some inspiration we listed here some of our favorites with a brief description.



  • Fluff Yeah Slide Slipper in many colors


Faux Fur

  • Faux Fur slip on sandals with arch support in blue, pink, grey or black



  • Long fur ultra fuzzy furry slide sandals


Two Band

  • Comfy two band slides with fleece lining and rubber sole


Cross Band

  • Cross band plush fleece slip on sandals
  • Cross band soft plush faux rabbit fur slides


Infant Baby

  • Infant Baby girl faux fur slides with elastic back strap and princess words on strap



  • Women’s Benassi Just Do It slide sandal



Wearing Sandals Is A Great Way To Relax Your Feet And Is Perfect Time To Talk And Bond



These matching items, whether they be fur slider or anything else can help to create an even stronger bond between a mother and her girls or boys. The growth of a child is rapid and from when they are a newborn baby, through their infant years and older they are constantly learning, achieving new things and passing some amazing milestones. The moms and dads who are present in their lives and are able to witness such things will carry with them memories that will be treasured for all time.

Most moms ensure they are there for their children and take an active role inn every part of their lives. We understand there are also mothers who very much want to be able to do the same but need to work long and often unsociable hours in order to properly feed and shelter their kids.

The worst offenders are the small amount of moms who do have the time to be with their children but prefer to continue their own social engagements as if they were not there. These are the mothers who will end up regretting their actions later in life and wishing they had of been present for all of the milestones and accomplishments that were achieved by their daughters or sons.

Any mom who believes she isn’t trying hard enough to dedicate enough hours into her child’s life and wishes to makes some changes, any day is a good day to start. Pick a day where you are both at home and plan the whole day filled with doing all of your daughters favorite things. It is a good idea to begin this fresh start with a symbol that will act as an object that will remind you to continue your promise to keep up with these changes. This symbol can be anything but with the special feeling of being closer to each that the mommy and me range brings combined with having a day at home, something like a set of mommy and me fur slides or sandals would make an ideal choice. Every year this day can be celebrated as an anniversary and and a new set of slides purchased along with it.

This new start will not only be beneficial to mom but also the children. The mothers will be there for all of her girls and boys milestones and they will grow up in a home in which the feel loved. Children who are raised in an environment where the parents give the quality time and listen to them will usually display better behaviors and school grades.

Obviously the moms that choose to neglect their kids are a minority with the vast majority giving priority to their little ones and doing an incredible job in raising them. This has also been proven to be true statistically as in the past 50 years we are dedicating more hours a day now than ever before. This is fantastic news for parents and children everywhere with both building even closer bonds than ever before.