Feel Happy And Closer To Nature In Floral Dresses For Mommy And Me


There will be a lot of women who already have at least one garment with a floral print in their closets. The same statement can be made about a dress which are one of the most versatile of garments at our disposal. Floral prints are always beautiful and often associated with youth and innocence. Different flowers create a variety of patterns with some small patterns and others much larger. The smaller are more discreet with the larger stand out a lot more but can have a negative effect on hiding any problem areas. There are also many shades with darker and lighter varieties tending to change with the seasons.

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Although we may immediately think of spring and summer for wearing floral the darker versions are great for fall and winter. This makes floral dresses a versatile all rounder ready to be worn throughout the year. When we wear certain clothes they can have an impact on our well being and with floral prints associated with nature and making us feel happy they are an amazing item to have in our closets. The happiness they can bring makes them a great choice for mommy and me floral dresses to be worn as a matching set by moms and daughters.

Like floral dresses are a must have for every closet, so mommy and me garments are something every mom should try. They have been popular for many years and with each generation of newborns there are more eager moms to enjoy this genre. They are clothes and accessories that can be worn from the time of being a baby up to an adult. A newborn will start its life in bodysuits but it will not be long before they are able to wear a wider range of matching things.

Dresses are practical and versatile and belong in every closet. One of their best assets is speed. We all know the times where you are running late and can’t seem to find anything that goes together. A dress is the best solution, they look great worn on their own and can be ready in minutes. Even though there are many varieties, they can be worn just about everywhere without looking out of place.

We spoke earlier about a few different mommy and me styles of clothing, such as those for a newborn. There is a vast range that stretches far beyond floral dresses. You can try many other types of dress, examples being blue dresses, white dresses, maxi, formal or spring dresses. Although a dress is one of the finest examples of clothing most moms don’t wish to spend all of their time in one and there is much more variety. Garments like jumpsuits, shirts, plaid outfits and tank tops are just a few of many possibilities. You will also find a many accessories or jewelry including slippers and necklaces.

A wide selection ensures there is plenty of choice and at least one thing for everyone. By everyone we don’t just mean moms and their daughters. Although this pairing are probably considered the most popular and cute when reacting to any of these matching items, there are also a similar amount of products for all other members of a family. Any potential pair of two people from a family will have numerous garments produced for them to wear and enjoy.


A Matching Floral Printed Dress Will Be A Gorgeous Gift For Mom And Daughter


Floral patterns on dresses can vary quite a lot. You can find examples with smaller flowers where the plain fabric dominates or large flowers that are bold and grab a persons attention. The colors of the flowers also play their role in how domineering the print is. The look you are wishing to present will always be down to your individual choice and much to do with your personalities.

Floral designs will add some personality to any closet and being associated with nature can make those wearing them feel happier. You will most certainly be more likely to see anyone walking around wearing a floral pattern in the spring or summer but that does not make other seasons off limits. Many people enjoy wearing floral patterns in fall and summer which makes a matching floral dress set a gorgeous gift for any time of the year. This kind of gift will be a unique surprise with their flexibility meaning they can be purchased at either Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day etc.

It is very rarely easy to think up something new and exciting to give as a present with most repeating similar gifts in different guises. Buying a dress will require more thought and effort but the smile on a loved ones face will be worth it. The thought put into buying one they like will be worth, especially as most clothing bought for women are returned. To discover their favorites is quite an easy task. Simply by looking in their closets at the dresses they currently own will tell you if they prefer mini, midi or maxi, what sleeve lengths and type of neckline. Using this knowledge will allow you to buy a floral dress they are going to love to own and wear.


Our Personal Favorite Designs


These are some of our personal favorite designs with the addition of brief description. As they are sets, all are available as sets of two with sizes ranging from small to plus and in a variety of colors.

  • Vibrant orange and pink flower pattern on white chiffon, sleeveless with bows
  • Pink floral on blue chiffon, V neck, backless with adjustable straps, zip and lining in maxi style
  • Pink and white flower pattern on blue with spaghetti straps and headband
  • Pink flower on blue off shoulder maxi with ruffles
  • Pink and blue floral pattern on white cotton maxi in a beach boho style
  • White and yellow flower print on pink summer maxi with shoulder straps
  • Orange flower and green leaves on V neck sleeveless beach style
  • Red and pink floral pattern on white polyester with 3/4 ruffle sleeved midi dress
  • Red cherry flower pattern on white sleeveless midi style with zip closure



Bonding Together Feels Even Stronger In Matching Clothing


A floral pattern is appropriate for many different situations. They look amazing on a warm summers day on the beach, but also to a party, dinners or to something more formal. Having a piece of clothing that offers plenty of scope makes it good value and that makes a mommy and me floral dress a great choice for this style. What a mom and daughter enjoy doing together is not as important as the act of spending quality time with each other. Those moments alone are when you can really bond and wearing matching clothes helps to enhance that feeling of being closer to one another.

Because floral dresses come in an abundance of colors, you will be ascertain the primary color once purchased and base any accessories on that color. Flowers come in many shapes, colors and sizes and that means there will be potentially loads of different colors to wear with a dress should the need arise to wear another garment in the cooler months. Nights out might need some additions like leggings or a jacket and these look good with dresses.

Nights out or date nights for a mother and daughter are one way of creating some time to bond and while suitable for older children, not so for younger ones. They might not be ready for a party or elegant dinner but they still love dressing up to look beautiful. Often this will also mean wanting to dress like mommy from the clothes in mommy’s closet. While this can be a fun and enjoyable game and again a fun way to bond, the clothes will not fit. This is a great opportunity for mom to order a few mommy and me sets of clothing so that her daughter will have clothes that fit. The advantage of these is that the little girl will not just look like mommy but be the identical mini me version and this is arguably one of the cutest looks you will find.