Flannel Shirts Are Great For Mommy And Me Time Relaxing Or Going Out


The birth of a new baby is a blessing and can also be quite a shock as the life you once had is torn to pieces. But they are more than worth it and nothing will ever provide as much happiness to a mother as her baby does. This motherly love will naturally mean they want the best for their child and this includes the clothes that they wear. Obviously a newborn will usually live in bodysuits but the time will soon pass and they will reach an age of being able to wear things like mommy and me flannel shirts.

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Flannel is a brilliant fabric, very soft and usually made from wool, cotton or synthetic fiber. It will usually brushed to make it softer but can still feel soft unbrushed as it gains a natural softness while loosely spun. Often flannel is synonymous with plaid but a flannel shirt is not plaid although there are a plaid outfits that are produced from flannel. They do produce a versatile piece of clothing that can work outside keeping you warm and dry as well as looking professional in the office.

The mommy and me range is not only limited to flannel or indeed any other type of shirt and there are in fact many hundreds of various clothing, accessories and jewelry that can be worn. Clothing includes such things as plaid shirts or Christmas outfits if you want something more festive. Jumpsuits and rompers are popular as are pajamas and onesies for chilling out at home. There are aprons and cookbooks for baking fans with beautiful bracelets and necklaces for any who enjoy their jewelry.

There is a good variety of choice for mommy and me products with the few we listed above being a very small sample of the many hundreds that can be found. They are very popular with moms and their children but are not only limited to parents with the same hundreds of products being made for various permutations of different members of a family.

Most moms will start to wear matching sets of clothing like flannel shirts because of how they look. The majority of comments received from friends, family and sometimes complete strangers will usually be full of praise and usually include the phrases cute and adorable. It is a good feeling to receive some positive feedback from the way you look but there is a deeper meaning to this style of clothing. This will only be felt by the people wearing them and it will be a feeling of being closer to the person wearing the other half of the set. It is because you are both one half of a whole and only fully complete when together which creates a stronger connection and gives a sense of two people who have a very close relationship.


A Matching Flannel Shirt Set Will Be A Fantastic Gift For Mother And Daughter


Shirts are a very versatile item of clothing and we have already described the benefits of flannel. The result is a matching set of flannel shirts for a mother and daughter and these are something that will make a fantastic gift.

Most moms will love the kind of gift that brings a lot of fun and also her and her daughter closer together in a way which we described previously. However, there will still be some people with concerns about purchasing any kind of clothing as a present and this is because of the high volume of clothing the majority of women return.

We know from statistics that this high volume is around 75% which at first look seems like a high chance of failing. But, there are some positives with one being that flannel shirts, especially those in a mommy and me set are going to be limited in terms of varieties and this in itself gives a higher chance of success. We also know how much they will love the feeling of being closer to their daughter which again means it will be more likely that she will love this gift.

Flannel shirts are also a flexible item of clothing that seem to fit in anywhere and during any season and this means they will make a good gift for any of the various celebrations. This is great for any buyers because so often it can become hard to think up new ideas which often results in buying the same kind of thing time and again. Flannel shirts can be purchased for Christmas, Birthdays, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Easter and more.


A Few Of Our Favorites


ake a look at a few of our favorite designs for some ideas.


  • Buffalo plaid flannel long sleeve and button down
  • I Think I'm Gonna Kick It With My Mom Today print on back of flannel
  • Roll up sleeve casual top in black and white



  • Flannel pajamas set in multiple patterns and colors including for Christmas



Spending The Day Bonding Is Always More Fun When Feeling Comfortable



Bonding with your child is one of the most important things a mom will wish to do and these bonds are strengthened through spending quality time together. The emphasis here is on quality time which is playing an active role in what they are doing as compared to just being in the same room. This time together benefits both parent and child with the son or daughter feeling as though they are given attention, listened to, valued and loved. The mom being able to witness many her little ones milestones and incredible things they accomplish. These are all stored away as treasured memories to recall again and again.

Obviously the things you do together will be determined by your child's interests and what they are is not of great importance compared to the actual being together. One fun things to do is if a girl reaches a phase of deciding she wants to dress like her mommy. This will be a great deal of fun for mom and daughter and she will love trying on your clothes to look like you. The only downside is that your closet might not be your own for quite some time.

One way to remedy that is to buy both you and her something from the mommy and me range. To be happy she will just want to be a mini version of you and the twinning styles are perfect for this. Flannel shirts are ideal for most situations so if you want to spend the day bonding in comfort a mommy and me flannel shirt will be a great solution.

There will always be daughters who wish to look like mommy but there are just as many moms who will want their daughters to look identical to them. We have spoken of the reasons a mom likes to go out dressed in this way. While chilling out at home with her daughter will always be enjoying, being out and receiving plenty of nice comments about how cute they look will be extremely satisfying for any mom. Although we are sure they deep down, for the majority it is the special bonding time with her daughter that is the most enjoyable.