A Beautiful Pair Of Dresses For Mommy And Me Occasions


If you already have a little one in your life then you may well soon come to the phase where she will want to be dressing
like mommy does and for some people this phase is a blessing whereas for others it can be a nightmare. You may have already
come to the point where she is going through all your clothes and trying them on and you walk in to find chaos. This could
be the time to keep her happy and get yourselves a pair of matching dresses.

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For some other mom's it will be the other way around. You might not be able to wait until you and your daughter can be going out looking coordinated in the same dress. If your girl is too small yet you can both wear mother daughter shirts which are great for a younger child. Whether it is something you look forward to or that you are doing it for her, you friends and family are sure to appreciate how great you will both look together and most people will adore seeing the both of you dressed the same.

Alternatively, they could make a great gift for someone. They could be perfect for your wife, girlfriend or any other friend or relative and their daughter. Trying to buy any type of clothing for others people can be difficult to get right but with so many occasions requiring gifts throughout the year, a pair of dresses might solve a problem of what to buy this year. Many of us end up buying the same kind of things all the time so although this could be more of a gamble getting it right it could end up being worth it. On the plus side you are giving something that is personal and includes their daughter so they will be more forgiving if they are slightly wrong. You could of course go for an easier choice and buy them a pair of hats which come in numerous designs both funny and cute.

There are different styles for different occasions and times of the year and they can be purchased and worn at any time but they are generally worn during different celebrations. Occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Mother's day, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Engagements and Weddings spring to mind as perfect times to be wearing these together. Another idea for  which to purchase them would be for a special bonding day together wearing the same dress as a mark of a wonderful day spent together.

Some if not most of the clothes you end up trying out end in rejection and with so much choice it can be hard to find that perfect item. Dresses are included in this and the same can be said for those that match. In some ways this choice can be even more difficult because you have two people to please. A mothers and daughters style when it comes to fashion is most likely to be different so buying a dress that both like may require some compromise from both parties. To purchase for others you would need to consider both persons overall preference of style, designs they like to wear, what colors they prefer and whether they would like some bold or one that is more on the subtle side and blends in a little more.



A Dress That Is Matching For Mother And Daughter Tells A Story



Looking at clothing or accessories that are designed for various combinations of couples or families it is the mommy and me ranges that tend to have the most positive and loved response. For many people seeing romantic couples is matching items is a step too far but for moms and their little ones it is perfectly acceptable and looks quite adorable.

Although generally worn for special celebrations there is nothing to stop you wearing these mother and daughter dresses at any time of the year. Although some maybe themed for certain festivities, many will be a general style that will be alright to wear all the year around. In fact, you could have a couple of them in your closet, one for all around wear and the other to save for special occasions. Whether it is you who encourages your daughter to wear the same as you or her wanting to copy you there are many matching mommy and me outfits you can try out together for times like staying at home to doing some kind of activity and even swimsuits for both. Dresses will usually be saved for going out for either a celebration, something formal, lunch, dinner or anywhere that you may wish to dress up for.

If you both love a dress then there are various styles for many different occasions. There are many formal and designer designs for glam up and many that have a more casual look for day to day wear that comes in many different patterns and colors. There are those that are perfect for a summer walk in the park and those for a winter day out to a restaurant. And of course on another positive note, the more you need in your collection for different times the more of an excuse you need to add to your wardrobe.

One of the things that may influence the design in which you choose is the reaction you both might expect when wearing them out. Some of these will be designed to stand out, be fun and draw a laugh where as others might go for a more elegant look that show off your amazing style and there are those that want to portray you both as ultra cute and for people to offer you compliments and adoration.

When your next holiday or vacation is not too far away and you need to start buying your holiday clothing, a pair of  matching dresses will be a great thing to add to the list. You can both choose a bright color, perhaps a Hawaiian look for that tropical sun. It is a great way to kick off the holiday season for the both of you and treating yourselves to a day shopping certainly will make planning your vacation a lot of fun and perhaps help counting down the time.

These may be purchased as a matching set but you will also have a new dress each in your collection and although you will have had in mind to wear them together there is now nothing stopping you wearing them when out alone. It would be a shame to limit such a great looking dress to certain times when you go out together. Obviously some items like this are designed to be seen together and will not always make sense when worn apart. However, for the most part these do not follow this type of couple idea and for most of them there will be nothing to stop you wearing it separately. There is also the wonderful feeling that you know your both wore them together and had a great time so you are also wearing something that has some great memories.

Now you are eager to shop for some beautiful mommy and me dresses, what do you get? There are vast ranges available for different occasions and ready to show a variety of images. Next up we will run through some of those that are ready to purchase right now.



When To Wear And What Can I Buy


Are you looking for a little inspiration as to what you should get? You should hopefully know when you might want to wear them with your mom or daughter and this will help get you started as to what design to look for. We will run through some ideas of whats around and for what purpose you will use them for. Lets get started with all the styles available.

A Mommy And Me Easter

These dresses are perfect for wearing during the Easter period either for going out during the holiday period or at home
with the family.

  • Chiffon sleeveless shoulder strap design with floral print
  • Cold shoulder backless midi style, backless with ruffle with floral pattern
  • Sleeveless striped pattern with a casual look in pink and white
  • Floral printed long casual design perfect for a warm Easter day

Maxi Dresses

  • Loose short sleeve plain color with pockets and long maxi style
  • Striped chevron shades of blue maxi
  • Bohemian design with rose print
  • Off the shoulder ruffle with side split maxi design
  • Long sleeve solid design in one color
  • Long sleeve O-neck high waist maxi with pockets

Formal Dresses

  • Bowknot decoration in an elegant pink midi style
  • Long sleeve tulle style with v neck and floral print
  • Off shoulder backless design with ruffle great for formal occasions

Dresses Plus Size

  • Floral plus size maxi style with pockets
  • Chevron style plus size in black and white
  • Sleeveless design with long length in a plus size

Mommy And Me Birthday

  • Shoulder straps with bowknot chiffon and sleeveless in beautiful floral pattern
  • 3/4 sleeve ruffle casual but elegant perfect for birthday celebrations
  • Classy and cute strapless midi in various colors with birthdays in mind


  • Beautifully embroidered in various colors perfect for parent and child
  • African printed long maxi design with pockets

South African

  • Colorful South African style with bohemian strap great for summer

Mommy And Baby

Your baby is never too young for you to want to dress them up to match you and while a dress may not be the best solution you can still find one for you that matches your babies clothing.

  • Elegant floral maxi design for you with matching shirt for baby
  • Maxi dress in torquoise and flower print with sleepsuit in same color for baby


  • Short sleeve high low design in blue with flowers
  • Backless midi summer dress in dark blue and floral print


  • Butterfly print with spaghetti straps and v-neck - perfect beach cami style
  • Floral print sleeveless maxi sundress great for a beach party


  • Long sleeve loose maxi for casual wear with pockets in black
  • Midi style with big pockets great for both


Many of these are a reasonable price but if you are looking for the best cheap ones here are a few.

  • Sleeveless floral maxi design with pockets
  • Black with red flower print in midi style


  • Floral design in cherry and white mid length great for summer


  • Match up in style for that cocktail party in these midi designs in red
  • 1920s style fringed with sequins, beads and tassels - great for a cocktail party


  • Beautiful subtle shade of pink with medium sleeve perfect for going to Church


  • Mid calf design and 3/4 sleeve with cactus print


Kids and adults alike love Disney and what better to wear something with a Disney design

  • Variety of designs inspired by Disney characters and many with various characters printed on


  • Off shoulder, short sleeve and length in denim


  • Off shoulder ruffle design with side split leg


  • Cowl neck over the shoulder maxi design great for evening wear


  • Loose plain long maxi perfect for your Eid celebrations


  • Fancy floral strapless midi design in various colors

For Wedding

Both invited to a wedding and want to look the part, there are some great pieces for both of you to shine

  • Elegant sleeveless long design in plain subtle colors
  • Contoured style with mid sleeve and midi length in wonderful shades


  • Floral pattern with high waist and pockets

For Maternity Shoot

  • Beautiful lace long sleeve chiffon with split from in maxi style


  • Green floral style print with mid shoulder length and maxi length


  • Midi design, sleeveless with pocket in gold


  • Graduate in style with the long maxi designs with long sleeves

Baby Girl

  • Mid shoulder ruffle with backless strap midi style

Wedding Guest

  • Elegant round neck lace floral short sleeve design

Flower girl

  • Elegant lace design perfect for a flower girl


Holiday season is here and you want to look the part and match up with you parent or child to get into the holiday spirit

  • Short sleeve and length in bright floral colors
  • Great bohemia style maxi with a mid sleeve


  • Multi color floral pattern with straps and v neck in cami style


  • Loose casual long sleeve and mid length with pockets


  • Denim jean style short length with ruffles

4th Of July

  • Chiffon floral with midi sleeve and midi length

Long Sleeve

  • Long sleeve with a maxi style and various colors


  • Beautifully designed lace with off shoulder and mid length


  • Long sleeve and long maxi style in subtle shades with pocket


  • Red and pink roses in linen in a midi style


  • Long sleeve over the shoulder maxi style


  • Short sleeve casual look with floral patchwork print


  • Backless strap design in floral blue


  • Floral pink and white on a maxi design with straps


  • Purple and white chiffron style with mid length sleeves


For you little one dressing like a Princess is the dream and now she can

  • Full length straight with lace back in various colors


  • Rainbow colored sequin Princess style


  • Red and white rose print on strapped style with v-neck


  • Knee length and off shoulder in floral print


  • Smocked creation in floral design with short sleeves


Summer just calls out for this type of clothing and you can fill your summer wardrobe with these designs

  • Floral off shoulder cami design in variety of colors
  • Loose strapped style mid length in bright color
  • Maxi style loose for summer wear with shoulder straps


Floral prints and especially sunflowers are a very popular well loved color

  • Casual style short with straps in white with sunflowers
  • Long sleeve mid length in black with sunflower print
  • Sleeveless round neck in white with sunflowers


  • Backless strap midi style perfect for you and your toddler
  • Short sleeve turquoise knee length summer style with toddler sizes


  • White top with pink tutu style skirt set
  • Black and pink tutu style with straps
  • Red and white stripes with red tutu perfect for summer


  • Vintage fit and flare in variety of tropical patterns
  • Flower print summer sleeveless midi with pocket perfect for tropical climate


  • In white with floral pattern with classy look perfect for Thanksgiving celebrations


  • Traditional styling with striped and solid color, long sleeve maxi design


  • Velvet long sleeve midi one piece with waistband


  • Vintage style swing holiday and party style with pocket
  • 1920s Art Nouveau design with fringed flapper styling
  • Vintage 1950s Rockabilly polka dot retro pin up cocktail style
  • Vintage Tea dress for cocktail party, prom etc


  • Sleeveless boho style perfect for Valentines day
  • Black and red short sleeve with short dress and Valentine heart


  • Short sleeve midi with dinosaur pattern


  • All white long sleeve maxi with pockets
  • All white sleeveless with short ruffle


  • Long sleeve casual maxi great for keeping warm in the winter season


  • Cold shoulder with ruffle, straps and backless in yellow with flowers


Looking Stylish In Custom Dresses That Match Each Other


Wearing dresses that match with your mom or daughter create wonderful moments and although you can continue this look as your daughter grows up it will be when she is young that the times dressing like mommy will be most memorable and fun. It is these times you will want to treasure as it will not be long before she is grown up and doesn't have as so much time for you. You will still get to dress up for some celebrations but you won't get that feeling all of the time whereas when she is little they will want all your time dedicated to them.

This is an important thing to think about because many of us are often guilty of not having enough time to give our children. We all get busy with work and other things in our lives and other things and people are put off until another day which sometimes never comes. If you have not been dedicating enough time to your little one, perhaps making up for with a nice dress and a special day out will be a good start to change this.

Dressing up like you could be one of those ideas she has had for a long time and now you feel is the right time to just do it. In which case you have a few options available to you. You could plan a terrific mom and daughter bonding day and fill it with all the things she enjoys doing and begin the day with a pair of beautiful dresses for each of you to wear. Alternatively, you could introduce the idea to her and plan the whole thing out together. You can start by choosing your dress together and then plan the day out. They are both good approaches, one has the element of surprise while the other you can guarantee you will be doing all the things she enjoys because you planned it together.

Perhaps this idea is not coming from either mother or daughter but from another relative. You could be thinking of surprising your wife or girlfriend and daughter with a nice gift for a special day. This is a great thought but also one that could be hard to pull off. Picking out a dress for another person or in this case two people is going to be hard to get right.
More often than not it can be difficult for them to choose for themselves so trying to achieve this is a hard task. If it is something you wish to go ahead with then consider their fashion style, what they already like to wear, what colors they like to wear the most and what materials. If you get it right it will turn out to be a lovely surprise for them.

If you are buying for someone else it will usually be for a special celebration like Christmas, Easter, birthdays or Mother's  day and a mother and daughter may also buy them for a special day out or a wedding or holiday/ vacation. A bonding day doing all of your child's favorite things could be a great way to get them out of the house if you have problems with them glued to their phones, laptops or TV's.

The are a wide range of choices in terms of styles, designs and colors and making that final choice can be time consuming and a difficult decision. Clothing can often portray different personalities and moods and this will be another factor to add into your check list, this along with the fact this niche of clothing can be fun or cute all adds up to a dress that will be hard to get perfect and all we can say to that is, why pick one when you can have two or three.