Make Drinking Fun With Matching Cups For Mommy And Me


There are a variety of designs of cups available that are made specifically for a various couple combinations. There are couple mugs designed for romantically involved couples as well as those for best friends and different family members but probably the most adorable selection are those that are created for mother and daughter. There are a lot of different matching style items that can include clothing and accessories that are produced as gifts and for those who want to show their connection and for every one who loves this style there are many who do not. However, you do not have to flaunt it to the whole world and this is where accessories such as cups make great gift ideas. For those that find wearing coordinated outfits that match too much then an item like these or perhaps a mom daughter keychain would be acceptable.

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Any clothing or accessories that you purchase from the mommy and me range will come as a set of two which is self explanatory. They can be bought as a pair either by the mother to the daughter or vice versa and would make a great gift for various occasions. The pair will come with an image or words that will match one another or some kind of symbol that will be complete when both are brought together.

You could also buy these as a separate item to give to either your mom or daughter with some meaningful words or image. This type would make a great gift for Mother’s day or a Wedding day or any time you want to show them how much you care and love them or want to celebrate your special bond. You can also get those that are funny and are made to be bring a bit of a laugh between you.

Although these are wonderful gifts to give between a mother and daughter they will also make a great present to give to your wife, girlfriend or another relative and friend and their child. A set could be given to both of them or maybe just to the mother who will appreciate it even more as it will include and have a connection to their little one. With the many celebrations though the year that requires a gift, mother daughter mugs could be something unique that would be well received at any time including Christmas, Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Easter or Mother’s day.

There are numerous beautiful sets and individual cups and mugs that are available and they come in a variety of designs,  styles, colors and words. There is a wide enough range for their to be at least one choice that most people would like the most. Although in reality there are many gorgeous designs and we think narrowing it down to one choice could be  challenging. Knowing what the recipient enjoys is a good starting point, be it a particular animal, flower or color then you can base your decisions around that initial like.



These Mother Daughter Mugs Are Perfect For Coffee Tea Or Anything Else



While looking around at the various mother and daughter items that are available you will understand they all have one thing in common and that is the strong bond between the two that they portray. It does not matter if it is a necklace or one more simple like a keychain, what they show is the special relationship between the parent and child and by using whichever item you wish to display this you will show the world the love you have for each other.

Mugs or cups are one such item that are styled to show what a strong bond you both have. This alone makes them a wonderful gift that can be displayed in a cabinet or on a shelf. They look beautiful and some owners do not wish to risk breaking them or perhaps don’t use such kitchen wear often. Although you may find some kinds are for display only, many will be usable and a lot of people will use them. Traditionally cups are for drinking tea and mugs will be more suited to coffee but you can drink whatever you like from either. Let us also not forgot a nice hot chocolate which usually will go down well in a mug, whether that is because they look like you are getting more we do not know.

When buying these as a set, they are not only meant to be heading for the same household. Many children are still at home, in which case you can enjoy your mug of coffee together but obviously, some daughters have grown up and started their lives in their own houses. If this is the case then these can still make a great gift because each day both of you will have the reminder of the wonderful connection you have and drink out one of the same pair. A great way to start your morning with your coffee or tea drinking it while being reminded of some memories you both will have shared and how much you care for one another. The same can be said for any time you are both a long distance apart for some time, perhaps while away at college for instance, all of them have the same meaning.

If you considering buying a set as a gift for a mother and her child, to make the right choice only needs a few clues to be solved. Take a look at what is available and take into account what color they may prefer, white is the popular choice but they may prefer a different color. Ensure you have some ideas of what they like as most of these are quite decorative and you will a pattern of something that they like. Lastly, what special words would you like to see. There are those that have set phrases or slogans, some that are personalized and those that can be funny or cute and this choice will be determined by what reaction you want to see from the recipient.



Gift Ideas And Designs For A Cup Or Mug



Fantastic designs all making great solutions for gifts but with all that choice available which one will you buy? We are going to run through a few ideas to help inspire you or just to kick start your decision making process. These are just a few of our favorite examples that you can buy right now.

Mommy And Me Cups

Ceramic With Gift Box

Perfect for coffee, tea or hot chocolate, all come in gift box

  • My Sunshine Ceramic Cup Set – Yellow and white Sun image – You are my sunshine message
  • Queen Bee And Mini Bee
  • She Got It From Me – I Got It From Mama
  • One Blessed Mama – Little Blessing
  • I Love You – I Love You More

Gift Set

  • Like Mother – Like Daughter
  • Where You Lead – I Will Follow

Tumbler Mug – Plastic Sippy Cup For Newborn Baby

  • Mama Bear – Baby Bear

Mother Daughter Mugs

Mother’s Day

  • My Favorite Child Gave Me This
  • Best Mom Ever 11oz Marble Ceramic
  • The Best Kind Of Mom Raises A Nurse
  • This Lady Is One Awesome Mom
  • I Love My Mommy
  • Always My Mother, Forever My Friend
  • The Love Between A Queen And Princess


  • A Mother Holds Her Children’s Hands For A While… Their Hearts Forever


  • Hello My New Name Is Mommy
  • My Favorite Medical Assistant Calls Me Mom
  • Mama Shark Needs A Drink
  • Mother Of Dragons
  • Mommys Epic Sippy Mug
  • Thanks For Squeezing Us Out
  • Mamasaurus – Jurasskicked
  • Thanks For Putting Up With A Spoilt, Ungrateful, Messy Brat

For Daughter

  • Special message of strength and love 11oz coffee mug
  • I Smile Because You’re My Daughter

Long Distance

  • The Love Between a Mother And Daughter Knows No Distance – with custom state personalized print
  • Personalized I Miss You


  • Mama Hen – Little Chick


  • Thank You – Bonus Mom – Friend
  • Tree and Rainbow image with verse


  • A daughter makes the day brighter and the heart warmer
  • This is one awesome mom
  • Remember I love you



Personalized Cups For Drinking Make Great Gifts For Mom Or Child


Sharing your life with your child as they grow up is the most pleasurable experience of your life. Supporting them, loving them, protecting them and showing that you care on a daily basis are just a few of the things you do to ensure they feel safe and loved. From the time they are first born you have a wonderful number of years to make memories with them that will  last forever, not just for you but them too. She may well reach a phase in her life where she wants to copy everything that mommy does and while you may think of a coffee mug as more suitable for an older child there are plastic varieties on the market that mean your little one can have a matching copy of your mug to use such as a sippy cup.

This time you spend with them is important for you and for her as it will not seem long at all before she leaves home either to go to college or getting married and starting a family of her own. These are great periods in your life for either mom or daughter to give a personalized gift to one another to share your thoughts. For a mom to her girl it could mean a good luck, thinking of you, love you, always be here to support you message and from child to mother one that says thank you for everything you have done for me, how much you appreciate it and how much you love her.

Although these cups are designed particularly for mother and daughter either as a set or an individual item, there are other related family members that could also be included. This could be in-laws to be or perhaps if there is more than one child in which case there are designs especially for them. Being bought by another party is also a possibility, maybe from a grandmother, grandfather or husband in which case you will two peoples tastes to think about before making your purchasing decision.

You will find many of these items that match or those that are custom or personalized are either saved for display or only used on special celebration so as to avoid them getting damaged. They are perfectly safe to use for your cup of tea but we can understand that because they will have some sentimental value and the fact they look beautiful makes it hard to actually want to risk using them. There is certainly no reason why they can’t only be for decoration just like any other decorative pieces in your home.