Look Incredible In Christmas Dresses For Mommy And Me


Christmas is a season that most people look forward to and this is especially true of children. At this time of year many of us are that little bit more happy and free from the burdens of every day life. There is much to plan, presents to buy and food to eat and for children it is all abot the build up to Christmas morning when they get to open their presents. Many families will have an afternoon Christmas lunch and it is then when a lot family members will dress up and this is the perfect opportunity to wear a matching set of dresses in two sizes, for the mommy and me style.

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Although available for a newborn baby, their clothing usually consists of easy to change, comfortable and warm garments such as rompers or bodysuits. When they reach infant and toddler age the choice of clothing opens up and dresses of the size for this age range are more widely available. Kids beyond those ages have the same scope of potential clothing as adults which makes finding your coordinated items much easier. It is not just Christmas for which this matching style is available and equally it is not only clothing but also many different accessories and jewelry that can be found.

The twinning look is also available for many different combinations of family members along aide a mom and daughter. Some example of clothes include Christmas outfits and leggings with garments for the home such as pajamas, accessories like a scarf and even items of jewelry which can include rings and anklets.

The most popular time of the year for any kind of clothing that matches to be worn is around any periods of celebration which can also include Thanksgiving, Halloween, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays and more. There is also clothing of various designs that can be worn at any time of the year and they have many fans who enjoy the feeling of wearing such item at any time. There are an equal amount of people who simply do not get or particularly like the whole concept of coordinated clothing. Although, most of the time the negative reaction is aimed at couples connected romantically. Any parent and child combination will more often get a positive reaction.

Christmas is a good time to start your journey into wearing mommy and me stuff more often. For many people it is when their families wearing of the matching style first starts. For others it will be part of a tradition that mom’s enjoyed as kids and are sharing the fun with theirs. For many people it will be the seeing of someone else dressed this way that sparks an interest in trying it out themselves. There is also the option that has been created by a child. When some children reach a certain age they have a need to try on their moms and dads clothes or anything else for that matter. Buying them something to match yours is a way of satisfying their curiosty while also saving your own wardrobe.

A Christmas dress will already look stunning and elegant whether it for day or evening wear and the addition of one that matches for a daughter make the whole look incredibly cute. How they look is one important factor which also makes them perfect for any Christmas photos. There is also the image that they create and this is one that shows a strong connection between the mother and daughter and a relationship with a lot of love. When two people are pictured in a matching look it is one that portrays a close bond and one of unity. From the mom and daughters perspective they can expect to feel closer to each other than normal although this will really by psychological.

It is not just Christmas dresses for a mother and daughter that portray this image but also any other clothing or objects. The same connection will also be seen in other family members although any babies or young children are unlikely to undertand the significance until they get older and look back on the old photographs.

Anything involving Christmas is exciting and a Christmas dress is just another addition to add to all of the other wonderful things going on. Younger children tend not to be too interested in what they are wearing which means mom gets to pick her favorite. Older kids will want to help make the decision which means moms won’t have it all their own way but doing this together will make up for it. It could become a new Christmas tradition for which you could choose a certain day each year as being the day to choose your new dresses together.


A Matching Dress For Mother And Daughter Can Be A Great Gift



Surveys suggest that the percentage of clothing that is returned by women that has been given to them as a gift is around 75%. This is a high number and proves what most people, especially men have known for years, that females can be incredibly difficult to buy clothing for.

A dress is probably one of those garments that is best avoided as a gift, especially with the knowledge that so many are returned or exchanged. It might be one of those items best left to a mother and daughter to decide upon, but on the other hand they would make for a wonderful gift. Because they are for Christmas, the actual choice is more limited and as they have been produced to be worn and look great over this holiday period. You may find the persons you are buying them for to be more flexible when it come to something Christmassy. When you add this to the fact they are a set for two people to help show their bond then the chances are both will love them.

The second difficulty comes from the fact that these are a set designed for two people which means two peoples tastes need to be catered for. Being for Christmas once again makes the choices a little easier because there are a smaller number of dresses produced for Christmas compared to normal varieties. Colors tend to include red, green, blue and white and designs will usually be midi or maxi style with long or short sleeves.

Although picking out what you hope will be the right one can be seen as a risk, the gamble can pay off because they are one of those items that would be a complete surprise. There are many celebration during the year that require a need to dream up new ideas for presents and over the years this can become more and more difficult to achieve. Many of us often buy the same stuff year after year so although buying a dress set for mommy and daughter will perhaps be a risky choice, the uniqueness of the gift and surprise will be worth it.

Most of Christmas clothing will be decorated or have patterns the include Santa Claus, snowmen, reindeer, Christmas trees and elves but Christmas dresses tend to avoid the full Christmas look and opt for seasonal colors which means they are more elegant and can be worn to suit more occasions. This means you could wear them at home for dinner but would also fit in at a more formal party. One of the advantage of them being not too Christmassy is that they could also be used at other times of the year which makes the purchase of them more cost effective as they will get more use.


A Few Of Our Favorites And The Latest Sets



We have listed some of our favorite sets with a brief description in order to offer a few ideas, or perhaps inspire your quest in finding the right set for you both.


  • Stretchy plaid long sleeve dresses with tutu for child
  • Plaid long sleeve red Christmas dresses
  • Half sleeve plaid party dress
  • Buffalo plaid high waist patchwork midi dress
  • Black and red long sleeve stretchy plaid

Long Sleeve

  • Long sleeve deep purple floral printed with pockets


  • Christmas red skater style cocktail dress


  • Green and white half sleeve holiday dress printed with dog and cats wearing santa hats


  • Christmas skater dress in red with lace


  • Vintage velvet long sleeve stretchy dress in green

Elegant/ Evening

  • Light pastel pink midi dress with bowknot
  • Light purple off shoulder maxi length, backless with ruffle


  • Minnie Mouse red polka dot dress

Santa Claus

  • Sleeveless swing sundress with Santa Claus and snowman all over print


  • Sleeveless swing dress with straps and floral design

Royal Blue

  • Blue parent child cocktail style with bow


  • Pink sleeveless set with floral pattern strips


  • Midi length set of 2 in dark blue with pockets


  • Burgundy velvet Christmas dress, long sleeve, stretchy set of two


  • Cold shoulder backless floral print midi length


  • Full length maxi in white with flower pattern and long sleeves with pockets



The Joy Of The Holiday Season Is Perfect For Mom Daughter Bonding



The days, hours and minutes that are spent with your children are equally important as these are the times you get to bond with one another. Christmas is just one of those days but the whole holiday is a great period to be with each other. It is a time when most are at home, either from education or work and have the little bit more free time. It is also a time of love and understanding which makes it the perfect season to build a strong relationship, epecially so with older kids who are often busy with their own lives.

As well as some children prefering to gaze at their mobiles, there are also parents who do not dedicate enough of their time into being with their kids. Sometimes this is not by choice but due to work commitments but can also be because they prefer their own social lives to spending time with their children. Most parents will prioritise their babies but there are a few who don’t wish to drop their old lifestyles.

The parents that do let other things to precident over their little ones are potentially missing many never to be repeated milestones. Children achieve so much in their first few years and many of these will be regarded by most as unmissable moments that will be treasured for the rest of their lives.

Ensuring you are spending enough time with your children is not only important for the precious memories you will build up but also because your presence is good for them. They need to grow up in a home where their moms and dads give them plenty of attention, love and who listen. They will learn how act around people and react in their own relationships later in life from the people they spend the most time with. Parents who wish to influence this development need to begin by dedicating more time to their kids.

It is understandable for many parents with good wishes and intentions to have to miss out on the time they would love to spend with their children. This is often born out of a need to work many hours in order to feed, cloth and educate those they love the most. However there will still be in the enviable situation of being able to do something about it and make those changes. The experience of enjoying many hours with the children at Christmas could be the deciding factor and is a great time of the year to mark a fresh beginning. December 25th can become the annual anniversary of this new beginning and is a great occasion to celebrate each year you have dedicated more time to your kids.

A high percentage of moms already give their daughters or sons the attention they require for many hours a day. Looking back through the last 50 years studies have revealed that we spend much more time with our kids today than we have ever done in the past. This means we are taking enough part in our childrens lives to fulfill the attention they require to grow in a positive way.
Christmas just gives even more opportunities to hang out together, play games, have fun and enjoy the new matching dresses that are perfect for those mommy and me bonding days.