Adorn Your Hair With A Bow Each For Mommy And Me


After having their first baby you will sometimes see a complete lifestyle change in many moms. Holding their baby in their arms kicks in the natural mommy instinct to love and protect their newborn. They will spend many years taking care and raising their child and enjoy dressing them in clothing they think is cute. When they reach an appropriate age, perhaps as a toddler, they can also start to wear accessories such as mommy and me bows.

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Hair bows are a wonderful accessory that have been worn by both men and women of all ages for many hundreds of years. Through different cultures they have been worn to represent many things such as prosperity and extravagance. Today they are more recognized as a hair accessory for younger girls but are also used by adult women as they can be sophisticated and fun.

Bows are not the only accessory that is produced in the mommy and me style, there are many others as well as clothing and jewelry. Other accessories for the head include the very similar headbands, a variety of hats including winter hats and bonnets. These items are not just restricted to head wear with garments such as birthday outfits for that special occasion, rompers and sweaters for every day use and pajamas with robes to wear at home. There are also other pieces like Willow Tree figurines and bracelets for any moms and daughters who wish to share jewelry.

This is just a very small guide to what you can buy where the full list runs into thousands of different objects. This matching style is very appealing and fortunately it is not only for mother and daughters but also every other member of a family. There are no pairs left out from the permutations of products that are made although not all items would suit each pair. This is really down to their huge popularity and all the benefits the wearing of matching stuff brings to those who enjoy it. Families, parent and children are the most popular among all the creations and will generally always receive comments that are nice and positive.

We mentioned the benefits of wearing this matching style and the first thought for most moms prior to trying it out will be how cute they will look and what a great photo opportunity it would make. This of course is true, they often tend to elicit a reaction that ends up with all kinds of adjectives along the lines of adorable and cute. Beyond the looks there is a more important meaning and that is the one that can only be understood through wearing them and this is the connection they create. The two people wearing their matching set of, in this case bows will have an inner feeling of closeness to each other. They can also be seen by the outside world as items that show a mom and daughter who have a close relationship with a strong connection and a loving and unbreakable bond.


A Set Of Matching Bows Could Be A Nice Gift For Mom And Daughter



A matching set of hair bows, although quite a small and inexpensive accessory will still make a nice novelty gift for a mom and daughter. Gifts don’t always have to be expensive to have a real impact and these are sure to go down well with the recipients.

For some would be buyers there may be some doubt that creeps into the mind and often this comes from being burned in the past. We are speaking here of the difficulty in choosing any kind of clothing for a woman being, what often feels like an impossible task. Factoring in the statistics that say around 75% of all clothing purchased as gifts for women are returned and some reluctance to buy any kind of clothing, even hair bows can be understood.

Figures are just what they are, figures, and although this statistic does appear to be very high it does cover all types of clothes. Here we are dealing with a bow and there is not much to get wrong with a bow. There is also the added sentimental attachment that any mom will feel when she realizes it is a matching set for her and her daughter. On top of this there is the feeling of closeness to each that they bring, as we mentioned previously.

This set is going to make a nice surprise gift to give with some others. It will be special and quite unique to any mom who had not yet experienced anything in the mommy and me range. Bows are also an item that are worn throughout the year and this means they can be purchased for any celebration, including Christmas, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and more.

As we said bows are a fairly simple object and a hard one to make the wrong choice on. There are only a few options and all look amazing but in terms of styles there are the following:

  1. Button
  2. Yarn
  3. Ribbon Flower
  4. Pom-Pom
  5. Butterfly
  6. No-slip
  7. Loop
  8. Fabric
  9. Felt
  10. No-Sew
  11. Crocheted

They also come in a few different materials which include:

  1. Grosgrain
  2. Silk
  3. Lace
  4. Tulle
  5. Satin
  6. Organza
  7. Velvet
  8. Ric-Rac
  9. Felt
  10. Leather
  11. Vinyl

The only other option is color of which you will find every color in the rainbow as well multi-colored, patterned, dotted, striped and more. This may seem like quite a few options to consider but it is probably safe to say that any will be well received with color probably being the most important one to get right.


A Few Of Our Favorites


Here are a few of our favorite bows with a brief description.

  • Premium quality nylon bows in various colored polka dot and plaid
  • Boho style in variety of colors including blue, pink, orange, red, black, yellow, white
  • Soft cotton with spandex in floral pattern
  • Cotton and nylon, extra stretchy in red with white dots
  • Soft touch synthetic cotton in floral print



Add A Fun Accessory To Your Hair When Enjoying A Day Of Bonding



The times which you spend with your children are important ones but the more vital is the quality of the time you spend with them. There is a vast difference between being sat in the same room look at a mobile as compared to communicating and participating in the games they are playing which will really enhance the bonding experience. The majority of mothers will want to have this quality time with their kids and enjoy it. They are often rewarded with being a witness to many of the special milestones and awesome achievements their little ones manage to perform and these become one of many treasured memories to look back on.

One of those precious stages you daughter may go through is wanting to dress like mommy and this is a fun way of spending some quality time together. This will most of the time involve raiding your wardrobe of its clothing and attempting to try things on. This not only includes clothes but accessories, shoes, jewelry and make up. During this age they just want to be like their mommy and you may find it difficult to stop having all of your clothing constantly removed.

One way to stop this is to buy your daughter a matching set of something, also known as the mommy and me or twinning range. This will be a wonderful surprise for them but will be up to each individual mom as to how far you go. Some mothers may be comfortable wearing a full matching ensemble with their child whereas others may prefer a more subtle approach. For the latter it only needs to be a small object such as a mommy and me bow that should be enough to satisfy their curiosities and to know they are identical to mommy in some way.

Obviously this can work both ways and it may actually be a mom who wishes her daughter to dress like her. Some mothers really love this coordinated look and relish in dressing their baby up in the mommy and me look with every single garment matching. Although, again there will be other moms who while wanting to coordinate with their child wish to do so in a discreet way which is where accessories like bows are a popular choice.

Most moms and daughters have special days together planned out to do all the things they both enjoy and these are the moments the mommy and me range are perfect for. The things that they do in a day are also not the most important but what is, is the engagement between the two. The talking, the listening, the advice, support, encouragement leading to the trust and bonding that takes place in a day just for them. Additional items like matching bows are just the icing on the cake of what should be a regular occurrence.