Read Write And Draw Together With Books For Mommy And Me


There are countless different ways in which to keep your child occupied including hundreds that a mom and her baby can do together. Every mother and child’s interests vary as we are all individuals with many different likes and dislikes. Of course there will be a few activities that every parent should do with their child. One of the more important ones is reading together with writing and drawing included in this and for any mothers, a mommy and me book is a great solution to keeping your little one interested.

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Every child is at different stages, even those of the same age, with a wide range of reading levels and ability to write and draw. Picking the correct level for your child is imperative in order than the books are not too difficult or easy. Children also have differing interests where some love to color in while others prefer reading or writing. It is best to choose what they enjoy in order to uphold their level of interest.

We all understand how essential books are to a children of all ages for their education and development and there are many produced for all of the age groups from young babies, newborns through to toddlers and older. Taking an active role in their learning is something all parents realize that they should be doing but not all manage to do so. One of the great ways for a mom to get involved is through one of the many awesome mommy and me books that can be purchased.

Books are one of several hundred different products that can be found for mommy and me with the addition of many pieces of clothing, accessories and jewelry. Other books that can be found include the likes of scrapbooks and journals for thoughts and memories and cookbooks for baking fans. The range of clothing is vast with festive specials like Christmas outfits included among everyday garments such as shorts or jumpsuits and for the home robes and pajamas. There can also be found a number of accessories like willow tree figurines and cups as well as popular pieces of jewelry, one example of which are bracelets.

Most moms will be overjoyed that there is such a fantastic range from which to choose any number of items that she can enjoy with her daughter together. There are many positive points that can come from using these matching styles one of which is the closeness than can be felt by the two persons wearing them if they were clothing. They portray a beautiful bond between mom and daughter which shows how close and how strong their relationship is

Obviously books won’t evoke such feelings but it will still be an item that brings a mom and daughter closer together. Sharing in reading together means being close to one another, perhaps even cuddled up on the sofa. Reading the same story means there can be further discussion about the book which can open up further communication about other subjects. This can help both to learn about each other and through talking and listening together a strong connection is being formed.


A Book For A Mom And Her Child Would Be A Wonderful Gift



Combining the fact that a book will help with a child’s learning process and help to bring a mom and her son or daughter closer together, the result is one that will make a wonderful gift. One of the more important options is to choose a book that falls within the correct age range of the child. Another is to try and pick a subject that they will enjoy reading so they do not bore too easily and stop their reading.

This is a book that will be enjoyed by both mommy, son and daughter which means it can be a gift for either one. A mom will love a book that she can share with her children as it helps her to spend time with them and feel close. There are also options to personalize them to particular mom. Some are special mommy and me stories, others about how much a baby loves their mommy. There are more still that are for mom and child to color in together. It can also, of course be a combined gift for both.

There will be some people who don’t like to make decisions that involve some guesswork when choosing gifts. Books are one of those items that could be easy to get wrong what with various story subjects and age ranges. Most books that involve a mom and child reading together will usually have a subject matter that are heartwarming and fun. Most books will give an age group they are suitable for which makes it a difficult gift to get wrong.

Another positive point is the fact that books are read throughout the year and this makes them a gift that can be given for numerous occasions. Many people can find it hard to drum up new ideas for gifts for all of the many celebrations in a year and any one of these books is something that will be enjoyed and cherished. They can be given to any one of the following, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Easter, Thanksgiving and more.

Books themselves are all much of a muchness with only a few slight variations which include paperback and hardback. Other obvious differences are amount of pages, size of print, how many images they have and their appearance, in other words life like or cartoon depictions. Whether they are interactive and require some filling in of words or coloring and the overall color of the book. All of these are options which can effect the books suitability for younger or older children.


Some Of Our Favorite Titles


Here are some of our favorite titles which you may enjoy with an additional brief description.

  • Love Your Forever – 4 years and up – About a mother and her newborn son
  • Mommy And Me – 1 – 5 years – Celebrate the love between mothers and children through mommy and baby bear
  • Just Me And My Mom – 3 – 7 years – Little critter and his mom in a heart warming story
  • I’ve Loved You Since Forever – 4 – 8 years – Told through a fox and cub as a testament to the love between parent and child
  • I Love You, Mommy – 3 – 6 years – The bond between little bear and mommy bear
  • Mommy And Me Finger Puppet Board Book – 2 – 4 years – Mommy elephant finger puppets busy day in a jungle
  • Between Mom And Me – 7 years and up – A creative way to connect with coloring pages and challenges
  • If I Could Keep You Little – 1 – 5 years – Heartwarming book about a parents love
  • Me And My Mom – 2 – 5 years – Mommy bear and her little cub
  • Together A Mom And Me Coloring Book – 2 – 5 years – Sit side by side and color in adorable animal illustrations together
  • Mama, Do You Love Me? – 0 – 12 years – Beautiful story in an arctic setting
  • I Love My Mommy Because… – 1 – 3 years – A story of parents and children in humans and animals including cats and kittens, kangaroo’s and joey’s, deer and fawn, otters, rabbits and more
  • God Gave Us You – 3 – 7 years – Polar bear mama and her cub
  • My Mom Loves Me – 2 years – Celebrating the special relationship between every mother and child
  • I Love You To The Moon And Back – 2 – 5 years – Bear and cub having a special day together
  • I Love You, Mommy And Daddy – 5 – 6 years – Two stories of bear celebrating the bond between parent and child
  • Mommy, Mama And Me – 3 – 7 years – A toddler spending a day with two mommies. One of the original same sex, gay parent books


Participating In Your Children’s Education Is A Good Way Of Bonding



Taking an interest in your child’s education is not only good for them but also the parents. It does not matter what age the child is, they can all benefit for a mom or dads guidance. Mommy and me books are catering for younger children as a whole and are a good way to get both mom and daughter or son reading together.

They can be especially beneficial if you have a child who is reluctant to look at any books. Making the whole thing a fun activity which they can do with their mom will encourage them to read with you. When it is personalized or a story that represents the both of you it may well spark an interest that could not be there usually.

An important aspect in getting a child to read is to have a story that will interest them. It can be difficult enough as it is keeping a young girl or boys mind focused on one thing for any length of time without trying to achieve this with a book that they find boring.

Another sometimes overlooked factor that will help a child take interest in a book is its appearance. Does your son or daughter prefer large or small books? paperback or hardback? Are there any characters or animals that might capture their attention and in the same vein are there things they don’t like. The same can be said of colors, what may seem trivial to some people will in some, especially children, cause a big enough dislike to discourage them.

When you are having some special mommy and me time, reading a book is a great way to spend it. It does not necessarily have to be only reading, some books will encourage interaction with tasks like writing and coloring. Each time a mother and daughter or son spend some quality hours together they are constantly bonding with one another and books are another activity they will both get enjoyment from.