Preserve And Protect Your Hair With These Bonnets For Mommy And Me


There is whole range of mommy and me clothing, accessories and jewelry that means most things you may have in mind to buy for you baby you can most probably get the twinning version of so that you can match. For some mom’s the thought of matching themselves and their baby is the worst fashion faux pas while for others it is a style they embrace and love. We do believe even the most avid critic of this style will find at least one item that they will like as there as so many that are very cute.

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A bonnet can serve a number of functions which we will take a look at later and the purpose of their use will determine the reason for which you are buying them. Having a set that matches just for appearance is one of the reasons for owning them. As with all mommy and me matching items it may be the mother herself who wants herself and her baby to look coordinated and enjoy the super cute look that comes with it. Dressing alike provides the perfect photo opportunities to share with friends and while mom and baby always look adorable any additional garment that matches will enhance the look even more so.

At the right age you may find your little one actually wants to dress like mommy. They will probably like dressing up in your clothes and copying you in every way. If the twinning look wasn’t at the forefront of your mind previously perhaps with your child’s interest in looking like you it is time to satisfy their curiosity and purchase something that you both can match. As we mentioned there is whole array of items available and you could step out in dresses or leggings and for anyone wanting a more subtle approach there are hats or even a scarf. There are other garments more suitable for the home such as robes and of course bonnets.

Bonnets serve an important purpose and are not really what you might describe as a fashion accessory for wearing out. However, that does not mean to say you cannot look good in them. Although they are often worn for sleeping many people wear them at all times at home to offer protection to the hair. This might mean seeing family and friends while wearing one so you’ll probably want one that suits your style of fashion. With this in mind you will need to choose one that fits in with your wardrobe but because they are also for your daughter you will need to find something that suits her as well.

Although their basic design is similar there are many option when it comes to colors which should make complimenting both of your clothes an easier task. Materials also have options but if it is being worn to protect the hair then satin is the preferred choice with silk as another option and these will be the most popular materials available. Alternatively if the wearing of one is not due to protecting the hair but rather staying warm then wool, fleece or cotton are among the most common fabrics.



A Matching Bonnet Gives Great Looking Hair And A Warm Head




All of the various clothing and accessory sets are designed and manufactured for almost every combination of couple you can think of. There also exists many many different garments, jewelry and other objects that have been produced with couples in mind to a point where if it is available individually you can probably buy them as a pair. All of these different things for all manor of couples make great gifts to give between themselves but also from friends and family to any particular couple. Included in this list of couples are mommy and me designs which are without doubt among the cutest and adorable of the bunch.

Many of the most popular items include any type of outfit and outdoor wear followed by mother daughter pajamas. Bonnets have been used for hundreds of years and served many purposes but would have usually be used to keep the head warm, the rain off or protection from the sun. While these are still used today and they are as popular as the modern day bonnets which have take then name as the covering to protect the hair, especially when sleeping.


Why are they used and what makes them so important?


Not everyone’s hair is the same and some peoples require more care than others. During our daily routines our hair receives many different stresses from external elements which can result in fragile and dry hair and even hair loss. Most people would think that it is during the day that causes they most problems for their hair but it can also get damaged during the night. Pillowcases, bed sheets and night wear can affect the healthiness of your hair. This is where a hair bonnet comes in as it prevents any damage caused by sleeping on the hair as well as pillowcases or if your hair is tangled.

Hair bonnets work by helping to retain the hairs natural moisture throughout the night. Hair that is particularly at risk are those that are very curly or kinky and this is especially true of those people from African or African American descent. Our scalp will produce a natural oil which is named sebum and for those people with straight hair the sebum will travel along the hair easily. The problem with curly or kinky hair is that the sebum finds it more difficult to travel the length of the hair. Because the sebum cannot find its way down through the twists and coils of this kind of hair also means that moisture does not reach all of the parts and moisture retention is vital to having strong and healthy hair. Certain fabrics will actually escalate the problem and make the hair drier even faster. Some of these fabrics include cotton pillowcases and sofas and this is where a bonnet works its magic by protecting the hair against many potential problem materials.


Some Of The Reasons For Wearing A Bonnet


  • There are areas on your head where the hair is thinner from getting caught up in bedding and clothes causing it to be ripped from the scalp
  • When you try to protect your hair by putting into buns, braids or use scrunchies but you find it uncomfortable
  • The recommended protective sleep style, the pineapple ponytail is uncomfortable
  • There is any hairstyle that you would like to maintain through the night
  • Having long hair that tangles easily during sleep which in turn causes damage
  • You prefer to sleep on cotton sheets and pillowcases rather than satin or silk
  • During the night your hair will become frizzy
  • Your hair is naturally kinky, curly or coiled and gets very tangled through the night


Best Types To Use


Satin is the best material to protect your hair due to its construction of tightly woven fibers. These help to keep the moisture in the bonnet and therefore on your hair through the night. They remain on your head by way of elastic or ties and come in a variety of styles and colors.


Once again one of the main materials due to them keeping the moisture on your hair and stopping any potential friction.
The important silk part needs to rest next to the hair so they can be all silk or have a silk lining and are fixed on
the head with elastic or ties.

An additional tool which is beneficial to delicate hair are bonnet hair dryers. These are bonnets with a domed cap and a tube to which you attach a hair dryer. You air will then go through the tube into the dome containing your hair which will dry it with your hair being exposed directly to hot air of the dryer.

This style of bonnet is vital to maintain healthy hair when it is delicate. Of course, there are still the traditional style although some people prefer to put normal hats on their babies. However bonnets do work better in keeping the head warm than a hat. Hats tend to slip of easily and leave gaps where cold air can get to the head whereas a bonnet has a tighter fitting and therefore does not slip or having any gaps thus keeping a babies head warmer in colder climates.




A Selection Of Our Favorites From Satin To Wool




Whether you want to one to protect you hair or to look cute while keeping the hair warm we have a few ideas with a brief description in the hope to inspire your choices.


  • Queen and Princess reversible satin set of two
  • Holographic colored glittery with elastic and full head coverage
  • Reversible satin bonnet with sizes from baby to adult in colors Aqua Blue and Yellow, Aqua Blue and Rose
    Pink and Fuchsia, Taffy and Lavender, Taffy and Teal, Teal and Lavender, Taffy and White
  • Set of 2 cotton in black
  • Warm wool in various patterns and colors



Mommy And Baby Time Can Be Fun Wearing These



These bonnets not only serve an important purpose they can also be great fun to wear together while enjoying some mom and baby bonding time. It is just as important for both of you to protect your hair while sitting around on the sofa as it is when sleeping. When sat on the sofa your head moves a lot and you can soon have spent a lot of time with your hair against material that isn’t good for either of your heads. Matching bonnets are a way for you both to enjoy chilling out playing games without having to worry about what is happening to your hair. Because they match you are adding that wonderful fun element and the feeling of being closer to one another which coordinated items seem to achieve.

When your baby is young like this it is vital to take advantage of this time as before long they will be grown up. Those moments and milestones as they grow cannot be missed and will be times that you will treasure forever in your memories. It is during this period that spending time with mommy are their happiest occasions and you should enjoy every moment because it will not be long before they have grown up and other interests have taken over.

The sad thing is that many parents have busy lives which includes heavy work schedules plus any social engagements and many times their baby is not as much of a priority and if this sounds like you then you really should change. These are precious moments that can never be repeated and before you know it you have missed their important growing up years and many hours of parent and child bonding and may end up with a relationship that is not so connected.

An kind of clothing or accessory that matches would be a great way to kick start a new beginning with spending more time with your baby the highest priority. You can have a surprise fun day out or just at home doing the things they love to do and dedicating your time solely to them. Wearing the matching items will not only look adorable will make you both feel closer to one another as if to say we are parent and child and have such a special relationship we like to dress in this twinning gear.

When it comes to buying these sets, the child might be old enough to help pick out their favorite but it will be the mom who makes the purchase. To offer another idea, these could make a wonderful gift for a mother and their baby. If you have a wife or girlfriend and a child and are looking for something different and unique instead of the usual presents then something a long this line would be a great idea. With all of the various celebrations during the year it can soon become difficult thinking up new gifts and a set like this would make a great present for many occasions including Birthday’s, Christmas, Easter or Mother’s day. Alternatively, a cute set of bonnets would also be a welcome gift at a friend or relatives baby shower.

Before buying any bonnet the first thought is what will it be used for, protecting the hair or for show and warmth. Answering that first question will determine the material for which they are made – satin or silk for protection and a wool for warmth. After than you can decide upon cosmetic choices like colors, elastic or ties and those will be your personal choices. It is worth noting that they are also cheap enough in price to have multiple sets so you can swap colors to suit your clothing.