Combine These Natural And Loose Boho Dresses With A Mommy And Me Style


Everything in your life will change on the day your baby is born with some moms making drastic changes overnight. Gone are the often wild days and nights, replaced by a stable and safe loving home. The instant love for their baby runs deep and the mother will know the instant she holds her that she will give her the best of everything. This will include their clothes and although newborn will usually live in bodysuits for the first few months, time will soon fly by and they will suddenly be toddlers able to wear the things you do, such as boho dresses that can be worn in the mommy and me style.

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Dresses themselves are a wonderful creation, a flexible piece of clothing that has such a variety of designs that they can be worn anywhere. Worn casually at home or to pop out in combination with a shirt and bonnet to your typical office dress. There are styles that are perfect for parties, dinner events and even weddings and all of these styles can be chosen in a variety of length including mini, midi and maxi or thigh length, knee or ankle length.

The boho or bohemian style has never completely disappeared from fashion but has made a revival of late. The overall style itself’s origins are not completely known with some believing it was born out of poverty stricken French artists who were no longer required after the revolution in the 19th century and took to a cheap lifestyle with worn out clothing. Others argue the the true bohemians were Gypsies from the Bohemia area of the Czech Republic.

The bohemian lifestyle was known to be one that was unconventional, wishing to always be breaking new boundaries and anti mainstream views. Their life was a creative one and this was to be reflected in their clothing which itself became like a work of art. As with all styles over many years, there was a constant evolution with influences from other cultures being introduced, including fabrics like silks. Eventually it would become a mix of different styles which we can see in the 60’s and 70’s hippie movement. The perfect example of a boho chic can be seen in the famous Woodstock of 1969, Glastonbury and Coachella.

As can be said of many fashion styles, the bohemian way began life as the way poorer people dressed and has now become fashionable. The style is all about thinking outside of the box, taking elements from various cultures and era’s and creating colorful and natural pieces of clothing that are often layered. Fabrics will normally be natural, such as cottons, chiffon, leather, linen and suede with over sized and floaty styles being common.

Any mother into bohemian designs will be pleased to know that there are available mommy and me boho dresses. There are also many other matching garments to pair with your boho dress as well as there being other styles of clothing for mommy and me with the addition of accessories and jewelry. A few of these include clothes for special occasions like Christmas outfits, for comfort such as African dresses and leggings as well as for chilling out at home, onesies for example. You will also find included various accessories and jewelry like mama bear slippers and scarfs with a nice selection of bracelets.

In addition to the mom and daughter matching selection, most can also be purchased for other members of a family. They are produced for many permutations of people as well as whole families. It is the ones worn by families as well as parents and children that elicit the most positive response and would be what might be considered the most mainstream within the niche. The varieties that draw a mixture of good and bad feedback tend to be those worn by couples who enjoy showing their love for each other through their matching clothing.

Wearing mommy and me items of clothing can be great fun and a mother will usually introduce them to her daughter for their looks because this twinning look always looks so cute. Many mom’s will come across this style via relatives and friends who by seeing them enjoy themselves give them the desire to try some out with their own family. While the initial reason may be to look adorable, it will be the feeling of closeness that they both feel when wearing this type of clothing which will soon become the most important to them. Their boho dresses will show anyone this is a mother and daughter who have a relationship that is incredibly close, having a strong connection and unbreakable bond.


Carefree Matching Bohemian Dresses For Mother And Daughter Will Be A Fantastic Gift



Boho dresses, while predominantly giving an air of casualness are also beautiful and eye-catching. They are just as suited to be worn at home as out and about but deserve the latter so that everyone can experience the joy of seeing such clothing. Combine their attractiveness with the benefits of the mommy and me look and the result is a piece of clothing that would be a fantastic gift.

Buying clothing itself can pose some specific problems. In this case when choosing for someone else and especially so where women are involved. It is a well known and now a statistical fact that approximately 75% of all clothing gift purchased for women are returned.

This, quite rightly, can appear to be a major obstacle in the way of making such as purchase. But, there is also a positive side to this with one being that you are not attempting to choose from anything and only have to consider boho dresses. Any mom will also love the matching side to them which as we have previously stated will give mom and daughter and feeling of being closer to one another and this in turn will make the gift a highly sentimental one.

In addition a set of matching bohemian dresses are going to be quite unique and a wonderful surprise for any mom who has not had the pleasure of wearing any kind of mommy and me thing previously. A boho dress is one that is worn at all times of the year, in different seasons which makes them a gift for multiple occasions. They will be equally well received at either Christmas, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Easter, New Year or Thanksgiving.


Find Some Ideas Or Inspiration For Your Set



We have listed here some of our favorite bohemian designs for ideas or just inspiration. Many are particular produced as sets of two whereas some styles are individual which can be purchased as a pair to produce you own sets.

Long Sleeve

  • Long sleeve casual maxi in pink with blue lace
  • Long sleeve striped chevron maxi in red, white and black
  • Long sleeved striped chevron maxi in pink, white and gray
  • Long sleeve O-neck, flower print maxi with high waist
  • Floral bohemian 3/4 sleeves with pockets in black
  • White floral boho 3/4 sleeved plus pockets

Short Sleeve

  • Boho striped chevron maxi dress in blues and white
  • Sleeveless striped chevron maxi in red and black
  • Bohemian floral short dress with ruffles
  • Vintage spaghetti strap pink floral maxi cami
  • Candy floral print summer boho style
  • Short sleeve maxi split boho casual

Flower Girl

  • Ivory white lace flower girl boho dress – first communion gown



Comfortable And Colorful Clothing Is Great To Wear While Bonding



It is a natural part of human nature and a duty to look after a child and ensure they have food, drink, warmth, shelter, love and education to name but a few. Another important aspect is interaction with their parents and this means quality time over quantity. Giving an hour of complete and focused attention to your child is better than sitting in the same room with them but staring at a mobile or TV screen.

We all understand that it is not practical to offer them undivided attention for every waking hour but every mom and dad needs to spend some daily quality time with their little ones. The child will love the attention they are getting and the parents rewards are being able to witness and be involved in some of the milestones they reach as well as any major achievements. These are the kind of things that are unmissable and live on in our memories for a very long time.

From the time a child is born, the majority of moms will intend to dedicate many hours into keeping them happy. But quite often, due to various circumstances, these plans are not always fulfilled. Often this is not the moms fault, for example, it could be due to the need of working long unsociable hours so as to have enough money to properly provide for their daughters or sons.

There are also some moms who do need to make changes and who do have the time to offer quality hours to their children, but have chosen to prioritize their own social lives. This occurs in only a small percentage of mothers, however even a small number is too many and all need to make a new start.

A planned day out together can be a perfect way to begin, packed with all of the favorite things the daughter enjoys doing. This will obviously differ according to their age and can be planned out together. A special day needs special clothing and mommy and me boho dresses will not only look colorful and amazing, will also be comfortable and have the benefit of the closeness that comes with the matching style. One day is just the start and with many more together both at home and out the bond between the mom and daughter will grow ever stronger.

Like we only just spoke of, the group of moms we speak of above are just a small minority. Most mothers seem to be able to do an extraordinary amount just in one day with many juggling work, husbands, dinner, hobbies, clubs, school and still find the time to participate in various activities with their child. Obviously, they too can enjoy the comfort of wearing boho dresses with their daughters.