Feel Calm And Serene In Blue Dresses For Mommy And Me


Blue is officially the worlds favorite color and when you consider how important dresses are to a woman’s closet, we should see many with blue dresses tucked away. While we will say everyone should have a collection of dresses available to them, they may not necessarily be blue. However blue is a fantastic color to wear and ask anyone to try it. Blue is a color that fits in during the daytime or night as well as all four seasons. With different shades we are more likely to see light blues worn during the spring and summer with darker shades of blue reserved for fall and winter. Blue is a calm and serene color, also associated with loyalty and trust. Wearing an appropriate shade as a matching set will make all moms and daughters look amazing in mommy and me blue dresses.

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For anyone new to the mommy and me style, it is a genre that all moms should try in order to experience how fun it can be. As new babies are born every year, then so there is a new influx of mommy’s ready to try out this style and receive plenty of comments about how cute they look. As children reach adulthood themselves there are still possibilities of wearing such garments. Mother daughter date nights are perfect opportunities to dress in some elegant dresses. The newborns will start their journey in this clothing in bodysuits but will soon progress to many of the other types of clothes available.

We have already spoken about how incredible and versatile the dress is and the fact that every woman should own a few. On dress can serve a number of functions with just a small alteration to the accessories worn with it. These changes can transform a dress worn at the office all day into one ready for a night out. There of course also many varieties that will be have their best use for the beach, park, chilling out, special occasions and even weddings.

Like we just mentioned, there are available many different types of garment beyond blue dresses. If you do wish to stick to dresses there are many other designs such as lace dresses, black, white, red, yellow and sunflower dresses. We may think dresses should be in all closets but there will many who want some diversity in which case there are other garments like t shirts or pajamas for the home as well as accessories like a scarf or bonnets.

Those are only a few ideas from the thousands that are produced in this style. Their popularity has seen even more clothes, accessories and jewelry introduced which in turn has opened up more avenues for moms and daughters to try out. Although the mommy and me styles probably remain the most popular and are regarded as being the most cute, there are also similar styles manufactured for other members of a family. Any pair of people from a family will find many options for them to wear or use.


A Matching Blue Dress Designed For Moms And Daughters Will Be A Beautiful Gift



The color blue comes in many shades with dark and light varieties. It is up to each individual how they wish to wear their clothes but generally we would say light shades of blue are best for summer and the darker ones, winter. There are a lot of blue hues, some examples being sapphire, teal, midnight, Cambridge, indigo, royal, cornflower, navy, marine, steel, cadet, celestial, aqua, sky, powder, baby, turquoise, frost, lavender, periwinkle, Wedgewood, niagra, slate, forget me not and oxford. Among these shades are ones that will make you stand out but also those that are more discreet with they type you like depending on your personality.

Blue is a color that evokes trust and dependability but it is also an emotionally soothing color that will be perfect for a mom and daughter to wear as a color together. A set of matching blue dresses will be a beautiful gift that will be a genuine surprise to the people receiving them. Because blue is suitable for the whole year they will be a gift that is alright for any one of the many celebrations that fall during a year. These can include Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day plus more and will be something unique and different when compared to the often same old items purchased each year.

Choosing anything for other people is often no easy task but clothing will usually be even more difficult. This can be especially true for women when you consider the fact that a high majority of the clothes purchased for them are returned. Although the color may already be decided other options will need to be considered. Would they prefer mini, midi or maxi type? Do they want long sleeves, 3/4, half, sleeveless and what kind of neck? V, round or halter are a few available. If you wish to keep this set a surprise then the easiest solution is to take a look in their closets and make a mental note of the style of dresses they already own and wear. This information should give a clearer picture as to what style to buy for them.


Some Of Our Personal Favorite Designs


 This is a list of some of our personal favorite styles with a brief description. All can be purchased as a set of two with sizes ranging from small to plus and are in the color blue.

  • Floral pattern with spaghetti straps, casual beach look with additional headband
  • Cold shoulder backless midi style with ruffles
  • Vintage style butterfly and floral pattern, spaghetti straps and V neck
  • Two shades of blue with white striped chevron maxi dress
  • Floral printed summer style short sleeve dress
  • Sleeveless floral print midi length with bow
  • Buttoned front sleeveless maxi
  • Floral printed chiffon with short sleeves, ruffles and bow



A Parent And Child Can Bond Even Better In Clothing That Matches



The color blue does not discriminate between day or night with the only choice being whether you prefer lighter or darker hues for either. They also do not mind where they are being worn, be it casual or to a special function. Whatever that occasion may be, the wearing of a mommy and me blue dress is going to enhance the enjoyment for both mother and daughter. Those moments where it is just the two of you are vitally important to a continued healthy relationship where you can have time just for each other to talk and have fun. This is also a time to bond and when wearing any garments that match you will find you feel even closer to each other which again helps to maintain a strong connection.

Blue is one of those few colors that seems to go with any other color. This means you have an unlimited amount of looks at your disposal by making just a few adjustments to what garments you pair with your dress. There are some preferences like white, beige, gray, pink, red, orange, black, green or yellow for instance but in reality everything looks good. This is a positive thing because when winter draws in and you want to continue wearing your dresses during nights out you can add extra layers of jackets, sweaters, leggings etc.

Those nights out are usually reserved for older kids where dressing in a set of matching dresses will attract attention. Younger children also enjoy dressing up to look beautiful and elegant and they too can enjoy a matching set of blue dresses. Whether these are reserved for special occasions or she is allowed to put in on when playing the dress like mommy game is up to each individual mom. The dressing like mommy phase can being a lot of fun and laughter for both parties. Having her own sets means she will have clothes that fit and you will be able to dress up in the same things in a proper twinning style. You can have pretend parties together and it will also be available if a function comes up that you wish to attend together and look really cute.