Bring Some Life To Your Dresses With These African Mommy And Me Designs


The birth of their baby can often bring about a huge change in some moms and dads, often from being reckless and spontaneous to careful and prepared. This deep love for their baby will have moms promising them the best of everything and for the majority this will also include the way they dress. Obviously newborns are quite restricted in the type of thing they can wear but time will pass very quickly and soon there will be many more options and they will include African dresses, skirts and outfits for mommy and me.

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Dresses come in a variety of types and are a garment that are one of the most flexible in terms of their use. They will not look out of place in a casual environment put together as an outfit with a t shirt for a summer day at the park or with a swimsuit underneath for the beach. They can be worn to the office, to dinner or more formal occasions including weddings with the addition of a hat. Lengths can be chosen to suit the occasion with mini, midi and maxi covering how long they are with thigh, knee and ankle length being the most common.

African dresses have their own style with Ankara print dresses and outfits being incredibly popular. This ankara, kitenge or African print is 100% cotton but with vibrant patterns and motifs. Most will be full of color and contain tribal patterns to really bring them to life. Although cotton is the most popular fabric for this print is has also been added to silk, chiffon and even spandex. This results in a wider range of garments that can be manufactured in the ankara print which is excellent news as this means a more versatile range of outfits because clothes like leggings and socks become available.

If you are a mother planning to wear an outfit with your daughter then a mommy and me African dress is a wonderful choice. However, different occasions call for different outfits which means it is good to know that there is a whole range of not only clothing but accessories and jewelry produced for a mom and daughter. Many of these are created as sets of two that match with others being separate pieces that are usually dedicated from one family member to another. To give our readers an idea of just what can be purchased, some examples include clothing for special occasions like Christmas pajamas and Halloween shirts but also ordinary items such as sweaters and cardigans. Included in these examples are kimonos and also accessories for the home such as tumblers and for fans of jewelry, necklaces.

As we alluded to above with the mention of family members, these designs are not only produced for moms and daughters but also every other members of a family. Designs differ somewhat as not all make sense for the same people but regardless it is those that are made for family as well as parents and their children that are the most popular and generally well received, usually with a vastly positive reaction.

The mommy and me style is usually introduced to most families through the mom who does so because the appearance is deemed to be incredibly cute. Many are themselves exposed to the style for the first time through their friends and relatives before wishing to try it out with their own daughters. As we say the primary reason is how adorable they can look on but it not until they are worn that a mom can also experience the closeness that can be felt to her daughter who is wearing the twinning garment with her. These matching African outfits will also portray an image that tells anyone who sees them that this is a mother and daughter who have a strong connection and a relationship that will mean they are very close and trusting of each other.


Any African Matching Dresses, Outfits Or Skirts Would Be Wonderful Gifts For a Mom And Daughter



African dresses and all outfits are very beautiful in appearance which make them real eye catchers which deserve to be worn outside in order for many to experience their beauty. When you combine them with the special mommy and me feelings of closeness, the result is a mommy and me African dress or outfit which would make a wonderful gift.

However, buying clothing as a gift poses its own problems and in this case it is the point that the majority, as in around 75% of all clothing that is purchased for a woman gets returned. This is quite an alarmingly high figure that could put even the most positive of people off trying to buy any kind of clothing.

Rather than dwell on the negative we should be looking at the positives in the hope to convince you that the idea is still a good one. Outfits cover a wide range of garments but a dress only requires choosing the correct length. This can be answered by observing the wardrobe or the clothing the person you wish to buy this gift for is wearing.

It is also worth remembering what wearing any mommy and me item does for the mom and daughter wearing them. They will create a closeness between the two which will mean a dress, skirt or outfit that will have some sentimental value. This could turn a mom who may be on the fence about whether they like it or not into one who loves them.

This kind of gift is also going to be quite a unique surprise, especially for any mom who has never before had any kind of matching African dress to wear with her daughter. Obviously dresses and outfits are there to be worn at any time of the year and this in turn means they are a gift that can be given at any time and this covers many of the different celebrations that occur through the year. They can be given for any one of the following, Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving or New Year.


A Selection Of Our Favorite Designs


Here are some of our favorite designs including ankara print dress, skirts and outfits with a brief description.


  • Dashiki print traditional girls
  • Dashiki African print high low vintage dress
  • Ankara print V neck, high waist maxi evening dress
  • Long sleeve autumn and winter ankara print dress
  • Retro long sleeve, floor length maxi winter and autumn ankara print
  • Ankara print women’s fashionable dress
  • Dashiki traditional party dress



  • Dashiki ankara girls outfit



  • Short sleeve Dashiki shirt



  • Dashiki print baby jumpsuit


Baby Girl

  • Dashiki print short skirt and headband 2 piece baby or toddler set



  • Ankara skirt with top in set for girl



A Vibrant Ankara Print Pattern Is A Fantastic Thing To Wear When Bonding Together



Every parent knows it is their duty to look after their child and spend time with them. The time spent with them is more important from a quantity point of view as opposed to the amount of hours. As you can imagine there is quite a difference between being in the same room as your child but glued to a mobile compared to a few hours where they are given your complete attention.

It is natural parental instinct to want to care for and be with your little one but it is not practical to give them 100% focus every waking hour. Of course this is in no way expected but all moms and dads should give their child some quality time every day. The reward for this will be the precious memories that will be formed from being a witness to your child’s achievements and milestones.

Most mothers start off with the best intentions of always participating in their babies lives but it is not all that fulfill this intention. There will be some who, because of circumstances beyond their control, are not able to dedicate the amount of time as they would like to their kids. This is often just down to the hand the life deals us and could, for example, be down to a need for a mom to work long and hard hours so as to be able to provide food and shelter for her sons or daughters.

In the other corner are the moms whose life dealt them a good hand but for reasons only known to themselves have chosen to neglect the requirements of their boys or girls in order for them to continue living their lives the way in which they did prior to giving birth. There are only a small amount who wish to stoop so low but even one is too many.

These are the mothers who really do need to change the direction in which they are heading and begin to concentrate more on their children. This change will come easier for some than others but with the right amount of perseverance all can succeed. The task is not a difficult one, after all spending time with your own child is a natural instinct, it just needs jump starting in some cases.

Arrange a day out for you and your daughter which is appropriate for their age group and try to include some of their favorite things. With a love of fashion and the fact that matching pieces of clothing will help you feel closer to one another, it can only mean mommy and me African dresses being the perfect choice of clothing to wear on this special day. An ankara print will look spectacular on you both, especially in a full outfit, with their vibrant colors as you begin to forge a new bond that will continue getting stronger with each passing day until your relationship if just like any other mom and daughters.

We had mentioned above that the mothers we were just speaking of were of only a small number when compared to all of the other super moms. They manage to juggle the many aspects of their lives and still have enough hours free to communicate with, guide, play, take their children out and taxi them around to the many activities they enjoy. They to can enjoy wearing the delightful ankara print pattern for their mommy and me African full outfits or dresses.