Celebrate The 4th Of July In Style With Outfits For Mommy And Me


The 4th of July celebrates our birth of independence with the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and since then Americans have held celebrations every year. As with all celebrations it is a happy and enjoyable time with families having get togethers and reunions with plenty of food, drinks and laughter. There are selections of firework displays to watch, parades to see as well as many sporting events, carnivals and fairs. You can take your pick from picnics, barbeques or a good home dinner. A holiday filled with the joys of summer and a great time to dress up in new mommy and me outfits.

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The mommy and me style is an adorable look but in terms of choice for newborn babies to those a few months old is a little limited. Most of the time babies within this age group will be living in bodysuits or rompers which doesn’t leave much choice for specific celebrations. Once they reach the infant and toddler age range then it will be easier to find some cute 4th of July matching outfits.

The garments that are produced in the mommy and me style stretch far greater than those of July 4th. The clothing lines produce a wide range of garments includng winter outfits, mom and baby pajamas and nightgowns. There are also many accessories and jewelry objects manufactured with such items as headbands and bonnets as well as bracelets for those that also like to wear jewelry in this style.

The wearing of outfits and any other clothing that matches is fairly popular among moms and daughters and also their sons. Celebrations such as the fourth of July is a popular time to wear them because most people are at home together and in the mood for some fun and to celebrate. But there are also many other items of clothing including t shirts, shirts, sweaters and dresses among others that make up and outfit which are also worn in the matching mommy and me way all year around. They are also available to purchase for all other combinations of family members in sets of two or the whole family if they should wish to take part in the wearing of these matching outfits.

Whether it is moms and daughters or the whole family, each will begin wearing this type of clothing due to a particular reason. Being such a popular look, this is something that has been a family tradition and has been passed down by the children who once enjoyed it and are now adults showing their children. There will be some moms who have seen friends or relatives dressed in this way and considered it to look cute enough to try out. There is a further reason and that is that a child has reached the age where they wish to try on their moms clothes so as to look like them. This will be a good time to purchase some kind of matching garments to keep them happy being able to dress alike and you will probably end up finding it all good fun.

This type of clothing has been designed to be a lot of fun and bring happiness to those that wear them and of course looking great in any photos. There is also a deeper meaning in which they show how strong the relationship between the people wearing them is and the depth of their connection to one another. They portray an image that says this is a family filled with joy, love and one that cares a lot and trusts each other. Those wearing them will somehow feel closer to the other person, of course this is largely psychological but it is a good feeling.

It is also a great excuse to have another outfit to wear which is a must for the 4th of July celebrations. Although younger children do not care about what they wear, when they get old enough picking out your outfits together can add to the pleasure of buying and wearing them.


Combine Shirts, Dresses And More To Create The Perfect Outfit As A Gift For Mom And Daughter On Independence Day



Clothes could quite possibly be the hardest thing to get right when buying them as a gift. This is true of both men and women but women are without doubt the most difficult. What may have been once a joke has been shown to be true with around 75% of all clothing purchased for women being returned. It certainly makes buying clothes as a gift less attractive or more of a challenge.

The trouble is, buying a matching set for a mother and her baby is such a wonderful gift that it becomes worth a try. The 4th of July holiday is begging for people to dress up for the occasions and giving a mom and daughter an outfit as a gift will be worth the while. As it is specifically for independence day the task in choosing something is a little easier because there is not as much range that show offs a celebration of this one day.

Mommy and me means two people to cater for and this will usually come as a set. Younger children will not mind what they wear but older ones will and now there are two lots of tastes to get right. You can start by checking what colors they both enjoy wearing and finding some common ground. One of the important things is size which might mean needing to check some labels.

If the gift it to be solely celebrating the 4th of July then the American flag and its colors will feature heavily which makes things a little easier. Because you will be buying them for a mom and her little one, she is going to like it even more because it is a set connecting her to her child and this makes them a very sentimental item of clothing. For any person buying a mom a sentimental gift such as this will be more likely to get a pass.


Find Ideas Or Create Your Own Matching Set



We have listed some ideas to help you to find or create your set. This is a range of clothing with a small description to fire up some inspiration.


  • Sleeveless shirts in American Flag stars and stripes vest top
  • Camouflage pattern wth stars and stripes short sleeve shirt


T Shirts

  • Red and white striped t shirt with blue and white starr pocket
  • Tank tops with heart shaped pattern in American flag color



  • High waisted swimsuit in blue with red and white striped top
  • Blue and white dotted shorts with red top



  • Patrotic bodysuit in American Flag color



  • Red and white striped dresses plus blue and white pattern
  • Blue white and red striped chevron maxi dress set



  • Red and white dotted headbands set



The Fourth Of July Independence Holiday Is A Great Time To Have Fun And Bond



The fourth of July celebrations are an amazing time with many things going where people are happy enjoying themselves and this makes the day perfect to catch up on family time. While these days are great opportunites to bond with your children they are in no way a substitute for all of the other days in the year. Every day is as important as another when your children and the time you spend with them is involved.

There will, of course, always be some parents who struggle for time and this is often out of thought for their kids where the parents need to work long hours in order to give their children a good life. These conditions are all too common and we commend any parent who sacrifices everything to ensure their kids have what they need to be happy. These parents will be the ones that dream of being able to have more hours of freedom with their little ones and we only hope they find a way.

However, there are also some moms and dads who choose their careers or social lives over that of being their for their children. This is unfortunate for them as they will miss many wonderful moments where their babies hit milestones and do things that will often never be repeated. Witnessing these events are what turn into precious memories that for those that do see them will be recalled for years to come.

Being there for your boys and girls not only benefits the parents but also their children. When they grow up in a loving home and are listened to and able to talk about things they will usually be better behaved at schoold and also see an improvement in grades. They are also heavily influenced by the people who they spend the most time and this will forge how the relate and act with people later in life. If as parents you wish to be the influencing person that makes a positive impact that dedicating many hours to them is vital.

As we have just mentioned, not all moms have the freedom they require to make the changes they wish to make. There are of course plenty who are able to change and sacrifice their own lifestyles to be more with their kids. The fourth of July is about indendence but it can also become the anniversary of a change in lifestyle and a new beginning where you put more hours each day into being with your children.

This fresh start can be represented by symbol that will act as a rememberance of the promise to yourself and your children that you will not slip back to your old ways. Celebrating it inline with the 4th of July could mean the symbol will be your mommy and me outfits. Each year can be a tradition with the new matching set of outfits marking the anniversary of an important change.

The moms we speak of above are only a small minority with the rest of the country giving their babies all the time, love and attention that they require. Studies now tell us we infact spending more hours a day with out children than in the past 50 years. This means the majority of us are spending most days bonding with our little ones and celebration like the 4th of July are an added bonus.