Explore Those First Months Together In Matching Shirts For Mommy And Baby


As soon as your newborn baby arrives there is a special connection and bond that begins and never stops getting stronger. A mommy will always want the best for her baby in every aspect of their lives and this includes their clothes. The primary function of a newborns clothing will be comfort and warmth but all moms also want them to look as cute as possible. Most newborns will spend much of their time in bodysuits but they can venture into shirts or a combination of the two which will mean being able to buy their first mommy and baby matching shirts.

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Shirts are a brilliant and flexible piece of clothing that can come in a variety of styles. There are variations that include long sleeve, short sleeve, shoulder straps, tank tops, raglan sleeve, cap sleeves and half or three quarter sleeves. They also come in various lengths and neck types, such as crew neck, V neck, Henley, polo or scoop neck. The point of having a mommy and baby shirt is not for it to be plain and ordinary but to have some words and images designed and printed. In this case that can be funny, themed around a particular character or object or simply just cute. They always look great paired with any other item of clothing which makes them on of the best garments available.

There are more than just shirts available as a matching set for mommy and her baby with a wide range of other clothing as well as various jewelry and accessories to choose from. Some of the other wonderful things in this range include hospital outfits and newborn outfits as well as mom and baby pajamas. For older children you will find sweaters and dresses or jumpsuits along with hats. You can also purchase various things like journals and slippers and even things like Christmas ornaments.

What we have listed here are just a handful of the massive range that are produced for a mom and baby. All of this choice means there will be something for everyone and more often than not, multiple items a mom will love. The range we speak of is not only for a mom and her child but are also designed and manufactured for every other permutation of family members. Those that are made for parents and families are quite popular and are styles that would get a mostly positive feedback. On the other hand there are also many designed for couples who enjoy displaying their affection for one another which in contrast to those for families will get quite a mixed reaction.

Most mothers will come across this range through seeing relatives or friends wearing them and come to the conclusion that they are something she and her baby would enjoy. They also often come up browsing for cute baby clothes or maybe it had been a tradition where she wore such garments when she was young and wishes her baby to have the same enjoyment. Some children when they are older go through a phase of wanting to look like mommy and this is another reason that could trigger the need for matching shirts.

In most cases the number one reason for wearing a shirt that matches mom and baby is how amazing the look and of course, how cute. There is a deeper meaning to them which portrays the close relationship and strong connection that a mom and baby have. By wearing such matching garments they show an image of two people who have a truly special bond who love to spend time together, have a lot of fun and care about one another very much. Wearing this style makes you feel closer somehow to the other person and this feeling has far greater importance than the looks.


Shirts For A Mom And Her Baby Girl Or Boy Would Be Wonderful Gifts



Shirts are a brilliant piece of clothing that have many uses and a set for a mom and baby look adorable. Add the both together and the result is what will make a wonderful gift. There will be some people that are going to be quite reluctant to try and buy and kind of clothing for a woman as it is a well known fact that most get returned. We know this to be true because statistically 75% of all clothing purchased for women as a gift are returned.

For many people these facts would prove to be a major hurdle but there are also many positives. There may be a huge range of different shirts but in the matching range for mommy and baby the choice will be more limited which gives a much greater chance of choosing one she will like. The fact that they are for a mom and her baby also gives the mother a reason to love them because they are connecting her to her little one. In addition to the special connection is the sentimental value that the shirt will hold and all of this adds up to a gift she will love.

There is also the point that sometimes you just need to trust your instincts and buy a gift because you think it looks nice. Another point to remember is the sheer amount of celebrations in a year where a gift is needed with so many relying on buying the same things yearly. A shirt like this will be a wonderful surprise and one present is outside of the normal stuff.

Shirts are also one of the pieces of clothing that will usually be worn all the year around. In warm weather and indoors they will be the main source of clothing for the top and in cooler weather they are often worn underneath a sweater or jacket. When buying anything as a matching set there is often a further obstacle and that is the fact that buying for two people means catering for two different tastes. However, in this case one is a baby and they tend to not worry too much about the colors, words or images that they are wearing.


Find Some Ideas Among Our Favorite Sets



There is a good range in these coordinated tops and we have listed some of our favorite sets in the hope we offer some ideas.


  • Taco – Taquito
  • 100% charged – Low
  • Tough Mama – Tough Cookie
  • Ok but first coffee – Ok but first milk
  • Mommy needs a latte – Mommy loves me a latte
  • Pizza Pie – Slice
  • Relax My Mommy is a Nurse


Mini Me

  • Me – Mini Me


Queen – Prince

  • Mother of a Prince – Son of a Queen


Queen – Princess

  • Mama of a Princess – Daughter of a Queen
  • Mommy of a Princess – Daughter of a Queen


Mommy Shark Baby Shark

  • Mommy Shark – Baby Shark with cartoon shark images



  • Mama Saur – Baby Saur


Mother Baby Nursing Shirts

  • Nursing poncho with multiple uses
  • 3/4 cuffed sleeve nursing shirt
  • Summer cool nursing tank top
  • Sleeveless nursing tank top


Best Friend

  • Heart in two halves, one on each shirt with best friends written across each half



  • You’re the Pumpkin – To my Spice


Mama And Baby Bear

  • Mama Bear- Baby Cub
  • Mama Bear – Baby Bear


Mother’s Day

  • Blessed to be her Mom – Blessed to be her Daughter
  • Boy Mama – Mamas Boy


Valentines Day

  • Both with heart beat and heart image in black with red heart



  • Mickey and Minnie combination depending on boy or girl



  • Merry Christmas with Christmas tree both identical long sleeve



  • Blessed message on both tops



These Tops Can Be Worn Anywhere Which Makes Them Perfect For Parent And Child Bonding Times



Shirts are an amazing, versatile piece of clothing that seem to just fit in anywhere and in any circumstances. You can pair them with just about any other garment and of course are very comfortable. They are an item of clothing that you will find in almost anyone’s wardrobe and would be difficult to live without. A mom and her baby can wear theirs at home relaxing, out for a walk or to go out and eat at a restaurant. They work equally well as casual attire or to a more formal function and are easy to slip on and off a baby.

Where ever and whatever you are doing while wearing your shirts together does not really matter, the important thing is the spending of time together which is when the bond grows. Mothers who are an active part in their children’s lives get to witness so many incredible milestones and other achievements that a mom who is not so attentive will miss. These are the precious memories that will be looked back on and treasured for many many years.

For virtually all moms this need to spend time with their baby is natural and requires no thought. They need a loving family to grow and reach their full potential and mothers get to see their babies develop into toddlers, teenagers and adults with the close bond that has developed over those years. However for some moms it can be a genuine struggle, often because of the need to work long hours in order to feed their children and give them shelter.

These moms are also heroes that try their hardest to give the best for their little ones but there are also some the prioritize their own social lives over that of their children and often neglect them. These are the worse kind of mothers and the ones who should make changes to their lifestyle or face many regrets in the future.

It only takes some self discipline and will to make those changes and it all begins with one day. A symbol to represent a fresh beginning is often a good idea and in this case a mommy and baby matching shirt will be perfect. Wearing them will not only add some fun to your day but also will help you to feel even closer to your little one which help to begin growing that bond. The shirts can symbolize the promise to yourself and your child that you will continue to dedicate more hours into their lives. The day you choose can be the anniversary of you new beginning and each year can be celebrated with the addition of a new set of matching mom and baby shirts.

Obviously the moms we speak of above are in the minority and most are very much a part of their baby boys and girls lives. In fact it has been shown that parents now spend more time than in the past 50 years with their children. This goes to show how much more we now realize the positive impact on a babies growth having the moms and dads participating in a child’s life has.