Mom Dad And Baby Can Enjoy Their Day In The Same Shirts And Outfits


Both mom and dad spend many months looking forward to and planning everything for their babies arrival. As the week fly by so there are more preparations to be made, such as decorating a nursery and filling it with a crib and other needed furniture and accessories. Shopping for strollers, car seats and stocking up on diapers, blankets, bottles etc are all things that must be ticked off the checklist. Before they know it they have a beautiful baby in their arms to treasure for all time.

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Those first few hours or sometimes day can be almost a shock but a nice one. Both mom and dad will be giving their new baby all of their love and attention. A new mommy and daddy are certainly going to be proud of their baby and will want to show him or her off to family and friends. Often you just want to scream it from the rooftops but there are more subtle methods that will be seen by more people. A set of mom dad and baby shirts is the perfect piece of clothing for parents with a little one.

Matching sets of clothes or accessories can be enjoyed by the whole family with those for moms, dads and their babies being the most cute. There are certainly more and more parents wearing this genre of clothing with their babies. With social media and these of how people share their photos, it has become easier for parents to show off their photos and for them to gain a lot of exposure. This increase seems more demand for these style and therefore more being able to enjoy the experience.

There are a good variety of outfits that a mom and dad can wear with their baby with shirts being a good start. They come in different styles with choices for sleeves and neck type. Shirts are already a common item with usually as assortment found in most peoples closets. The best thing about them is they can be worn together with almost anything. It is this degree of versatility that people love and with activities like the beach, home, work or sports in mind, shirts are the perfect garment to wear.

This niche of matching clothes has been around for many years and while mom, dad and baby have their share the most popular are mommy and daughter styles. You can also buy shirts in this design as well as many other types of clothing and accessories or jewelry. Some of our favorites include Halloween costumes, Christmas pajamas and Easter Dresses. Obviously these are seasonal items and there are others such as t shirts and hoodies that can be worn at any time. You will also find other products like mugs, mom and dad hats and beautiful jewelry such as necklaces.


Matching Mom Dad And Baby Clothes Are Wonderful Gifts


When a baby is close to being born or just arrived you will often be inundated with clothing like rompers and bodysuits. These baby clothes make popular presents for a babies birth and often there are so many that mom and dad don’t actually have to purchase any. Although they do, of course, because there will always be something that stands out that they really want for their little one.

There are many kinds of garments to buy a baby but as a gift there are some that will be extra special. These will be matching mom, dad and baby shirts or outfits. They will come as a set of three and have one for baby and the other two sets for the parents. All three will match in design and color and are designed to be worn together.

Shirts or outfits are worn all year around and this makes them suitable for one of many different celebrations apart from the time of the birth. They can also be given for Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. Any mom and dad will love this kind of thing for a gift. Because they are for all three of them there will be a definite sentimental value and the feeling of a closer connection

This stronger connection is often felt by people wearing anything matching. You just get a feeling of being closer and better connected to the other person or persons wearing them. We are not quite sure why they work in this way and it might well be down to the fact that the clothing is a set which belongs together and often only make sense when together. Seeing a loved one wearing the same as you copies that feeling from the clothes and makes you feel closer.


Some Of Our Favorites


We have listed a few of our personal favorites here. Many are matching sets and come in a variety of sizes for both parents. There will often also be an assortment of colors available.

  • 2% battery – 2% battery – 100% charged
  • Mama Bear – Papa Bear – Baby Bear
  • Player 1 – Player 2 – Player 3
  • Need Beer – Need Wine – Need Milk
  • Fixed It – Cleaned It – Broke It
  • Burrito – Taco – Taquito
  • Dad of the Wild One – Mom of the Wild One – I am the Wild One
  • Pizza Pie and Slices


There Are Many Different Designs Parents Can Wear When Bonding With Their Child


Mom dad and baby shirts are purchased at different times by the parents of a child or a relative or friend. Sometimes it will be prior to the babies birth which are usually mom and dad to be shirts. This type can be bought by parents as a form of announcement or will often be given at baby showers to celebrate the fact they soon will be parents.

When the baby is born there are going to be similar options. Some parents will buy a set because they want to feel connected as a family. Again, they might be given by a friend or member of family who think they will look cute on.

Buying for parents and their baby can provide some obstacles. Purchasing clothes for other people can mean some difficulties in making the right choices. Women are notoriously hard to buy for with the majority of clothing gifts being returned. In this case it can often be that we are banking on the cuteness out weighing the dislike of the style.

The styles are not all just cute and adorable versions that are guaranteed to make everyone’s heart melt, there are also many funny types. Obviously a shirt on its own is not funny but it is what they have printed or transferred onto them that is.

This is two differing approaches and the type you buy will depend upon the personalities of the parents. Some parents will want something that will draw a lot of attention, whereas others will prefer styles that are more discreet. Both funny and cute versions have either one of these preferences.

Another way of deciding is to consider not only the reaction you would like to see from the parents when you give the their gift. But also the reaction those parents might want to be exposed to when wearing them. They need to have a good experience to want to wear them. Most of the time, with the connection they create, as we mentioned earlier, they will have.

One last point is if they may also want a set that can also be worn individually. Some sets are obviously designed to be sets to be worn at the same time by parent and baby and don’t make sense when apart. However there are also printed shirts that can be worn both as part of the set and separately without seeming out of place.