Beautiful Personalized Blankets Just For Mom


You can buy many different types of blankets but those that have been made personal make for the best gifts. If you browse through the many various styles available you will understand there are thousands as well as many personalized ones designed for many different family members and friends. However many are produced for various family members it is the ones for mom that are the most popular and among the most beautiful.

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There is a wide range of accessories the are made for mom to be given from son, from daughter or perhaps other friends or relatives and most of them have options in which to customized them in some way or will carry a special message of thanks or love among others. They are all very meaningful and often capture the thoughts you want your mom to know. One of these options are a blanket and these are a good choice and a wonderful surprise. Obviously knowing or perhaps trying to gain some idea as to whether you mother likes and will use a blanket or not may be a good idea but they are beautiful enough to be liked by most if you fear ruining any surprise.

Obviously these are designed for mothers and are made with the purpose of being given by their daughters or sons but other possibilities or an in-law or perhaps grandmother if they represent a mother figure to you. The same could be said for any person that you think of as a mom to you and one you want to show your love and appreciation for. Mother’s day will be one of the most common times for buying these as a gift and they are a great choice for this celebration.

Blankets are wonderful items that are quite flexible items in that they can be used in many ways. The designs and message are usually very heart warming and are at their best when properly displayed. Laid out on a bed as a day cover is a great use for them and a way of showing off the whole thing as is using them to cover a sofa which also will show off the whole thing. Because they are so comfortable they can then make great items to curl up and have wrapped around you. A further possibility is to display it hung on a wall in all its glory in your living room so every visitor can admire its beauty.

Many blankets will come with a pre-written message or verse that you can choose depending on what message you want to give while some you are also able to personalize with names or your own words. Those for mom are going to be usually purchased by her daughter or son but they could potentially be given by someone else. You could give these to a wife or girlfriend for instance if they are mothers just to show how much you appreciate their title of mom. There are many celebrations throughout the year and if you are struggling for ideas a blanket can make a great present for Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter. It can be personalized to suit the message you want to give so if you wish to celebrate the
motherhood of a relative, you can.

As you can imagine, there is a massive range of blankets available although they are not all as special and custom designed as those for your mom. However, there are still some options to consider before making a final decision and there revolve around colors, materials, pattern and most importantly the words. What you want to say is personal to you and only you can know what that is although there are many pre-made items and verses of inspiration to draw from.



A Wonderful Blanket To My Mom Makes A Great Gift


There is something special about giving a gift that is personal and one that holds a special message for the recipient. There will always be a special bond between a child and their mother and this kind of gift tells her how incredible she is and how much you love her. Due to how it is used it will always be there to remind of her of the connection you both have which in some way helps to enhance that bond even more. The wonderful thing about a blanket carrying this kind of message is that it will be on show all of the time and seen daily.

There are many different accessories that you give to your mom to show your appreciation and love and many will come as a matching set. Blankets in this category are not something that come as pairs so if you are thinking of a set of items, one for each of you then a gift such as a mom daughter necklace may be a better choice. There are advantages to having a pair and that is one for each of you and then you both have a reminder of the bond you share together. Both individual and matching items are great and both have their advantages and disadvantages and a blanket is certainly a wonderful gift for an individual item.

These blankets are very decorative with many have some wonderful colors and images that are striking in appearance. They are a gift that would please almost everyone. There are choice of materials such as fleece or cotton as well as different ways in which they are made, hand woven for instance. The designs can be simply but pleasant or incredibly intricate full of color and pictures. Due to the nature of their purpose they also carry a message, some short verses while other are long texts with special words for your mom. There also ones that you can personalize with names, dates, initials or you own custom message.

Another factor that will influence the design you will choose is what reaction you want to see from the recipient. The majority of these designs will have words that have a heartwarming meaning but you can also buy those that are funny. It will be down to you to decide what kind you wish to give to your mother depending on what type of person she is and the occasion for which you are giving it.

While these are not purchased as set for both of you they will still have the same meaning. You are not only giving your mom a beautiful present but presenting her with words that are perhaps not often said. You are telling her what all the years of love and help mean to you. You are telling her how grateful you are for everything she has taught you and for the person you have become. You are letting her know how strong she is, thank her for the unconditional love and to tell her how much she means to you and how much you love her.

There are many different designs of blankets available and many choices to make and options to consider before deciding which one to buy. With the various materials, colors, images, sizes and customization it can sometimes be a difficult decision to make so we will take a look at a few ideas.


A Small Selection Of Ideas


Here we have a selection of our favorite designs that we singled out as being particularly beautiful. We have given a brief description of the words that you can find on them and hope they inspire you and offer some ideas to help you pick out your favorite.

Personalized Mom Blankets

  • Personalized with names – choose as many as you wish – family etc
  • Multi-colored with personalized name or title of choice

To My Mom

  • Custom to my mom style with tree parent and child holding hearts and long message personalized with child names
  • Floral heart design on polyester material – 37″ x 57″
  • 60 x 80 inch I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck
  • Handmade 46 x 60″ throw with a poem for mother
  • Large black fleece with white writing, sunflowers and love message starting To my mom…

Photo Blankets For Mom

  • Personalized throw in full color with custom photo choice
  • Custom photo collage with choice of pictures and names

Mother Daughter Blanket

  • Design for both mom and daughter with Mother Daughter written on blanket for both to enjoy
  • Mother daughter personalized – Through laughter, worry, smiles and tears…


  • Throw style with inspirational thoughts and prayers in purple
  • Throw styles in pink for loving, kind and inspiring mothers
  • Plush, thick comfortable throw with love you mom message
  • Mama needs a nap lotus flower throw


  • Time out luxury throw in velvet, very soft, 50 x 60 inches


  • Woven cotton large 72 x 54 inch – for all you do, you do with love…
  • Woven cotton 52 x 68″ with long verse starting Dear Mom you mean so much…
  • Woven cotton with verse starting Mom he gave me you…


  • 50 x 60″ tapestry throw, hand made with A Mother’s Love poem

Hockey Mom

  • For the hockey mom, ultra soft durable with hockey words and sticks


  • Name blanket with choice of color and as many names as you wish


  • Premium black throw in fleece material, reversible microfiber


  • Fleece throw 40 x 50″, lightweight super soft microfiber with sunflowers print and you are my sunshine words
  • Fleece throw with many meaningful words of love, courage and inspiration
  • Large plush fuzzy fleece in bright colors with many kind and inspiring words

From Daughter

  • Premium in blue and black with wolf and cub starting To my love mom, I love you…

From Son

  • Premium fleece style with words beginning To my mom, I know it’s not easy for women to raise a man from a son…


  • Soft tapestry retro wooden baseball
  • Baseball print twin size plush, soft material


  • Officially licensed NCAA home field advantage woven tapestry 48 x 60″ in multi-colors

Officially licensed NFL for teams below

  • Pittsburgh steelers
  • Chicago Bears
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • New York Jets
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Tennesee Titans


  • Personalized throw with photo of pet dog, cat or any other pet


  • Burrito tortilla taco blanket in microfiber and lightweight
  • It’s an (your name) thing you wouldn’t understand


  • Hope and faith prayer message – positive energy, care and comfort
  • Bravery and inspirational for some you care about



Custom Covers Have Many Great Uses



Parents have the most wonderful experience in watching their children grow up from a tiny newborn into an adult with their own lives. The time passes by so very fast and they will have so many wonderful memories to treasure for all their lives. As a child you will not always appreciate the things that your mom does and the sacrifices she will make for you but as you grow older you begin to realize the positive effect your mother has had one you life.

There are many parents that have regrets about not spending enough time with their children and as they become teenagers and friends and other things become more of priority their are many adult children that probably regret not spending more time with their moms. For either party it is never too late to rectify this and begin to have more time for each other. You only get one mother and she will be at her happiest when seeing and spending time with her children.

A great way to show your appreciation and to perhaps to have a symbol of your love and a way to represent your promise to have more time for your mother is through a gift and a personalized blanket would make a great item to say this and commemorate a new start. There are many other potential accessories you could buy like bracelets but a blanket has quite an advantage over this and that is its size.

These style of blankets not only come in different colors, material, images and prints they also come in a variety of sizes which suit whatever use your mom may have for it. The size compared to a piece of jewelry means there can be more text on it which will really let her know how much you feel and to tell her any unspoken words you may have for her. Small items are also beautiful and their short messages inspirational but if you want something that says a lot more then a blanket is a great choice.

They are also a flexible item that have many uses. As a day cover on a bed is an obvious choice as is a throw over a sofa but you could also hang it on the wall as they make for wonderful decorations. Obviously use it to snuggle up one the sofa to stay warm, take it to the park for something to sit on or have it on display draped over a desk or chest. We are sure you can come up with many more ideas to put them to great use.

We know that these will usually be given by children to their mom but you may have someone that you treat like a mother who in turn treats you like children and you want to show her just how much her love and care means to you. It could be for an in-law or stepmom that treats you as if you were her own or perhaps a grandma that has raised you like her own child. You may be a husband whose wife always makes the home feel special and the family loved and want to celebrate her
terrific motherhood with something special. All of these are outside of the box but perfectly acceptable ideas for uses of a blanket as a gift.

As with anything you my buy for someone, you still have to think about what they might like. There are the normal options like colors, size, materials, any images or custom text but also those that are designed around a certain subject like sports such as football, baseball or hockey. These all add to the choices which can make it harder to choose but give a great variety to ensure there is something that everyone can be happy with, happy hunting.