Announce Your News With Fun Mom And Dad To Be Shirts


For most people finding out they are pregnant is one of the most exciting times of their lives. Those early weeks are often filled with both joy and worry and for some, not even knowing at this early stage. There comes a time when you will really want to tell your friends and family the good news and 12 to 14 weeks is quite a common time. At this point you have usually had your first scan and the most dangerous time has passed. Some prefer to wait until around 20 weeks when they have discovered the ultrasound scan is fine and you may know the gender.

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There are a number of ways to announce your pregnancy to friends and family. Very close family such as parents and obviously your partner will usually be told privately first with some good ideas including:

  • A cake topper with the announcement
  • A card tells your parents they are going to be promoted to grandparents

For all other family and friends there are also some good ideas:

  • A garment, accessory or hat with baby on board printed on it. Take a photo and share it with your friends to see who catches it.
  • Sharing a photo with your baby scans
  • Your first child holds an object about having a new brother and sister
  • A photo of a small pair of shoes
  • Eating for two picture

All of these are good, fun ideas and there is one other that we think is the best and most practical for many people. We are speaking of mom and dad to be shirts. They are exactly as described, shirts that have had printed, transferred, embroidered or in some way had some text, an image or both added to them. The additional text or image can make the announcement in many different ways. If any of the standard styles do not suit your requirements then there are always custom options available.

What you choose to have printed on the fronts of the shirts will be determined by a few points. The first being who you are making the announcement to? If you have been keeping the pregnancy a secret from even your partner until you are sure, then they will be first to know. Telling your partner is always going to be a huge surprise from them and sometimes even a shock.

Shirts can be printed with adorable messages and/ or images, for example papa bear or funny like the man behind the bump. You will also have to unveil the surprise and there are sure to be many inventive ways of surprising a partner with these shirts. The most simple will be to just leave it lying around the home somewhere until they see. Then seeing how long it takes to put two and two together.

As well as being sets of two shirt for a potential mom and dad there are also individual types. The sets are usually like matching sets where they are connected in some way through their text or pictures. There are also many individual varieties that are doing the same job but separately. You may find you both like two individual shirts, perhaps eating for two for mom and new fishing buddy for dad.

Once you start to wear and enjoy this kind of shirt you will probably find it carries over to when baby is born. There is an even greater range of shirts for a mom and her baby, or the mommy and me style as well as daddy and me. We know moms will be enjoying looking at all the cute thing she can dress her baby in and they don’t get much cuter than this style. The mommy and me range is a vast one with mom and baby outfits and when they are older dresses, outfits and hoodies. You will also find various garments for the home like pajamas and robes as well as objects like hats and books.


Surprise A Soon To Be Mommy And Daddy With Baby Shower Shirts


There are many different things that happen or can happen during your pregnancy, many which will can make you feel quite low. Some women happily get away with having no effects, others a few and some seem to get the lot. There are the cravings, although that sometimes works out well. Morning sickness can be a drain as can peeing almost non stop. Sleep can be difficult and just being and feeling so huge gets tiring. Of course you are tired, have back pains and sometimes food aversions. Constipation can get really painful and when the contractions start…

Of course the end result is worth and it and there are also some good times when being pregnant. There can also be some good things that happen during your pregnancy such as a better complexion, increase breast size, hair and nails often feel great, you get to rest a lot, people seem to treat you differently and you get a nice party thrown for you, a baby shower.

A baby shower is a celebration of the soon to arrive baby and is a traditional way of congratulating the future mom. Baby showers have been around for many centuries, although celebrations were quite different hundreds of years ago. In modern time they will normally take place when the new mommy to be is at around 6 – 8 months pregnant. It is later in the pregnancy cycle so that chances of miscarriages are very small and if you have chosen to find out the gender of the baby is known.

Knowing the gender makes it easier for guests to buy gifts for the upcoming arrival. The party itself is not usually arrange by the new mom but rather friends or relatives. The clue here is in the name itself, shower as in showing mom and baby with gifts. Although a friends or relative might arrange the party it would be a good idea to confirm the guest list with mom in case anyone is left behind, or she does not want somewhere to attend. Traditionally a baby shower was an all female affair but in modern times, the dads will also be present.

Many baby showers are quite cozy affairs with only people very close to mom and are held at home. However, if you don’t fancy cleaning up afterward there should also be baby shower venues in your area.

At the baby shower it is important to keep guests happy and entertained and this can be achieved with some fun activities. As guests arrive the should sign and comment in a guest book as this is a nice item to keep and read through. They should have a fun and relaxed atmosphere where you play games, examples being:

Guess how big moms belly is, try not to say the word ‘baby’, guess the baby items in a bag by putting your hand in, guess the baby food and more.

Obviously everyone will want something to eat, especially mom who is eating for two. A buffet will be easy and everyone can then help themselves when they feel like it. The room should be decorated in baby themed decorations and you should give each guest a baby shower favor as they leave.

Baby shower gifts for a mom and dad are not surprising as it is one of the traditional parts of holding one. One way of making it easy for guests and getting things you would like is to create a gift registry and this will also help with any duplication.

Ideas for gifts include:

  • Baby booties
  • Snuggly toy
  • Sleep sack
  • Carrier
  • Anti scratch mittens
  • Changing mat
  • Baby organizer to carry everything in one place
  • Breast feeding top
  • Rattles
  • Swaddle blanket
  • Breast feeding pillow
  • Playpen
  • Bouncer

Obviously there are many many more items that a new mom and dad need to have for when baby arrives. Most of these are revolved around the new baby but there is another fun idea which are mom and dad baby shower shirts. These can be given to mom and dad to either wear during the baby shower, after or both. They will usually be something quite fun printed with words such as The Bun Maker or Daddy Did It. They are one more item that can make everyone laugh along with all the other cute and wonderful gifts.


A Few Of Our Favorite Ideas


We have listed here a selection of our favorite shirts. Some come in sets of two for both parents and other individually for just mommy and daddy. As you would expect each come in a range of sizes and many also come in a variety of colors.

Mom And Dad Set

  • Mommy Shark – Daddy Shark
  • Mama Bear – Papa Bear
  • Daddy – Mommy
  • Dad to be loading – Baby loading


  • First time mommy
  • You can stop asking when we’re having a baby now
  • Mama bear
  • Coming soon
  • Baby peeking image
  • Baby peeking with See you soon text
  • Eating tacos for two
  • Mama in the making
  • You’re kickin’ me smalls


  • The man behind the bump
  • Promoted to daddy
  • Dad to be Please wait


The Build Up To Your New Baby Will Be Exciting And Busy


From the day you first find our you are pregnant, the time seems to runaway rapidly. The first few months tend to be enjoying the fact that you have a baby on the way and sharing the news. It will usually be the second trimester or anywhere between week 13 and 26, that is a good time to begin your preparations. Your little one will be helpless and relying on you to ensure he she or have everything that they need to survive.

We have noted some of the pregnancy symptoms that can often effect moms badly. Hopefully your partner, other family and friends can lend a hand if this is the case. However, there are some things that you and your partner alone can do, so lets run through a few ideas of what to complete in this build up.

A new baby obviously means an extra person to feed, cloth and more so now is a good time to take charge of your finances and start to plan and budget to ensure that extra money required is available.

You will want to decide on how and where you want to have your baby. Get familiar with your birthing facility and decide if you want to give birth their, at home, in a birthing pool and finalize these options.

Make a schedule for who can go shopping, deal with household chores and cook in those first few weeks.

Making a list of all the things a baby will need is a good thing to start now.
You may want others but some examples are:

  • Crib
  • Carrier set
  • Car set
  • Stroller
  • Bathtub
  • Blankets
  • Towels
  • Diapers
  • Newborn outfits
  • Bottles, milk
  • Changing table or mat

This is by no means an exhaustive list and you may find some of these will be given during a baby shower.

  1. Have your hospital bag packed and ready to go at short notice.
  2. Planning and decorating your nursery can be really enjoyable. Choosing the color of the walls, the furniture, a beautiful crib, a comfortable chair to sit in with baby. Toys and stuffed animals for baby to hold.
  3. Although your little one won’t be doing much moving for a while it could be a good idea to start baby proofing the house.
  4. Ensure your car is well maintained with plenty of fuel. The last thing you want is to break down while on the way.
  5. Have a baby shower!

We realize that every pregnant mom and dads circumstances are different and all pregnancies are also. There will most likely be more to do items on your list and perhaps some here that are not required. We can only see begin your preparation with plenty of time to spare, just in case baby decides to put in an early appearance and most of all enjoy holding your little one for the first time.