Casual Hats For Mom And Dad Are Going To Be Fun To Wear


All moms and dads are superheros and this starts with the news that a baby is on the way. The time of the pregnancy seems to fly by very fast and there are so many things to arrange. As a pregnant mom she is almost guaranteed to have some side effects which make any preparations even harder. They will probably want to have a nursery fully decorated and ready, purchase strollers, car seats have enough diapers, stock up on towels, blankets, bottles and have a changing mat ready. There are also many other things that take up time like scans and tests as well as the usual day to day work.

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When baby finally arrives it will be an immense relief and a lot of joy. Mom and dad will pour all their love into their new baby and will be eager to shower him or her off. It is a time when you want to tell the world your good news and one of the more blatant ways is to wear things like hats with mom and dad on them.

There are many types of hats that a mom and dad can wear. There are different types of caps – flat, ascot and baseball, beanies, berets, boater, bowler, breton, bucket, deerstalker, fascinator, fedora, stetson, sun hat, top hat, trilby, trucker hat and many more. Many of these are worn predominantly by either men or women and some both.

Many of these hats are old and rarely worn in our current era and unless custom made, they will rarely be seen with words printed on them. Mom and dad hats will usually be baseball caps and sometimes beanies and trucker hats. Trucker hats are very similar to baseball caps anyway and often mistaken for them.

The hat itself has been around for thousands of years in various guises and for different purposes. A lot of these hats that worn over a long period served a function and that was to protect the wearer from the weather. That could mean different materials to protect against the cold, warmth or rain.

In comparison, it was not that long ago that hats became a symbol of social status, especially among men. Many hats that were worn originally by the upper and middle classes would find there way down to the lower classes eventually. We went through quite a period in time what virtually every person wore a hat.

Currently hats do not divide any social status and are worn by all walks of life. The most common type of hats worn now are baseball caps. Many sporting brands, designers, sports teams, manufacturers etc produce baseball caps with their logos or names printed on them.

One of the popular hats among various members of a family are the matching ones. Matching in this case usually refers to ones that come as a pair but are not necessarily identical. Mom and dad hats come as a matching set and although different, relate to each other.

These matching sets are produced for a number of different pairs of people and as well as hats, in forms of various clothing, accessories and jewelry. Sets for whole families as well as those for a mommy and her daughter are among the most popular. Some of the clothing that is popular are things like outfits, pajamas and different types of dresses, white dresses and summer and also leggings and rompers for a mom and her girl. Families also enjoy items like family outfits and Christmas pajamas. You will also find items like books, aprons and Christmas ornaments.

Apart from the more standard reason to buy hats with mom and dad on. Those being they look cute, are a good laugh and both like to wear hats. We also mentioned you will probably be so proud and happy that you will want everyone to know you are a mommy and daddy now.

They are also a good way to announce a pregnancy. There so many elaborate ways to use them in this way, only limited by your imagination. We are sure you will find your own unique way of using them to announce you have a baby on the way. One of the more simple ideas is to take a photo of you both wearing them and posting it either on social media or to friends. You could even have a competition to guess who reacts the fastest. Alternatively you could just meet up with family and friends wearing them and see how long it takes for the first person to realize. You can do similar with other garments such as mom and dad to be shirts.



Buy Your Mom And Dad A Set Of Matching Hats As A Gift


Mom and dad will choose to buy there own when they have a baby on the way or are just happy parents wanting to let everyone know mom and dad are here. They will buy these hats themselves to celebrate their child’s arrival. When parents have grown up kids who wish to buy them something, a matching mom and dad hat set could be a fantastic gift.

Giving a gift like this will be quite a personal one to them. It might just be two simple words, mom and dad but those words coming from their child will mean a lot and be heartwarming for them. They will love the fact they have been thought of in such a way and it makes them feel more appreciated by their son or daughter. They will also love their child so much that they love being called mom and dad. This will be a very sentimental gift and because they are worn throughout the year can be given on occasions like Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and more.

There are other choices other than hats that have mom and dad displayed on them. A piece of clothing could also be a great choice but they are probably not quite as practical and will normally end up being worn less often. Clothing like this is often reserved for special occasions. Even if they are to be worn more, they can only be worn to certain places, at home and between washes.

Hats have a greater degree of flexibility. They can be worn with almost any kind of garments and pretty well anywhere. You are not appearing to constantly be wearing the same clothing when out with friends and family or when seen in photos. People wear the same hats all the time and will not be questioned and they can be put on and taken off easily when the occasion arises.



Some Of Our Favorite Styles


These are some of our favorite hats of this kind. Most will be adjustable in some way, usually by way of a strap. Each cap or hat comes in a variety of colors.


  • Mom Life
  • Soccer Mom
  • Football Mom with embroidered text and ball
  • Softball Mom
  • Wife Mom Boss
  • Mom Of Boys
  • Baseball Mom
  • Dance Mom
  • Blessed Mama


  • Daddy
  • Dad
  • World’s Best Dad
  • #1 Dad
  • World’s Best Farter I Mean Father

Mom And Dad

  • Dad Mom on blue and pink with white letters
  • Black Mom and Dad hats with white text
  • Mama Bear – Papa Bear

Dog And Cat

  • Dog Mom with paw print
  • Cat Dad – Cat Mom
  • Best Cat Mom Ever


  • Mom and Dad with Mickey and Minnie ears


  • Your custom embroidered text

Baby Announcement

  • I’m Drinking For Three
  • I Make Cute Babies



Different Styles Of Head Wear Parents May Enjoy


When any mom and dad pick out their own hats to purchase they are simply buying the style and color they like best. For any person buying them as a gift for these parents, as with many things, options mean more difficult choices. Most of the time the persons buying an item with mom and dad on are going to be their children when they get old enough to understand this.

They could also be bought by friends or other family members. This will likely be for a gift during the pregnancy, such as at a baby shower. They are going to love identifying as parents and this what this kind of hat will achieve.

The term mom and dad will firstly conjure up parents and a child but for many people it means for the pets, usually being cats and dogs. There are a number of pet owners who think just as much of their pets as their children. Dog Dad and Dog Mom hats and clothes are hot products for owners who love their pets.

We have listed a few different styles of hats already and this might help to determine what type of hat to buy a mom and dad. There are a few points to consider before making that decision. One will be the weather conditions in which they are most likely to wear them. A trucker cap or baseball cap might be perfect for a hot day with the sun out. The hats peak will help to shade the face from the sun and wearing the hat itself will not make the head too hot.

Baseball caps are also alright for colder weather but will not provide much warmth. They could be worn with an additional hood over them or perhaps a warmer hat underneath. With that in mind the hat will need to be adjustable enough to accommodate the extra layer. This is really for those people who live in very cold climates in which case beanies might be a more optimal choice.

If you live in an area with a high degree of strong winds, as you might have experienced, hats fly off easily. Making sure the size is perfect with options to tighten them even further will be a good idea.

Some hats can be quite elaborate but mom and dad varieties are more straightforward. Most will have some version of these two words, often in different fonts, print colors and hat colors. Some words are embroidered, others transferred. There are also the odd option for different images and other additions.

Which you choose for the mom and dad you have in mind will come down a lot to what they like to wear and their personality. Hats can actually be quite informative about the wearers moods and personalities. The choice you make for them will also be based around what reaction you would like to see when they open them and also the reaction they might want to receive from people they meet when wearing them.

Because they are worded mom and dad there is also the option for them to be worn separately when either goes out along or with the children. Some of this genre of hats really only make any sense when worn together but this set works just as well in either situation.