Step Into An Iconic Costume And Absorb The Power Of Trinity


The Matrix was released in 1999 and had two follow up movies, Reloaded and Revolutions. Although all are fantastic films it is the first that is one of the best rated science fiction movies of all time and one that has reached an iconic status with a cult following. They were all written and directed by the Wachowskis and the stars for all three included Keanu Reeves as Neo/ Thomas Anderson or The One, Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus and of course Trinity played by Carrie-Anne Moss.

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Carrie-Anne was an almost unknown before she starred in The Matrix and it was this movie that shot her to global stardom. The part of Trinity was originally offered to Janet Jackson who could not accept it due to scheduling conflicts, a role that she later stated was a difficult one to have to turn down.

The three main heroes of the movie are Neo, Trinity and Morpheus. It is Trinity who approaches Neo at the start of the movie telling him that Morpheus has the answers he needs. During the movie she told by the Oracle that she would fall in love with The One. This leads to a scene where Neo is dead but she says it can’t be true, kisses him and revives him, this time with the power to control the Matrix. We know from the subsequent movies that he and Trinity become romantically involved and continue their relationship through to the end of the third movie. At the time of writing there is a fourth movie planned for release in 2021 where we shall see if they are still together.

Being the leading lady of the trilogy she needed an iconic costume to match. When any of the characters plug themselves into the Matrix their outfit is a persona of how they see themselves and could be anything although they are all dressed similar. She wears a tight fitting black bodysuit which is shiny like a PVC/ leather and vinyl fabric. Her gloves and boots match and she wear dark sunglasses. Her coat is again black PVC which completes the ensemble wonderfully. This is of course how she wants to portray herself within the Matrix while in the real world she usually wears a gray shirt and blue pants.

A woman of complete confidence and loyalty and not to mention one of the best fighters in the film and a highly skilled hacker. A costume that is instantly recognizable where stepping into Trinity’s shoes for any cosplay would mean everyone knowing who you are instantly. Being almost superhuman in the movie is going to give some kind of psychological boost to anyone wearing her outfit. Look like Trinity, feel like her, act like her, although doing back flips, kicking people and jumping across buildings might not be the best idea.



Carrie-Ann Moss Looks Incredible In Her Outfit And So Can You



The person you first see in the movie is Trinity which begins with a phone call to another character on their ship, Cypher. She then has the first fight against a group of police officers who she dispatches with ease. However there are Agents on hand which means she has to escape. That first moment you see her, the ease with she deals with the police officers and obviously her amazing outfit leaves the viewer in no doubt that this is one tough lady.

Like Neo but sometime before him she was freed from the Matrix by Morpheus and has become an incredible fighter, a master of kung fu and skilled in weapons. She has been in love with The One for a long time but doesn’t know who that is until they meet. She is very loyal and follows him into any danger while chasing after him the first moment he is in trouble. She is willing to die for The One although not because of the power of her love but more her belief that what he has to do to save all humankind is worthy of any sacrifice. She wants to save the world just as much as anyone else and will do everything in her power to do so.

The name Trinity ties in with Christianity in the term the Holy Trinity, the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. From a Christian point of view we can have eternal life through the Trinity. In Christian teachings God offers humans salvation through Jesus Christ while in the Matrix, Trinity is the uniting force and the person who gives us access to Neo.

She is one of the main characters and the leading lady of the movie and much like the others has some super hero type abilities once plugged into the Matrix. As mentioned in Neo’s costume article because the jump high, leap from building to building and do their astonishing combat movies the outfits needed a superhero feel with the long coats have the feel of a cape fluttering behind them as they jump across building.


Trinity’s Matrix Outfit Shows Off Confidence



If you want to dress like Trinity then you will and nothing should stop you. Whether this is fantasy role play, cosplay, fancy dress or just because you like the outfit then it is time to live your inner Trinity. The actual style of the outfit itself has never really gone that far out of fashion. Many designers at the time were influenced by all of the costumes in the movie and you can still see influences today from many design labels. Having said that many of the styles of the 90’s are currently back in fashion anyway so dressing in the black PVC, vinyl and leather may not get as much attention as you think.

The actual inspiration behind the costume of Trinity was simply an absence of light which means it has to be dark and of a high contrast. The designers wanted Trinity to be like an oil slick from her slicked back bob hairstyle to her boots. She wears minimal makeup and is quite the opposite of what you might call feminine although she is of course the heroine throughout the trilogy of movies.

We do not know much about her life prior to the Matrix, we know she was a great hacker but beyond that we have no idea of her likes, dislikes, whether or not she was happy to have swallowed the red pill. Some might say this is not developing the main female character enough and this void in back story means she lacks a memorable personality. We do not believe these points are valid as the writers and designers wanted her to be a femme fatale heroine. The idea being she is nameless and faceless, without a history or a context which makes her everyone and no one. By playing out her back story it would remove her mystery and we think they go it right. She is a powerful female with many skills and with the mystery the surrounds her along with her dark outfit makes her a female super hero.

The costume completes her look making her recognizable anywhere and by adopting this look you are most likely subconsciously going to feel a change in yourself. You may not be jumping building but it will have a feeling of power and inner confidence that you can take on the world without any fear.