The Sunglasses Of Neo Are Iconic


Neo, the star of the movie The Matrix, The One and the person who can save humankind. The Matrix was released in 1999 and was part of a trilogy with the second and third parts being Reloaded and Revolutions. Played by Keanu Reeves, by day he is known as Thomas Anderson who works for MetaCortex, a software company. By night he is a hacker who goes under the name of Neo who steals information from computer systems and sells untraceable computer systems and hacking programs that are illegal. It is through his work as a hacker that he learns of something known as The Matrix but has no idea what it is, only that there is something wrong with the world.

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Shortly into the film he meets Morpheus for the first time and takes the famous red pill. This disrupts his neural connection to the Matrix and allows Morpheus and the crew to pinpoint where he is and pick him up. It takes some time for him to recover from the disorientation and for the reality of what is really happening in the world to sink in.

It isn’t long before his is plugged into training programs to learn kung fu and other martial arts and how to overcome the fear of jumping across a building or should we just say believing he can do it. His abilities soon escalate and before long Morpheus is no match for him. By the end of the movie we come to know he really is the One, can control the Matrix and dispatches the Agents with ease.

During the movie we see Neo shift from a passive individual with little confidence to a highly skilled fighter and person of action. As his skills grow as does his confidence and belief in himself until in the final scenes he reaches his pinnacle and no longer even needs to dodge bullets as he can stop them in mid air. He kills Agents by jumping inside them and ripping them apart from within and at the very end can fly. These superhero moves need a character who looks just as good and Neo’s costume gives us that with the sunglasses being one of the iconic parts.


In The Matrix A Hero Needs Dark Glasses



While in the Matrix, like Trinity, Morpheus and most of the other characters, Neo wears sunglasses. There is no defining answer as to why this is but there are some theories that seem plausible reasons.

It could be to help the audience differentiate between when they are in the Matrix and in the real world. Having said that when Neo meets Morpheus for the first time Morpheus is wearing sunglasses and this tells the viewer that Neo’s eyes are still blind to the truth. In this scene you can also see the red pill and blue pill choices reflected in the sunglasses of Morpheus. There is an important line in the movie where Morpheus tells Neo that his eyes hurt because he has never used the before.

The wearing of sunglasses along Neo’s black outfit, guns and swords gives the characters themselves a way of separating the two worlds as in the real world, either on the ship or Zion they dress in simple clothes and are normal people.

Sunglasses also hide the eyes and reflect the person looking at them. When the two pills are reflected in the sunglasses it is a reference to the two ways in which to see the world. Entering the Matrix the sunglasses acts a protector for Neo to help him be invulnerable to the danger.

By wearing them they also offer a sense of concealment. Because they are blocking the eyes, they are blocking any true intentions. The crew and the Agents are moving around secretly in the Matrix.



Reflective Sunglasses And The One



As soon as Neo chooses and swallows the red pill the mirror that he touches envelops him like a metallic liquid and this is a suggestion that his illusions have been broken down and he starts fresh with a new understanding. This is his transformation from being blind to what is going on to having his eyes opened which all connects to covering the eyes with sunglasses within the Matrix. We see many other reflective or transparent things behaving differently which include shattered glass, rain from the sky and pools and many other transparent items shift locations and change forms.

Before Neo even believes himself to be the One there are many people who do and we learn at the end of the first movie that he is in fact the One. You could view his role as the One as that of Jesus Christ. There are a huge number of people in Zion that believe he will be the person that saves them. We see Neo resurrected from the dead which ultimately leads him to be the One and therefore the savior of humankind.

When he understand who he really is, he is able to see the coding of the Matrix covering everything and this shows he has the ability to divide himself between two different realms. His Matrix name is Thomas Anderson with Anderson meaning son of man and this was a phrase used to describe Christ in the Gospels. There are many connections to Christ here but that is not to say he is actually representing him in the movie but it is a way of telling the audience how important Neo is in saving the human race.