Dad And Son Will Love These Matching Outfits


When it comes to buying any kind of outfits or accessories in the matching range for family, you will find most of those that are made are for mom and daughter. This can be said for pretty well every item in this niche including outfits but that’s not to say there is not a great variety from which to choose from because there are many. Much like a girl does her mommy, your little boy may reach a phase where he will want to dress just like his daddy. This will be an adorable period in his life that you should embrace and help him choose your outfit together.

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This can also work the other way in that it could be the dad who wants his son to match with him, this can be true especially when they are still a baby and you want his sleepsuit to match your shirt in some way, be it funny or cute. This trend can continue as they grow up and move on to shirts, suits, jackets which you can introduce to him at any time. Your friends and family will find the look adorable and you will be presenting them with an opportunity for many amazing photographs.

These styles of outfit will also make a great idea for a gift. There are many occasions during the year that require a present and we all know how difficult it can be to buy for a man with repeating the same thing time and again. A present such as this would make a great personal gift that will be cherished even more because it includes his son. They will make a great present for your husband, boyfriend or any other father and their son and unlike buying clothing for women, men do tend to be a little easier to make happy, for most although there are still many choices to consider.

Outfits in the matching category tends to be purchased most commonly for celebrations and special occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthday, New Year, Father’s Day and Easter and these are a great time to wear such clothing when there are many friends and family about and much joy and fun to be had. They do make great presents at these times but you don’t have to limit yourself to only wearing them on these particular days as they make great items of clothing to wear at any time.

When deciding upon what clothing you wish to buy you would normally have an almost infinite choice but when choosing an option from the dad and son range there choices are a little more limited although can still be vast enough to require some decision making. You have two people to please so knowing their favorite type of clothing, colors, whether they prefer loose or tight fitting are all factors that need to be considered. There is also the print design on the front, will they want something that is funny and designed to make people laugh or one that is cute. As you can see although your choice has more limitations there are still a large number of options to get right.



Look Awesome In Father And Son Designer Clothing



Matching outfits cater for a wide variety of combinations of families and couples including those in a romantic way, sisters and best friends but we would say those that are produced for a parent and their children are the most adorable of them all. There is a special bond between a parent and child and you would do anything for them and these often demonstrate just how wonderful that connection is.

Like we have previously mentioned, the most popular time for these father son outfits will be during some particular celebration but they are there to worn throughout the year. When you wear them will depend on the kind of outfit you have, there is nothing wrong with just wearing them for yourselves while relaxing at home but if you have suits that match then they are not the most suitable clothing for chilling out. You will obviously pick your clothing to suit the environment and wearing your set of matching t-shirts will be fine for enjoying yourselves as home.

Using these when at home is all well and good but wearing this style of clothing at home does not have the same impact as when going out for the world to see you. A part of these type of outfits is the fact you get to show them off to everyone else while spending some quality time together and because you both match the clothes serve as a great reminder of a wonderful day spent together.

As we have said, showing everyone your awesome outfits is one of the main reasons for buying them and this will also impact the choices you make before making a purchase. An outfit is a broad range of clothing and the type your buy will depend upon what circumstances you have in mind to wear them as well as the reaction you expect when other people see you. Many items like shirts will carry some kind of image or text that can be bold, funny, discreet or cute and what you are using them for will be drive your choice of words and prints. This also includes those who buying a gift for someone else, what reaction do you wish to see from the recipient? and would they want to wear it?

We know that the various celebrations make great times to wear matching stuff and there is another period where father and son will spend a lot of happy time together and that is on a vacations. Part of a great holiday experience is the planning of it and the build up and picking what you are going to wear together would make a great addition to getting ready for you vacation and will always be remembered through the photos taken while there.

What also makes this category of clothing appealing is the added bonus of being able to also wear it individually. Some designs that match are designed to be worn as a pair and could look strange when worn independently although that is not too important. But for many, as well as being part of a pair they can also be worn separately which means you will also have an extra item of clothing in both your wardrobes.

Like we previously stated, the choices of garments available while not as vast as those for mom and daughter, still have enough range to be require some thought. Getting the right designs, styles and colors is one thing but the main stumbling block would be which type of print and words you have on the item of clothing.


Great Ideas For Daddy And Me Styles



Here we have a list of a few of our favorite styles and designs to help give you some idea of what is available and hopefully offer some inspiration in picking out what you like most. We have run through a few types of garment and what kind of prints and words you could be wearing.

Dad And Son Shirts

  • Hawaiian luau shirts in classic white with flamingo pattern
  • Hawaiian luau blue sunset shirt with shirt and shorts for son


  • Man and Boy’s checked design shirt in various colors

T Shirts

  • Beast – Beast in training
  • Me – Mini Me
  • Best – Buds
  • Father and son Best friends
  • Pro gamer – Noob
  • Daddy shark – Baby shark
  • Rad dad – Rad like dad
  • Oak tree – Acorn
  • Legend – Legacy
  • I love my son – I love my daddy
  • King – Prince


  • World’s best farter(I mean father) – Like farter like son
  • Regional manager – Assistant to the regional manager
  • Mr Fix it – Mr Break it
  • Pint – Half Pint
  • Fixed it – Broke it
  • Pizza – Slice of Pizza
  • Biggie – Smalls
  • I’m proof that my daddy does not shoot blanks
  • I’m proof daddy does not play video games all of the time
  • Awesome dads have beards and tattoos – Bearded dads are the best
  • Keep calm and let dad handle it
  • You can’t scare me I have two boys
  • Copy – Paste
  • Dadman with Batman wings
  • Daddysaurus Rex
  • Dadasaurus
  • Dad Joke Loading
  • Best buckin dad ever
  • Can’t work today my arm is in a cast (for fishing fans)
  • The coolest pop


  • Classic short sleeve polo shirt design in all sizes and variety of colors

Matching Daddy And Baby Outfits

The daddy and baby range will usual come as a set of two items of clothing, a t-shirt for dad and bodysuit/ sleepsuit for baby.

  • Daddy of a Prince – Son of a King
  • Papa Bear – Baby Bear
  • Drinking Buddies
  • Reel cool dad – Dad’s cutest catch
  • Brew dad – Micro brew
  • Player 1 – Player 2
  • Taco – Taquito
  • Lion – Cub
  • Quarterback – Football
  • Achievement Unlocked fatherhood – Achievement Unlocked new character created
  • Captain – First mate
  • Daddysaurus – Babysaurus

Daddy And Me

  • Gun – Son of a Gun
  • Burger – Slider
  • Papasaur – Babysaur
  • Maverick – Goose

Father’s Day

  • Our first Father’s Day
  • Superdad
  • Happy first Father’s day
  • Papa the man the legend

Sweaters/ Sweatshirts

  • Best Buds with fist image

Tracksuits/ Suits / Designer Clothing/ Ethnic

There are a few types of outfits where you rarely see proper sets but this is easy enough to solve. For any particular clothing that you like and want to wear as a matching set with your son, you only need to buy two of them in different sizes so if tracksuits, suits or designer clothes are you preference then we suggest buying two.


  • Disney Aladdin – Pair of Thieves
  • Superman
  • Happy socks – Daddy and me crew sock set
  • Best Dad – Father’s day socks

Hoodies/ Jackets

  • King – Prince
  • Best Buds
  • Worlds Greatest Farter


Wearing Personalized Outfits That Match Are For Any Time


The moments either long or short, that you get to spend with your son are all precious times that you can look back on as the years pass by. Those times you spend with your little one as they grow up should be treasured and never missed out on. Before you know it your baby boy will have grown up and time spent with you will be replaced with friends or the latest technology such as phones, games consoles, computers or television. Those precious moments very soon become less and less frequent and eventually they will often barely have time for you for more than a few hours.

Therefore it is imperative that while you have the chance you don’t waste the potential time you have together because it won’t last long. If you are one of those parents that don’t have as much free time to dedicate to your child as you would wish then now is the time to make some changes. We understand there are other important aspects in peoples lives but you can never buy more time, it continues to click by at a rapid rate and soon becomes too late.

Daughters are far more likely to enjoy dressing up than sons and this carries across into wanting to dress like daddy. There will still be a few boys who want to copy their dad but it will not be as common as girls want to copy their mommy. It could be an idea that you introduce to him and show him all the wonderful outfits that match that you can wear together and look like a coordinated dad and son team. Personalized shirts, jackets, t shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits and suits are all pieces of clothing that make great garments for both of you to wear as a set. These are all common pieces of clothing anyway so the most important part is what the print is both in terms of image and words and whether it suits both your relationships.

While the choice of garment can be made fairly easily while buying a matching outfit for another person – simply get what they enjoy wearing the most. It is again the design of whats on the front and the message it portrays that can cause the most problems. Knowing their personality so you know what kind of reaction they would like when wearing them in public is starting point but you are also probably thinking about what reaction you want to see from the recipient, family
and friends when they open your gift. You may want the room to erupt in laughter but will they actually want to wear
what you have bought them in public?

You are mostly likely going to be buying these as a gift for either Christmas, Birthday, Thanksgiving or Father’s day as these are the most common occasions in which these are sold. They are quite an unusual gift, outside of the normal stuff and perhaps a little bit of a risk is taken in terms of whether or not this category of clothing is to everyone’s tastes. However, they are a lot of fun and can end up being quite a sentimental item as it includes both father and son.

With all the different types of outfits there are many at reasonably cheap prices so rather than narrow your choice to one piece of clothing you could purchase multiple kinds with different designs to suit your mood or which occasion or event you are thinking of wearing them too.