Family Time Can Be Even More Fun In Matching Sweaters


Every little time you spend with your family should be thought of as special and each person should be thankful that they have their family with them. These times are even more special during the Christmas holidays. This is a wonderful time of the year where although many still keep the country going by working there are others that are at home for a week or two and children are having their holidays for school or college. Even for the people who still work during the festive period it is a precious time to spend with loved ones.

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Most peoples spirits are lifted and with many places being closed if not around the holidays then on Christmas itself it means for the majority of families, everyone at home for at least the day enjoying each others company. Although Christmas Day itself always seems to fly by what with opening presents and Christmas dinner there are other days in the holiday that seem to have more spare hours to enjoy your time together. Whether that being chatting, playing games or watching a movie, doing it all together makes everything feel more fun.

Being able to be in each others company for a longer period gives more time to bond together and become a stronger family unit. There are more times to talk about anything on your minds and generally just have fun. Even though you are a close family there are ways to enhance that connection further and that is by the whole family wearing a matching garment such as sweaters. Wearing clothing that is matching one another is great at anytime of the year but even more so at Christmas.

Sweaters are just one item of many that you will find as matching sets for the family. There are many different garments, jewelry and accessories that you will find that have been designed for all of the various family members to wear. You will also find any combination of mom, dad, children, infants, babies, siblings and grandparent which means everyone is included. Christmas is a popular time for wearing coordinated clothing and these will include family outfits for use at any time and also family pajama sets to wear at home. Although you will find many sweaters with a Christmas theme, there are also many designs available which are perfect all year around or perhaps for other occasions such as Easter or a vacation.

The decision to wear any type of matching garment will be as a result of differing reasons depending on the household. It could be a tradition as you grew up and you are continuing that tradition or starting it with your own children. You may have seen other people wearing certain items with funny prints which encouraged you to start doing the same with your partner and kids. Having a yearly family photo is quite popular and by all dressing the same you can guarantee a good outcome that will look incredibly cute. As a mom and dad you both may have come up with an idea to surprise the kids and have some fun with them and wearing identical sweaters is a good way of showing you are a tight unit. Perhaps on a vacation you all want to wear something that matches to identify each other easily. You could be portraying an image of a family that are equal and as one that hold a special bond as shown through being coordinated with one another. Alternatively you may have a child who simply wants to dress like mommy, daddy or both and rather than trying on your clothes they have their own sweater that matches yours.

The person or persons who buy these for everyone will most likely be one of the parents or both and it will be them who get to choose what kind of design they think everyone will enjoy. Obviously the more people that need one the harder it becomes to please everybody. Younger children will not mind what they wear but as they get older they are more selective. Having said that if the children are old enough they may have some ideas as to what kind of sweatshirt to buy. Depending upon their age this may mean them wanting something with characters from the likes of Disney on the tops. These decision are most likely going to beed some compromises from each other to enable all to be happy. There is also the possibility that a relative or friend that is not a member of the household buy a set of sweaters for everyone to wear although clothing is one of those tricky things to get right.

Whether the idea is for sweaters just for Christmas or for a set that can be worn at any time throughout the year, when it is time at home spent together comfort is high on the list of priorities when it comes to what to wear. There are quite a few different garments that are great for relaxing in and one of those is a sweater. It is important to look good and show off your connected style especially if you may have visitors or run into neighbors. Other than that comfort is high on the agenda for most as this time usually means chilling out curled up on the sofa or messing around playing games. A sweater gives the freedom of movement, loose fitting easy to wear item that is perfect for home. They are of course also nice and warm if the weather gets cold.

There will be a wide variety of sweaters available to purchase with many different options. The most important options being the color with red being the obvious Christmas color. Getting everyone’s size correct is another thing that is essential and this also includes knowing how each person wants theirs to fit, such as loose or tight. The material that they are made from is the last most common option and this needs to be checked as there are people who do not like to wear certain materials or fabrics. They are decision which need to be made when purchasing any piece of clothing but with this kind you also have custom or personalized options like printed text or images and even monograms. These can be funny or cute and the choices for the overall design will depend upon the reaction you want when people see them.


Coordinating Sweatshirt Gifts For The Whole Family Including Dog At Christmas



The way in which a child is raised has a great deal of influence with regards to how they manage their relationships when they get older. Listening to and watching parents help kids to develop their tools and these tools are used later in life to react around people and handle various situations. A positive influence and a lot of time spent together enables a child to learn how to live their life. Kids will copy whoever they spend the most time with so if parents want to be sure of having a child who grows up with good intentions they should spend much time with them. By time we mean quality time actually doing things together rather than being in the same room but paying attention to the TV or phone.

At Christmas it is, for most people, much easier to spend time together as a family because every one will usually be at home. There are many ways to take advantage of these moments and spend some quality time together and these could involve doing any of the following:

  • Watching movies
  • Playing cards
  • Playing board games
  • Play any sport in the garden
  • Do some exercise together
  • Make your own Christmas decorations
  • Share good movies, books or music you enjoy
  • Parents can chat about what it was like when they were young – things they enjoyed etc.
  • Read a Christmas story together
  • Playing hide and seek or any other fun activity that get you all moving
  • Do some baking together

Any of these things make for wonderful activities to do together which are bound to bring you all closer to one another and for many they encourage talking amongst each of you and you may end up learning something new about each other. Whether it is any of the activities listed above or others you are bound to feel a strengthening of the bond you have. Often times even close family members can be quiet and reserved and by getting them laughing and chatting you can maybe find out things that would not have been mentioned otherwise. To make all of these things even more fun and interesting you will all be dressed in matching sweaters and psychologically this will make you feel even more connected to each member of the family, give the sense of being important and included in everything and have a deep sense of love and loyalty.

While Christmas maybe the perfect example of when to wear these sweatshirts there are many other occasions you may feel are appropriate. Some families will wear their coordinating garments all year around without the need for any special celebration where as other will at least reserve them for get togethers such as Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Easter, Mothers Day or Fathers Day. Buying sweaters for the whole family can run into quite a cost, especially for larger ones so buying designs that can be worn throughout the year could make them feel more affordable.

The more that they are worn the more cost efficient they will feel and depending upon the design they could also been worn by everyone separately. Obviously there will be many designs that look out of place when worn individually but by choosing carefully you may end up with a set that can be just as easily worn alone as they can as a group.

The design is one of the more important choices that needs careful consideration. As we mentioned above it can mean the difference between being able to wear them individually or not and also they need to be appropriate for everyone and be something every family member is willing to wear. The sweaters have prints that can be text or an image or a combination of both and they can be visually funny, themed around something as a cartoon or Christmas or just one that is simple but cute and adorable. Your choice here will take into account the reaction you will expect from the people who will be wearing them and also what reaction you may want to see from anyone who sees you as a family wearing them.



Mom, Dad, Kids, Baby And Pet Ideas For The Best And Ugly Types




We have listed a few of our personal favorite sweaters with a brief description to help inspire your ideas. Many are available in a different colors and patterns and of course sizes from small to plus sizes.

Family Sweaters

  • Black, grey and white with stars pattern


  • Red with reindeer face and antlers with Merry Christmas
  • Black with cartoon reindeer eyes, nose and antlers
  • Red sweaters with white reindeer head
  • Cartoon style Rudolf sweatshirt with red nose and hood

King And Queen Christmas

  • King and Queen Christmas sweaters


With Dog 320

  • Red and white with Christmas tree, snowflake and reindeer design for adult, children and dogs
  • Candy Cane and Christmas tree for mom, dad and child with red and white pattern for pet dog

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

  • Knitted pullover in red, white and black pattern with reindeer faces
  • Red, maroon, black and white striped knit pattern
  • Red and white snowflake and reindeer knit design
  • Black and white knitted pullover with reindeer and snowflake pattern
  • Black and white dotted pullover with reindeers
  • Black, white and red with reindeer and snowflake print


  • Black long sleeve with festive dancing bear
  • 3D Graphic green red and white sweater

Mom Dad And Baby

  • Knitted red and black reindeer sweaters with knitted baby suit


  • Mickey Mouse Christmas designs in red for dad and sons and Minnie Mouse designs for mom and daughter


  • 3D printed Grinch face on sweatshirt


  • Santa Elf Costume Sweater



Look Great Feel Great And Stay Warm With Your Loved Ones




Every moment that you spend with your loved ones is precious and all of them should be thought of as special times to always treasure. For parents being with their children and vica versa, making the most of that time is important, which means focusing on each other and the moment. Those time just being together are going to be among the happiest in your life and you will be creating some wonderful memories that can always be looked back on. This is especially true during festive periods like Christmas when there are many more opportunities to be with one another and be happy.

There are many parents that have very busy schedules both work and socially that do not put enough time into spending it with their chilidren and end up missing many amazing moments and unmissable milestones. This is unfortunate as these are precious moments that can never be repeated and should be a priority over anything else. While busy parents are working time is flying by very fast and before long the children are grown up and leaving home. By then it is too late and regretting those decisions is too late. If this sounds like you then now is the time to make those changes and dedicate more time to your family and especially your children. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to make a new start where once you might have felt like needing to work, take the time off and spend some quaility time with your loved ones and see how much you have been missing them and them you.

You could buy items that symbolize the changes in how much family time you have together and with a set of matching sweatshirts being that item that represents this. There could be a number of hours set aside weekly just for time together and putting on your sweaters holds that promise you all made to dedicate those hours solely to each other. As soon as you all wear them it means just being together doing something you all enjoy. Having something that will represent your love for one another and helping to grow the bond you share can be one that becomes a family tradition to ensure future generations always uphold the importance of family.

There will be periods of time, some long, some short when it isn’t possible to be together for genuine reason and these could be related to work or education. Most of the time Christmas will be excluded as holidays can be taken but there will be many other times when one member of the family could be away from the rest. For some people being a long distance away can lead to anxiety over separation issues and perhaps the feeling of loneliness at being left out. One way for them to feel included still is to take a sweater with then that is a part of the matching set that everyone wears. You can all wear them together and with video chat will be able to see each other allowing the person away to feel closer and connected to the rest of their family.

Looking at sweaters, like virtually any piece of clothing there are a huge number of options when it comes to choosing one. One of the first decision that will probably be made is the color and this is closely followed by ensuring the sizing is correct. We have mentioned the various prints of both text and image and there is of course various materials used. The most common fabrics used in the production of sweaters include wool, cotton, synthetic fibers, cashmere, linen and silk. Every person has differing tastes so to please everyone when it comes to color and fabric may take some compromises. There also styles, designs and colors that often depict differing moods and ones that will be more suited to certain times of the year than others. One great thing about all sweaters or jumpers is that they are very cozy and provide much warmth.

These choices will usually be made by the parents but for children that are old enough being included in deciding can be a lot of fun for them. You may be wanting to make them a surprise as a build up to a vacation or Christmas or reveal them on Christmas Eve as a fun gift for everyone to wear the next day. Alternatively you could make choosing your yearly sweater a tradition for the family. You could choose a date, perhaps in line with an advent calender on December 1st and this could be the day you choose you Christmas family sweater together. A wonderful tradition that will be fondly remembered by the children as one of those exciting moments building up to Christmas.