The Whole Family Can Have Cozy Feet In These Matching Slippers


Looking at all of the people in the world there will be many different ideas about what footwear should be worn inside the home. Many of these beliefs will be personal choice or simply following their own parents traditions while for many others it will be purely cultural differences that dictate indoor footwear. For example, in Korea it is customary to take shoes off before entering any home as it is a sign of respect and hygiene and in parts of Japan the entrance, known as the genkan, is a sacred place that separates inside from out and therefore clean from the unclean. There are many countries where shoes are traditionally removed and these include Switzerland, India, Thailand, Estonia and the Netherlands where as in countries such as the U.S, U.K, Italy and Germany it is a tradition in fewer houses and not always expected.

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Many people prefer to walk in to their house wearing their outdoor shoes and leave them on to relax in where as others like to  kick off their shoes and relax in just their socks or to go bare foot. However for many other people slippers are an important footwear for their home and are aware of the many advantages that wearing a pair will bring. Those of us who do  love to slip on a comfy pair of slippers when we get home instantly understand the benefit to wearing them. After a long day at work in shoes and with feet aching, pulling them off is an instant gratification. That wonderful feeling of first removing them is made even better when your feet are wrapped in a super soft pair of slippers that will not only relax your feet and keep them warm but also having all the advantages that wearing a good pair can bring.

There are many many different items that are sold either for a particular family member or as a matching set and these include a wide range from clothing, accessories and jewelry. There are certain objects that are dedicated to just one person such as a mom, dad or children and there are other items that have been designed and produced for the whole family to wear so as to build a bond or simply to look cute and coordinated. Items of clothing include family shirts, outfits and sweaters and there are also items of jewelry such as rings and necklaces. All have their advantages and disadvantages and a families choice will be determined by whether they want something that is bold or more discreet and of course who it is for. Quite often it is the identical clothing in this niche that many people find distasteful although on the other hand there are many who embrace the fun side and love to go out dressed up in matching things. Slippers are one of those in between items as they are quite visual but also only worn at home where other family members and friends might see them.

Like many items that fall in this category they can be purchased individually where you might buy a pair for mom which reads Mama Bear or Dad that reads Papa Bear or a child that has Lil Bear embroidered. They look cute separately but with this design of slipper and the particular wording they would look much better as a matching set for the whole family to wear. A set such as these would usually be purchased by a mom or dad and while Christmas is a popular time for them, they are for wearing all year around.

Within all of the various households there will be various immediate family combinations which can include mom’s, dad’s, kids, boyfriends, girlfriends, brothers, sisters, grandmothers and grandfathers to name but a few. While the typical family might be a husband, wife and two children there are many who have varying combinations of any of the above. Slippers are available for each individual person which means you can create any combination of the family for whom to purchased a set of slippers. Unlike jewelry where having a personalized engraving added is common, a pair of slippers that can have a custom addition are few and far between. You can find options for monogrammed initial or names but it is the pre made varieties that are more common and look better. As we mentioned previously they are for wearing all of year but they do make for great gifts at occasions such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Easter, New Year or Thanksgiving celebrations.

As with most purchases that involve various options there will be some choices that are required prior to buying a pair. Some of the more important decisions will include what size to buy for each person keeping in mind that some slippers can feel tight to start with but many loosen with a little age and also leaving enough room for socks if needed. Materials can differ and you will find some are warmer than others and this will be influenced by where you live and at what time of the year you are most likely to wear them. Everyone has their favorite colors and this includes items that they wear so ensuring you know who likes what will save any disappointment. Of course there is also the overall style, look and depth of sole, all of which will come down to personal preference.



A Slipper Set With Many Designs Make Perfect Gifts Especially For Christmas



Slippers make for wonderful gifts, especially for Christmas when the cooler weather is upon us. Receiving any gift is for most people something that feels great and exciting and when it comes from any loved ones the whole thing is made even more special. When they are a matching set that everyone can join in and enjoy at the same time, it makes them all the more fun and will be a present that will include the whole family which helps to build that special connection. There are many things that would have the same effect but slippers are a practical item that are functional and will be used often.

There are still quite a few people in some countries that don’t wear slippers in the house but doing so has many benefits. Removing outdoor shoes really is a must, especially for hygiene purposes and going bare foot or just wearing socks will be uncomfortable and can eventually cause problems for the feet when spending a lot of time walking on hard surfaces. Protection for the feet at home come in many guises and anything is better then nothing at all so if slippers just aren’t your thing then flip flops, slide or clogs are good compromises. However, slippers are of course much softer and provide more warmth and generally more comfortable all around. If you have family members that are not keen on slippers then perhaps a set for all of you will encourage them to join in the fun and wear theirs. You could also list the benefits of wearing them and these include:

Swollen Feet

This is common medical condition due to poor blood circulation but wearing the correct supportive slippers will help to encourage blood flow and thereby reduce swelling.

Balance And Stability

By wearing the right type of slipper you are the arch in your foot the support it needs and this can help alleviate any impact pain and strain when walking and help to improve your balance and stability.

Colds And Flu

Believe it or not wearing slippers can help to protect you from catching colds and the flu. When feet begin to get cold the blood vessels around the nose constrict to help prevent the body from losing any heat. This results in less white blood cells in the nose and throat that do help to protect the body which means wearing slippers and keeping your feet warm you are helping to maintain a better blood flow to your nose.

Bacterial And Fungal Infections

It is not just slippers but any protection for the foot what will help to prevent the spread of foot diseases such as athletes foot or toenail fungus. If more than one person in the house walks around in bare feet they are at risk of spreading these diseases to one another. Wearing outdoor shoes in the home is even worse as they are spreading many germs that have been picked up by their shoes while outside.

Most slippers are ultra comfortable but if your are looking for that extra level of comfort you should be looking at some or all of the following when buying a pair:

  • Finding the right kind of foot bed to suit your feet to ensure the right support and a natural alignment
  • If the heel has a deep cup it will provide a greater stability.
  • Ensuring the arch in the slipper is the right mold for your foot arch
  • A flexible but still fairly firm sole


While there are quite a few reasons for why any family may want to give these type of items as a gift one that we have not previously mentioned is for anyone who spends a lot of time a long distance apart. This could be for reasons such as work or education but for whatever the reason if often means them missing out and fun family things. Having a set of slippers for everyone would mean the family member that has to spend time away can also take a pair with them. This could be great mentally for any person who very much misses their loved ones or may suffer from separation anxiety. By wearing their own set of slippers and seeing the rest of the family on video chat in theirs it will make them feel closer to one another and more connected to each other than ever before.

While a set of these are more commonly purchased around the Christmas period and by one of the senior members of the family they can also be bought by other relatives or close friends and would make for a wonderful Christmas gift for any family. Of course it may be more difficult for an outsider to get sizes correct or know who is going to like what color but as a a unique thought it is a fantastic one. Christmas is just one celebration they are suitable for but they could also be given to a bride and groom on their wedding day or for their engagement or even for a housewarming gift.

As we all know the overall basic design of any footwear it pretty much the same but they also will come in differing design and many offerings of colors and slippers certainly have many color options. In terms of styles there are open and closed toe varieties as well sandals, the novelty and funny types that come in different shapes with animals being an example. There are also versions the cover the ankle and lower leg in a boot style and ones with different creatures feet. Materials also differ and you can find them made from wool, fleece, sheepskin, leather, suede, polyester, acrylic, cotton and more. For those designed for particular individuals or groups of people there are also many custom features such as embroidered text and monograms of names or initials.



A Few Ideas And Some Inspiration For Your Matching Pair



If you are on the search for a set of slippers and are looking for some inspiration, we have listed a few of our persona favorites with a brief description. There are many different types which can include novelty or funny varieties, Disney, dinosaur, cat, bear, bunny, mouse, zebra, reindeer and elf for Christmas, and those made from velvet or crochet.


  • Mama Bear in buffalo plaid
  • Papa Bear in buffalo plaid
  • Lil Bear in buffalo plaid
  • Baby Bear in buffalo plaid
  • Papa Bear in white
  • Mama Bear in white
  • Lil Bear in white
  • Baby Bear in white


Family Christmas Slippers



  • Reindeer face in brown and white with red
  • Christmas tree and reindeer image


  • Santa Claus face and hat


  • Christmas elf shoe type



  • Dinosaur embroidered uppers
  • Dinosaur face with teeth shaped



  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse character image


Novelty / Funny

  • Penguin front novelty house shoes
  • Shark head with fin novelty pair
  • Fox head in brown and white
  • Full turtle novelty sea animal slippers



  • Black cat with full face and head
  • White, black and brown cute cat or kitten animal shaped slippers



  • Bunny face and ears on front with thermal fleece
  • Cute pink and white bunny face and ears



  • Black and white with zebra face at front



  • Slip on’s custom monogrammed with names or initials




Be Kind To Your Feet With Personalized Comfy Footwear



As you grow older and look back on those precious memories that have accumulated over the years it is those spent with your family that are likely to be recollected most often and with the most happiness. Being and taking part in family activities helps adults and the children also and you will be there to witness many treasured events that may never well be repeated. For children it is their parents that they look to as they grow up to learn how to deal with situations and their love and encouragement ensures they are happy and living in a positive environment.

There are further benefits for children who have parents that take an interest in their lives and these include an increase in their confidence, behavior that is improved at school and school grades getting better. Most children tend to be influenced by whom that they spend the most of their time and this influence will impact their own relationships when they grow up so if, as parents you want to be that positive influence then spending more time with the children is vital. For parents it is all about witnessing all of the baby milestones that will be one of a kind moments that you will forever remember and treasure throughout your lives. It is unfortunate that many parents with busy schedules miss a lot of these milestones and often end up regretting this in the future as they are never to be repeated events.

It is not always too late to change and it only takes some arranging and will power to force a change in your lifestyle to be there more for your children and dedicate more time to the entire family. Once the decision has been made it can celebrated by getting something that is going to be a symbol of a new beginning and represent this change to have more time with the family. There are many things that would work for this but as you shall be spending much of your time bonding in the home, then why not a set of matching slippers for everyone to wear. Wearing them will serve as a reminder of the promise you have made to be together more often and these are perfect for playing games at home or just chilling out watching a movie together.

While the wearing of slippers may not suit everyone they are good for your feet for the reasons we have listed above. There are also other advantages to wearing them some of which we will run through here.


Anyone who wears the outdoor shoes in the house will be spreading millions of bacteria. Studies have shown that the sole of a shoes is dirtier than a toilet seat with traces of feces, vomit and millions of bacteria all of this is transferred to the floors of a house. A vacuum cleaner will not remove all of it and for anyone who sits or plays on the floor such as children or drops food and picks it up, all of this will be transferred to them and their mouths.


Studies have proven that the more relaxed you are the more productive you are which means wearing a pair of slippers will make all of those household jobs a lot quicker to complete.

Sock Protection

While some people choose yo wear socks around the house to keep their feet warm there is little protection for them. Just wearing socks around the home will see them wear out much faster when compared to wearing slippers also.

Accident Prevention

This is again for anyone who prefers to just wear socks, especially those with no grip. If you have wood or tiled floors you will have probably often experience slips along particularly slippy areas which could one day lead to a fall. Socks will also not protect against those inevitable times that you stub a toe on something.

If slippers are your choice and this is something for an individual or whole family to wear, then it is just a case of choosing the right pair. This will be determined by who they are for, whether it is one pair or a set, how much you may wish to spend but generally the most important factor will be the overall appearance of the slipper. Are you looking for warmth, comfort, ones that connect the family somehow or those that have some novelty aspect. For the highest comfort you will want a pair with a padded foot bed, a breathable lining, the seams in a position where they will not dig into the foot, a soft lining and some flexibility so that they mold to the shape of the foot. We are sure you will make the best choice for your loved ones and you will all enjoy the comfort of your new slippers.