Enjoy A Soothing Drink From A Mug With A Mama Bear Print


Every home has its share of various bits and bobs but there are a few object which can be found in almost all of them. One such an item is some kind of a vessel to drink out of and they can come in a variety of forms. You would be hard pressed to find any household that did not have a number of different mugs, cups, glasse and tumblers on hand either to drink from or on display. Over the years families tend to build quite a collection of all of these. Cups often come in sets with saucers, glasses are on hand for cold drinks and tumblers for taking out and keeping liquids hot or cold. Mugs are very popular because they usually come adorned with some wording or image. Moms, dads and children will often get mugs dedicated to them with words such as mama bear or will have one with their favorite sporting team, TV show or movie. Others can have printed on them names, initials, photos, animals, jokes and even businesses use them for advertising. This long list usually amounts to a home with plenty in the cupboards.

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There are a many other items that can be purchased that are designed to be for a mom or an expectant one. Some of these are individual items that have personalized additions such as a name or date, for example a blanket. As well as there being individual objects you can also buy sets that have produced with many different permutations of members of a family. These sets will usually match in some way and not only include mugs but clothing, jewelry and accessories. A few example of such things include shirts for a mom and daughter, for a whole family, pajamas and mugs and even his and hers towels. There are also some nice items of jewelry that include bracelets for a mom and son.

The clothes can look good and with the the twinning theme can show how close a family is or how much a couple love one another. Although there are many who enjoy wearing this kind of thing there also also many who are not so keen on such outward displays of affection. Obviously they are a small part of a large niche and things for the home are more personal and will be more attractive to even the most staunch opponents of the clothing. People think differently of things around the home and although they are a similar thing, are more accepting.

Although some of these types of clothes can get a bad time from some there are still a large amount of people who love them. There is nothing quite as adorable as a mommy and baby in matching outfits. Having said that if you have your mind firmly set against and kind of garment then a mug or tumbler would be another choice. These are certainly a more discreet way of showing the close bond between your family as they are likely to only be used at home or perhaps on some occasions that require a long journey or going for a picnic. It is also common for workers to take their personal mugs into work for their drink and many of them will have similar designs.

These mugs, cups and tumblers can come with a variety of already designed words and images that have already be printed or lasered onto the mug itself. You will find them in an array of colors and many different sizes. There are often ways to personalize them by adding custom additions such as names, initials and dates. One of the most popular and well loved design is the Mama Bear design. There is an assortment of mama bear type mugs in various fonts and colors and images of the bear. They are also often paired with baby bear or bear cub mugs if anyone is looking for a matching set.

You may think the range of mama bear mugs would be some what limited but for just one design there are quite a number of different types. When you include color of the mug itself, color of the words, the image, size of the text, size of the mug, design of it plus any personalized additions and you can soon end up with a high number of variations from which to choose.


A Mug, Tumbler Or Cup Are Great Gifts For A Mom To Enjoy Her Coffee, Tea Or Something Cooler



There are not many people who do not like to be given a gift. At first they have that air of mystery and excitement followed by the joy of opening it up to see what is inside. While receiving a gift feels amazing so does the feeling of giving one, especially to the people you love. Watching their faces light up in surprise as they open a present from you is a beautiful gift in itself. Any item you give to your mom will be special but when it is something personal to her then it will be treated with even more love.

There are all kinds of fun and exciting gifts such as rings and necklaces which can make a mug, cup or tumbler seem like quite a dull and boring present. It is true they are not generally the most exciting of objects but they don’t all have to be plain and boring. They can be purchased with a variety of designs but the one that is the most featured is the mama bear version. They come in a various guises and sometimes with custom features such as dates. This means that they are not only a functional gift that will no doubt be used for a morning coffee but they also look good. In fact, there will be times where the owner feels they look so good that they would prefer them not to get damaged and are instead displayed in the kitchen or living room.

If you were asked to picture a mug in your mind or to draw one most people would end up drawing the classic style version most of us would think of. There are however quite a few different versions and these include:



The mug most commonly used and the typical version people imagine when someone mentions one. They are produced for the most part from porcelain, ceramic, china and sometimes glass varieties. They will usually hold around 8oz of liquid with different manufactures using different materials as some not only retain the heat better but can also effect the way a coffee holds its flavor.



These are a handy portable version of a mug, namely a travel mug and as can be surmised by the name are a good choice for taking with you when travlelling anywhere. They are usually produced in stainless steel and have strong seals to help maintain the heat in a hot drink.



A mug with a small capacity, around 3.4 oz which is used for espresso’s. They tend to be made from ceramic or porcelain.



Tumblers were created from two other mugs, the classic and travel and are similar in shape to the classic type but are a little taller. They are usually constructed from stainless steel or melamine as these two materiasl help to maintain heat. They have many advantages over that of a classic mug. They are perfect for taking out because of the leak proof lids but can also still be used at home. The insulation enables them to keep liquids hot for long periods of time and in the same way keep cold liquids cool. They can be used repeatedly for a long time which means they are environmentally friendly and are a great choice for car journeys, runs, picnics, gym visits and more.

You will find mugs, cup and tumblers all available with the mama bear design. This is a gift that is great for many of the different celebrations throughout the year including Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter or New Year and will be treasured either way. With so many various celebrations during just one year it can often become difficult to think of something new to give your mom as a present. This is one they will love because it comes from her son or daughter but also because it tells her how much she means to you.


Some Of Our favorite Designs



Here are a few of our favorite designs with the addition of a brief description in the hope they might inspire your choice.


  • Vintage style in white with red and black plaid bear
  • Ceramic 11 oz in white with brown image and text
  • Pink and white paw print with pink and blue text


  • Light blue travel tumbler with stirrer and straw and white image
  • Black tumbler, double wall vacuum insulated, 20oz with white words and image
  • Pink 20 oz double walled, insulated tumbler with white print


  • White tea cup with black print and image


  • Glass coffee mug with white bear image and clear text

Travel Mug

  • Mint color with silver text and mama bear and cub image

Glitter Tumbler

  • Pink and Turquoise glitter tumbler with white print with arrow and heart


  • 18oz ceramic coffee with paw mark and claws and quote – Nobody messes with my cubs
  • Ceramic coffee style in white and black with white print


  • White with black print with additional personalized text of choice

Stainless Steel

  • Stainless steel 12 oz tumbler with black bear image


  • Ceramic camper style 14 oz white with pink and black plaid bear

Mama Bear And Papa Bear

  • 13 oz ceramic campfire set in black and white


  • Marble mug with spoon in gift box


  • White and black speckled ceramic campfire 15oz


  • Red color for Christmas with white print

And Cub

  • White with black bear image and small cubs
  • Mama bear loves her cubs mug with socks


  • Retro look 10 oz in enamel


  • White and black with custom established date



Your Mama Bear Design Will Make A Wonderful Reminder Of You And Your Childrens Bond



Throughout a persons life there will be a huge amount of people that they will come into contact with. The ones that will have the most impact of all will be the members of your close family. These close relationships could be to many or just one or two family members which could be your mom, dad, grandparents, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts or cousins among others. Whoever they may be, it will be the same people who show you the love and support you need as you go through life. Children need their parents in their life as it helps them to feel safe, secure and loved.

Children will very much appreciate the time that is dedicated over the years and although they don’t realise it at the time, later in life they will be appreciative of the sacrifices many parents make for them. This is the time when strong bonds are formed and once they realise how important this time was, they will say thank you and want to display their thanks through gifts such as mama bear mugs or tumblers.

Moms and dads of course also benefit from the hours they spend with their babies, especially when they are young. All babies hit important milestones ove time and do things that are never repeated. Parents who get to witness such things will be blessed with many treasured memories that they will be able to look back on and relive time and again. Being their for your kids of a school age will also often increase their grades and improve any behvior problems.

Unfortunately there are still many moms that either put the work or social life first. Although there are times than this sometimes cannot be helped due to the need to feed and cloth their children there are some that could make the necessary changes. We applaud any mom or dad for that matter who wants to change their lifestyle and dedicate more time to their kids. We think a fresh start can be symbolized by something that can represent and be a reminder of this promise. A mug is a good item to use as this symbol as it is one of the first things you will use each morning for your tea or coffee and the same when you reach home. This will mean you have a constant reminder of the promise to yourself and how happy your children are in seeing more of you. The mama bear style tells you exactly who you are, the mama bear of the family, looking after her baby bears.

All of the mugs, cups and tumblers that have been designed for a mother, look incredible and any one of them would be a well received gift or a present to yourself. Rather than using them they are often cherished in which case they will often be used as an ornament and displayed in the home. Sometimes the sentimental value is too high to risk using them daily, especially if they are breakable. In which case, perhaps a yearly use just so as it is used for its purpose in celebration of a beautiful gift to a wonderful mom.