Types Of Hoodie


From its humble beginnings to its assocation with crime, the hoodies has come a long way. They have now transcended into mainstream fashion and can be found in many a persons wardrobe. They are nowadays not only worn by youths but also business men.

There are generally 3 different types of hoodie. There is the pull over variety that has no zip, basically a sweater with a hood and laces to tighten it. The zip up hoodie has a zip all the way down the middle which means it can be worn as a slim fit for a different style. The last version is the mid zip which is easer to pull on and can, obviously be worn zip up sweater style or half open.


Ways In Which To Wear Them


There a few ways to wear the hoodie and if you are looking to try new fashions then take a look below.

You can wear your hoodie as part of a layer. With a t shirt underneath, the hoodie over that and on top of that a outer coat, any kind of stylish jacket will look perfect. You could try leather jacket layering, denim layering or bomber jacket layering, for example.

Not only could you wear your hoodie as a layer topped by a jacket, there is also another option. Wearing a tailored suit over your hoodie, creating a sport come suit style.

A well shaped, clean cut hoodie can double as part of your gym wear but also looks good enough to step out afterwards and blend in like you has never been to the gym.

A neutral colored hoodie will combine well with a pair of trousers for a smart casual look that is a step away from the street style of youths and allows you to wear the a comfortable top while remaining smart.


Style And Color

You should purchase one of pure cotton as these are the best quality, will fit the best and last the longest. The color is down to your preference but check your current wardrobe and match the colors. If you want the ultimate style then go for a pullover style rather than the zipped version. If you are in a relationship and wanting to look coordinated then matching sweaters would be a good idea.

The hoodie was once a piece of clothing we would just throw on when in a rush, wanting to be comfortable but not worried about how we looked. Nowadays it doesn’t have to be just a casual bit of clothing you didn’t consider as part of your fashionable clothes. With the different style available and ways to combine them, it has now become an item of clothing that can make a real statement.