Bath Or Beach Will Be Luxury With His And Hers Super Soft Towels


We can safely say that every home will in some condition have at least one towel but most will have many different ones that will be used for various things. It would be a difficult task to find any house which does not have one because they have many uses beyond getting dry after a shower or bath. Most people will be using one to stand on after a bath, one for their hair, one to dry themselves after a wash, one for the face, one for the feet and that only covers the bathroom. The kitchen will also have ones for drying hands, drying dishes as well as many other uses. They are a flexible and common item used daily and are grabbed as a solution to a large variety of things. They come in pretty well any color you can think of and because  of their different uses, a variety of sizes as well have many image, text and prints relating to many different things.

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The more you actually to start to look at the many items that come as a set for couples you will begin to realize what a  vast range there is in clothing, jewelry and accessories. With this large range you will probably find that if it is available to purchase individually you will most likely be able to find the item as a pair. When it comes to the clothing range, which are obviously going to be worn for everyone to see, there are many people that are not fans of couples wearing matching items. Having said that, there are enough romantics out there who find them cute and wear shirts when out, pajamas at home and drink for his and her glasses. These are great example of what can be found in this niche and all of them make for terrific gifts and this is especially so for those that have romantic and loving words or images put on to them. Many of the words or images will have already been designed, written and created before being added to the item in order for you to show your love for one another. The items in this range vary in size and while the smaller ones are more limited to what can be displayed due to their size the large variants have enough space which often hold full verses and loving poems. Most items also have custom options so that you can add your own words or pictures and you could add some loving or encouraging words, your names, initials or special dates.

Although there are many varieties of towels, they will all be available as a matching his and hers sets. We believe most people, like us, love to have a large soft and fluffy towel to wrap around us after a bath and the right one will feel incredible. Not only do they have to feel wonderful they can also look amazing with one of several romantic designs that will make you feel special with their loving messages. If you take into account the splendor of a perfect towel and include a romantic element you have the makings of a unique gift for your partner. There are countless numbers of towels which would feel superb but it will be the personal touch that makes them extra special and will equate in you partner appreciate the gift even more because of the effort and loving thought put into it. Every year there are numerous occasions where a present will need to be purchased and every year and event it slowly gets harder to think of different items to buy. Most people usually end up buying similar things again and again but items like these would change that and mean you have something unique and personal to give instead. They work well for any celebrations including Valentine’s day, Christmas, Birthday’s, Anniversary, Wedding Day’s, Engagement Parties, Thanksgiving, Easter or any other time of the year you want to surprise your partner with a spontaneous gift.

If you are looking for matching items to wear there are many in the clothing and jewelry range that are suitable for home or outside use. When it comes to towels they will be mostly be for home use although there are beach varieties and you will also use one at the pool which means other people will still be able to admire them. Towels are one of those things that would be strange to live without and even though most of them are fairly cheap they can still feel and look amazing and any couple, Mr and Mrs, boyfriend or girlfriend who are given a set will be very happy. Coming as a pair for a couple they can also add some fun and romance into any room they are being used in and will serve as a nice reminder of your partner as you use them.

A towel is a pretty straightforward item but as you probably know they come in many styles, designs, sizes, colors and sometimes shapes and the his and hers varieties also have a large choice of text and imagery. While a lot of choice can mean a better chance of finding the particular one that is perfect for you, too much choice can also result in a higher number of items that you really like and a harder decision trying to reduce it to one. As they are an every day item used daily it will be important to make the correct decisions and we will run through a few of the points you may want to consider before making a purchase.



Couples Towels Are Comfortable Gifts For Any Mr And Mrs



Receiving a gift feels exciting and most people love the feeling of getting one but the same can also be said of giving a gift to your loved one. If the gift is intended for a partner or if you are buying something for a couple their happiness at receiving it could be even more if there is a personal touch added. The personal element with anything is one that comes from the heart and it will become a symbol of the love and strong connections in your relationship. Whether that couple is husband and wife, boyfriend or girlfriend or in a civil union they all have something in common and that is their love for one another and the trust and support each provides. This person will be the one you can share all of your secrets with and who you trust to confide in. You will be spending the rest of your life with them and although words are important there are times when you want to show them what they mean to you by way of a romantic gift.

Towels are one of those items that are a necessity, fairly simple, not much thought goes into them and every house requires them. Throughout your day every member of your family will use a towel a large number of times for different things without giving them a second thought. They have been designed and produced as an essential item to be used for a long period then replaced and thrown away. By a simple addition by way of embroidering a special message, name, Mr and Mrs or His and Hers you transform a simple item into something interesting, fun and sentimental for the couple using them. Towels are made from a few various materials and are not something you would usually look at and admire but by adding some words and images they turn into an interesting object and a talking point. Beyond messages and names you could have initials monogrammed or a loving verse embroidered or an image transferred on to it. These words and images can have a romantic theme or one that is funny and for couples they will come as a pair.

As they are being produced and sold for couples they will be the ones most frequently buying them, either together or by one another as gifts. Because they do makes such a perfect gift for a couple it means it is not necessary to feel that they are limited to only being bought by them. There are designs that would suit close friends or family members buying for a couple for various occasions. You may be a mom, dad, brother, sister or best friends with two people within whom you can see the love and strong connection between a couple and wish to celebrate this with an appropriate gift. Some good examples of giving such a present would be for the bride and groom on their wedding or on the announcement of their engagement. A bridal shower maybe another suitable celebration as would a house warming and of course birthday’s and Christmas.

A towel is pretty simple thing but there are different styles and materials that work well for different uses. We are going to give you the run down of the many various towels and their uses and also the materials used to produce them.


Bath Towel – For small bathrooms, children’s bathrooms and Guest bathrooms

Bath Sheet – For master bathrooms and Large bathrooms

Hand – Any bathroom or powder room

Finger – Small bathroom or powder room

Face Cloth – For the face

Bath Mats – To stand on after a bath or shower

Hair – For the hair, dry fast, stay fresh longer

Kitchen – General use around the kitchen, taking hot things from oven or wiping counters

Beach – Very large to lie and sit on as well as drying off after a swim in the sea

Gym – Two different types, one for the gym shower, the other for wiping down the gym equipment after use

Decorative – A decoration piece that looks exquisite but is not for use

Pet – Just for your pet to dry down after going out on a wet day or after a bath or cleaning up accidents


Materials Used

  • Cotton
  • Egyptian Cotton
  • Turkish Cotton
  • Bamboo
  • Microfiber


Ideas And Inspiration For The Right Type Of Set


It isn’t just the right type of towel you need to choose but also what text or images are most suitable. We have listed a few of our favorites to give you some ideas and inspiration. While it will be more common for these to be purchased as a set for both partners there are some designed as individual pieces to be give from one partner to the other.


His And Hers Towels

  • His and Hers customized 100% cotton set of two
  • Personalized his and hers hand set


His And Hers Beach Towels

  • White just married beach set of 2


His And Hers Bath Towels

  • His and Hers premium 550 GSM cotton bath 2 pack
  • His and Hers premium 550 GSM cotton bath set of 4



Mr And Mrs Towels

  • Mr – Mrs – set of two in black and white
  • Mr and Mrs linen decorative set
  • Mr and Mrs 4 piece gift set


Mr And Mrs Beach Towels

  • Mr and Mrs beach set in turquoise and fuchsia
  • Mr – Mrs beach set in fuchsia and navy
  • Mr – Mrs beach set in black


Bride And Groom Beach Towels

  • Bride and Groom beach set of two soft and plush in black and white



  • Mr right – Mrs always right one in white, one in black with words opposing colors
  • Mr right – Mrs always right double sided in white
  • Personalized Mr and Mrs established custom date kitchen set of four



  • Personalized bath set with custom embroidered names and dates
  • The Mr – The Mrs large bath set with custom established dates
  • Mr Mrs in red heart with bow on soft bath variety



  • Mr – Mrs 2 pack soft for hand drying



  • Naughty chickens lay deviled eggs
  • Get naked – Just kidding this is a half bath. Don’t make it wierd
  • No bitchin in the kitchen
  • Caution spooning may lead to forking
  • Please seat yourself
  • I like my butt rubbed and my pork pulled
  • Get naked
  • Be warned: Mommy is very close to losing her shit
  • Make America grate again
  • Fresh out of f*cks
  • Don’t f*ck up the kitchen
  • Maybe swearing will help
  • Shut up liver, you’re fine
  • Eat a bag of dicks
  • Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit
  • Rock out with your crock out
  • My cooking is so fabulous even the smoke alarm cheers me on



  • Mr and Mrs absorbent kitchen tea style



  • Mr – Mrs linen finger set of 2
  • Monogrammed finger set of 4 silver embroidered



  • Decorative design with embroidered romantic handwriting Mr and Mrs with hearts
  • Mr and Mrs forever and always no matter what decorative design



  • Monogrammed face style with personalized embroidered initials



  • Mr right – Mrs always right set of 2 kitchen pieces
  • Mr and Mrs established with custom dates for kitchen or bar


Harry Potter His And Hers Towels

  • Harry Potter hooded bath sheet


King And Queen

  • His Queen – Her King set of 2


Husband And Wife

  • Custom embroidered gift set perfect for husband and wife with anniversary dates and names


Bride And Groom

  • Bride and Groom set of 3 just married kitchen and dish set
  • Bride and Groom with married couple image bath, hand and fingertip set in white


Couples Towels

  • Love Grows Here 2 pack
  • Lovers embroidered cotton in sea blue



  • Monogrammed silver embroidered with personalized initial



  • Christmas towel gift box set including bathroom and kitchen


Add Fun To The Bathroom Or Kitchen With A Custom Or Personalized Towel


Your family and closest friends are the people in your life that you will be happiest when spending time in their company. As you grow up it will be these people that raise you, love and support you and they will be the ones that bring you the most joy and it will be with them who you create treasured memories you will forever treasure. When you meet the person you love and they become your husband, wife or remain your boyfriend or girlfriend they join the group of people whose time you spend with matters the most. Your partner will support you through the good times and bad and you will want to show your appreciation of them often.

Showing your appreciation can be achieved in a few different ways and one of those will be to give them a gift. The gift itself can be cheap or expensive but what is important is the gesture and love that is delivered through the gift itself. Giving a gift to your partner is a way of showing them how much you love and care about them and the actual item will act as a symbol of your love. The actual item does not really matter, there are various ones that can represent your bond and these include rings and  watches or a set of towels.

Towels themselves look pretty ordinary and plain and are often one color and sometimes have an additional pattern. You do find some, especially large beach varieties with elaborate colors, images and themes but in general they are not anything special. So how do they end up being wonderful gifts? By simply adding by way of embroidery or transferring some romantic words and images you can turn something plain into one that is extraordinary and often too nice to be used. However, using them does add some romance, alone they can be a reminder and using them together can make an uneventful task a fun one.

As we mentioned above, a simple towel can be transformed into something beautiful and there are various options when it comes to buying one for your partners or couples close to you. We know there are various types, sizes, materials, colors and decisions to be made over text used and images whether these have already been designed or are being customized by you. These additional elements can be themed towards romance, funny and novelty or rude adult humor and which you will choose will depend upon what reaction you wish to see from the recipients. That reaction you want will depend a lot on their personalities and for what occasion you are giving it will also need to thought about. Occasions like a bachelor/ bachelorette party would be a perfect time for one that is adult in humor whereas one for a bride and groom on their wedding day will be more suited to something romantic. Only you will know for what celebration you are giving the gift and what type of couple they are.

For such a simple item it probably feels like there are many different options to think about before making a purchase. As they are items used regularly it would only take a small amount of thought to perfect your choice and you would be giving something that would be warmly received and happily used. Often it can be a case of just getting one or two of the choices right, such as some romantic wording, to make any couple happy.