Turn Hanging Towels And Things Up Into Fun With Hooks For His And Her


Towels are one of those essential items every home will have and use on a daily basis. Whether they are in the bathroom for drying after a shower or washing your hands to in the kitchen for all around purposes. You probably have a lot of towels and it is not an item you really think about or get excited about but there are also some fun towels. Potentially even less interesting than the towel itself is the hook you hang them on. While not everyone uses hooks and would rather drape their towel over something else they are a useful object which you will probably see a few of in most households having different uses. They do have different colors to blend into the decor but generally they are a pretty boring item that you don’t pay any attention to.

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When it comes to items that have been designed for couples, as you begin to search through you will see what a huge range of varies objects there are and these include clothing, accessories and jewelry among others. Usually, especially when it come to gift type things, if it is available separately you are most likely going to find it for sale as a set of two. Clothes are one of the more obvious and common things you are likely to find with anything from shirts to underwear available although those than can be worn on show have their critics and their fans. There are also many objects that are useful or for the home and these may include pillows and picture frames. These are just some of the wonderful examples that you may find interesting within this niche and all of them would make terrific gifts, especially as they usually come with some romantic or fun words on them. The amount of text you find on these objects will depend on it’s size and how much can fit on. Many have already been designed and created and will have already written loving verses or poems and you will also find custom or personalized versions where you can add you own name, initials or special dates. There are some popular options you often see such as His and Hers, Mr and Mrs and King and Queen and you will see these marked on many different items.

Hooks are probably one of the last items you will go and look at in a house and they are just there to serve a purpose. However, there are quite a large number of different types and options and while they are available as matching sets for couples the range will obviously be more limited. Hooks can look quite stylish and beautiful when presented in the right way and you can some love and romance to them when they have been designed with a couple in mind. There are probably many that would suit your current decor but it is the personal element to them which makes them special and turns something ordinary into a unique and wonderful gift. If you think about how many different celebrations there are through the year with many requiring a gift and with all the people you may need to buy for it can become hard to think of new and interesting things to buy. We often end up buying the same kind of things each time but these could work as something different for many occasions including Christmas, Birthday’s, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Weddings, Engagements or any other time you would give a present.

Obviously hooks are not an item you can wear and if is something wearable that matches that you prefer then something like pajamas maybe more suitable. Hooks are only going to be used around the home and there are many varieties that serve different purposes. Those found in a bathroom will be for handing towels but you could also find them near the front door of which there could be larger types for coats or smaller ones for keys. They are one of those oddities than no one particularly cares about yet life is so much simpler with them. Those that have been produced for couples will come as a pair and are usually labelled with words like His And Her or Mr And Mrs which makes them perfect for a husband and wife and there also those good for boyfriend and girlfriend. Because they come as a set they can add a little fun and romance to what is usually an item that goes unnoticed and will be a reminder of your partner every time you use one.

Although hooks are a straightforward item which most people pay no thought to, they are actually produced for numerous different things and come in many styles, shapes, sizes and colors. A lot of choice when it comes to buying these is advantageous in that you have a better chance in finding ones that fit the decoration of the room it will be going in. On the other hand, there is the point that sometimes too much choice can lead to confusion over which would suit you best and perhaps disagreements between partners. Although they are a small part of the home, they are on show which means buying those which match the home is important.




Hooks Can Make Small Romantic Gifts For Any Mr And Mrs



Any time in which you receive a gift there is a feeling of wonder and excitement and an urge to open it up and see what is inside. This great feeling works both ways and can also be felt when giving a gift to a loved one and being in the position of enjoying watching them open it and to capture the happiness on their faces. You probably love buying gifts for your partner as much as they love to receive them and by adding a personal touch to anything makes it become even more special. It will be that personal element that turns a gift into a wonderful one into one that will be loved and treasured and have a great sentimental value to its owner. These type of gifts come from the heart and act as a symbol of the love and bond between you. This person, be it your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner from a civil union is the person whom which you will spend the rest of your life and is the one you can trust, confide in and share everything. Telling them how much you love and appreciate them is important but sometimes it also nice to say this with a romantic gift.

Hooks are just an item that although not essential are very useful and help to keep thing neat and tidy and in place you will always know where they are. It would not be usual to give one as a present and if you did it would probably be greeted by a funny look. However, they can be made interesting and just right for giving to any couple or from one partner to the other. By adding the right words you can turn one from a mundane requirement you would never dream of buying as a gift to one that is fun for you both. There are a few set designs and the most popular would carry the phrases such as His and Hers or Mr and Mrs and there also options to have your own custom message added.

Being designed with couples in mind it will generally be those that are buying them, either together or perhaps as a fun gift from one to the other. However, as they are for couple they could also be purchased by close friends or family members and would be a perfect present at a housewarming upon moving into a new home or for a bride and groom on their wedding or perhaps and engagement or bridal shower.

They may seem like a simple thing to pick out and buy but there are many varieties and come in various guises and they have different uses. It is important to have the right hook for the right task otherwise they won’t do their job properly and will affect the rooms aesthetical quality.

It will be important to know beforehand what use the hook will have and where it is going to be installed. Let’s take a look at the different hooks available.

S Shaped

Easy to spot and they are in the shape of an S and while they have their history in the butchers they are often found in kitchens to hand pots and pans and they come in various sizes.

Over The Door

These are a great way to utilize space and work by hanging the holder over any door which in turn holds many hooks that can be used for coats, bags or towels.


Most commonly made from wood and perfect for handing bags and coats.


These are made from metal or wood and will usually be found by the front door or in a closet and live up to their name as they are perfect for coats.


As the name suggested they are fixed to the ceiling and are great for hanging things like plants


Large heavy duty variety you are likely to see in sheds and garages for hanging bikes or power tools


Are usually attached by a suction cup and work great in the kitchen holding towels


Will be smaller in size and be fitted by the main door used to enter and exit and perfect for your keys


Come in different materials like stainless steel or aluminium metals, wood or plastic and are used for holding towels or robes.

You will also find many wonderful shapes and styles and here are some suggestions.

  • Animal head design great for animal lovers and used for hanging towels
  • Divers diving look incredibly luxurious and suit a bathroom well
  • Octopus shaped look incredible and work well as a towel holder in the bathroom
  • Rack with multiple hooks are perfect for many bathroom or kitchen towels as well as for coats
  • Personalize your bathroom with monogrammed hooks, great fun and look fantastic



Find Some Ideas And Inspiration For Towel, Bathroom, Wall, Key, Door, Robe And Kitchen


Buying for couples isn’t just about the hook, the important part for them will be the additions that add some fun and romance and here we have listed our favorites to help you with some ideas and to inspire you.


His And Hers Towel Hooks

  • His Towel – Her Towel Rustic wood sign
  • His – Hers metal towel holders for the bathroom


Mr And Mrs

  • Mr and Mrs shabby chic set for towels
  • Individual Mr for towels or coats
  • Individual Mrs for towels or coats
  • Mr and Mrs personalized sign with custom wedding dates for newlyweds
  • Mr – Mrs Home Sweet Home key holder



  • Rustproof wall mount towel rack with word towels
  • Rustic wood 5 hook for hanging towels with cutout letters



  • Single His for coat
  • Single Her for coat



  • His Hers Puppy 3 way key and dog leash hanger
  • His Hers and the dog key and leash holder
  • His Hers and paw print for keys and dog leash



  • It is so good to be home with heart sign great for a housewarming



  • His Her Dog 3 way multi-functional for coats, scarfs, hats and dog leash
  • Mama Bear – Papa Bear wall style for coats, keys or robes



  • His and Hers restroom symbols with wall hooks



  • His and Hers set of 2 cast iron rustic farmhouse style for doors



  • His – Hers decorative wall enamel plaques for robes


Hang Up

  • Over the door hang up matching his and her sloths


Funny/ Novelty

  • Happy couple man and woman suction wall utility hangers
  • Cast iron Octopus decorative hook


Star Wars Theme

  • I Love You – I Know Dual holder for living room, bathroom, kitchen for hats, towels, coats etc



Personalized Hooks Can Turn A Mundane Requirement Into A Laugh



The people that you will have the most memories of are your close friend and family and these will also be the people with who your happiest time are spent. From when you are a baby to an adult it will be your family who cares for you, loves you and supports you in every way. Along with the close friends you make there are the people with who you spend time that will create the most precious memories that will always be treasured. When you meet your potential wife or husband or whether they continue to be boyfriend or girlfriend and they become your life partner, it will be this person that also becomes a part of a select group that you are at your happiest with. Your partner will support you through your life through good and bad times and often it is nice to show your appreciation.

There are many ways in which to show your appreciation, often a thank you or an I love you is important, other times going out to dinner or you could buy them a small gift. The gift itself is unimportant and can be cheap as it is the loving gesture that is coming from the heart that will be what counts. By giving any gift it shows your partner you are thinking about them, planning things and generally showing how much you care for them and love them. The right thing can act as a symbol of your love and can represent the bond you have and it can be anything such as glasses or even towel hooks.

While towel hooks themselves seem like a pretty mundane item you may not consider to be a gift, they are actually a very useful item that require thought to fit in with the decor of the room and can also be turned into an item that adds some romance and a laugh. By adding some words to them which often come engraved into the wood or metals you can transfer them into a reminder of each other every time you use them and also something romantic and a little bit fun. When you think about them they do serve a very good purpose.

  • For one they save a lot of space as by having something to hang things on utilizes the space better and because they are small can fit in almost anywhere.


  • They are also an incredibly versatile little object that are predominantly used for hanging coats or towels in a room but can also be used for bathrobes, holding electrical appliances such as hairdryers or if they are in the bathroom for hanging you clothes on while taking a shower instead of leaving them on the floor.


  • They can also actually look really great. While many years ago they were pretty boring you can now find them in a range of elaborate designs made from chrome, wood, metal, brass or plastics that look incredible and really add some charisma to a room. There are now also novelty designs which may be suitable for certain rooms so what was once a mundane object can now be a charming feature of any room.

Whereas you may at one time have thought of these as a simple purchase out of necessity they have now become a feature that also requires some thought. There are many options to consider as we have seen including what there purpose will be, what they are made from, the design, color and who they are for. They have become great items to buy together or as romantic and fun gifts for one another. They would also be a great gift for a bride and groom on their wedding day, for an engagement or as a housewarming present. With all of the incredible options we are sure there is the perfect matching set that will suit any couple.